Tracy Devine Guzman - Photos

Tracy Devine Guzmán
Director of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor of Latin American Studies


Research Specializations 

  • Ph.D., Duke University (Latin American Studies/Romance Studies)
  • M.A., College of William and Mary (Government)
  • B.A., University of Virginia (Foreign Affairs and French)

Research Interests 

  • Cultural history and the history of ideas
  • Social and political theory
  • Global and transnational indigeneity
  • South-South relations
  • Environmental studies
  • Citizenships and nationalisms
  • Language and democracy
  • Cultural production under authoritarianism

Selected Publications 

  • Books
  • Native and National in Brazil: Indigeneity after Independence. Chapel Hill: UNC Press, 2013.
    (Honorable Mention: LASA Brazil Section Book Prize, 2014).
  • Peer-reviewed articles and book chapters
  • “On the Virtues of Decolonial Failure.” LAPIZ Vol. 3 (2017). Forthcoming.
  • “A Colonialidade do Presente.” El buen vivir. Ed. Dimas Floriani. Curitiba: Universidade Federal do Paraná, 2017. 137-156.
  • “Beyond the “Nação Mestiça”: Postā€Racial Performance, Native Sovereignty, and Political Community in Contemporary Brazil.” In the Balance: Indigeneity, Performance, Globalization. Ed. Helen Gilbert, J.D. Phillipson, Michel Raheja. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2017. 45-64.
  • “Before Tordesilhas, and Beyond: The Politics of Native Agency Across the Americas.” Beyond Tordesillas: Critical Essays in Comparative Luso-Hispanic Studies. Ed. Richard Gordon and Robert Newcomb. Columbus: Ohio State UP, 2017. 74-91.
  • “Direitos indígenas e diversidade cultural: em busca de um diálogo transcontinental. Revista Observatório Vol. 20 (2016): 23-51.
  • “Counter-Foundational Histories from Native Brazil: On Violence and the Aesthetics of Memory.” Teorizando las literaturas indigenas contemporaneas. Ed Emilio del Valle Escalante. Raleigh: Editorial A Contracorriente, 2015. 147-174.
  • “Writing and Indigenous Activism in Brazil: Belo Monte and the Acampamento Indígena Revolucionário.” A Contracorriente 10.1 (2012): 280-309.
  • “Whence Amazonian Studies.” LASA Forum 43.1 (2012): 24-27.
  • “Subalternidade e soberania: Auto-representação indígena e a reformulação da política nacional.” América Latina em Movimiento. 22 November 2011.
  • “Subalternidade hegemônica: Darcy Ribeiro e a virtude da contradição,” Cadernos de Estudos Culturais 3.5 (2011): 139-155. Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul. ISSN 1984-7785.
  • “Our Indians In Our America: Anti-Imperialist Imperialism and the Construction of Brazilian Modernity,” Latin American Research Review 45.3 (2010): 35-62.
  • “Rimanakuy '86 and Other Fictions of National Dialogue in Peru," The Latin Americanist 53.1 (2009): 75-97. José María Arguedas Article Prize, LASA Peru Section (2010).

Courses Taught 

  • POR 322/691: Colonialism, post-colonialism, and decolonization in the Portuguese-speaking world (graduate and undergraduate)*
  • SPA 636: Comunidad: política y estética de la solidaridad (graduate)*
  • MLL 611: Introduction to critical theory (graduate)*
  • SPA 322: Subalternidad y ciudadanía en América Latina (undergraduate)*
  • POR 322/591: Subalternidade e cidadania na América Latina (graduate and undergraduate)*
  • SPA 636: Cultura y poder en los Andes (graduate)*
  • SPA 322: Literaturas indígenas de las Américas (undergraduate)*
  • POR 300/591: Raça e representação no Brasil (graduate and undergraduate)*
  • SPA 501/LAS 503: El “mundo andino” (undergraduate)*
  • SPA 322: Identidad y diferencia en América Latina (undergraduate)*
  • SPA 621: La idea de América Latina (graduate)*
  • POR 300/591: Música e sociedade no Brasil (graduate and undergraduate)*
  • POR 300/591: História cultural do Brasil (graduate and undergraduate)*
  • SPA 501/LAS 503: Cultura y estado en América Latina (graduate and undergraduate)*
  • SPA 322: Nosotros y los otros en América Latina (undergraduate)*
  • SPA 301: Introducción a los géneros literarios (undergraduate)*
  • POR 301: Introdução à analise literária (undergraduate)*