Steven F. Butterman
Associate Professor of Portuguese


305-284-4858 Ext. 7221



  • -PhD, MA University of Wisconsin
  • -BA University of Colorado 

Research Interests

  • -Luso-Brazilian Cultural and Literary Studies
  • -Gender and Sexuality (Queer) Studies 
  • -Brazilian Cinema, Poetry and Music
  • -LGBTQ Culture in Contemporary Brazil 

Selected Publications

  • -Vigiando a (in)visibilidade:  Representações midiáticas da maior parada gay do planeta.  (Witnessing (In)Visibility:  Journalistic Representations of the Largest Gay Pride Parade on the Planet.  Forthcoming. São Paulo, Brazil:  SJT Saúde, Educação, Cultura e Editora / nVersos, 2012.
  • -“Wasting Away: (De) Composing Trash in the Contemporary Brazilian Documentary.”  Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies.  Forthcoming. 2012.
  • -“The Queer Gaze of David Trullo’s Fishers of MenEyemazing:  International Comtemporary Photography.  Issue 2.  2010.  76 – 85.
  • -Perversions on Parade:  Brazilian Literature of Transgression and Postmodern Anti-Aesthetics in Glauco Mattoso.   San Diego:  San Diego State University Press, 2005.
  • -“O charme chique da canção de Chico Buarque:  Táticas carnavalescas de transcender a opressão da ditadura.”  Latin American Music Review.  Volume 22: Number 1. Spring / Summer 2001; 83-97.
  • -“’I Can See Queerly Now--the Reign is Gone’:  The Path to Liberation and the Development of Homoerotic Themes in Pureza Canelo, Andrea Luca, and Ana Rossetti.”  Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature. Volume 55: 
  • Number 1.  Fall 2001; 49-66. 


  • -Brazilian Counterculture and Cultural Production Under Dictatorship
  • -Brazilian Poetry:  From Colony to Post-Modernity
  • -Brazilian Short Story
  • -Brazilian Women Writers in Translation
  • -Contemporary Lusophone Film
  • -Intensive Portuguese for Speakers of Romance Languages
  • -Introduction to 20th-Century Luso-Afro-Brazilian Literatures
  • -Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies
  • -Modern Brazilian Novel
  • -Queer Studies 



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