Allés Torrent, Susanna

Arce, B. Christine

Butterman, Steven F.

Civantos, Christina

Connors, Logan J.

Devine Guzmán, Tracy

Díaz-Balsera, Viviana

Doran, Rebecca

Giannetti, Laura

Gondra Astigarraga, Ager

Grau-Lleveria, Elena

Heyndels, Ralph

Lynch,  Andrew

Manzor, Lillian


Martínez-San Miguel, Yolanda

Pérez-Sánchez, Gema

Perisic, Aleksandra

Schifani, Allison

Stampino, Maria Galli

Vargas, Omar

Yudice, George


Susanna Allés Torrent, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Medieval and Early Modern Romance Studies

Email | Merrick Bldg. 210-18 | 305-284-3237

B. Christine Arce, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Latin American literature and cultural studies- Mexico, the Caribbean, Brazil, Mexican and Brazilian folklore, Gender and Women’s Studies, Afro-latino studies and Indigeneity

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 210-04  |  305-284-4858 Ext. 8-7220


 Steven F. Butterman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Twentieth-Century Luso-Brazilian Literature and Culture, Queer Theory, Cultural Studies, Aesthetics and Literary Theory

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 212-07  |  305-284-4858 Ext. 8-7221

Christina, Civantos, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Associate Chair

Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Spanish American and Arabic Literary and Cultural Studies

Email | Merrick Bldg. 210-19  |  305-284-4858 Ext. 8-7265

Logan J. Connors, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in French
Faculty Director, UParis

French and Francophone theatre; cultural studies of the ancien régime; theatre & performance studies; history of the emotions; early modern European literature and culture

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 210-05  |  305-284-4858 Ext. 8-7225

Tracy Devine Guzman - Photos

Tracy Devine Guzmán, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies

Latin American Studies

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 210-03  |  305-284-4858 Ext 8-7224 | Personal Website

Viviana Díaz-Balsera, Ph.D.
Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies in Spanish

Colonial Latin American and Spanish Golden Age Literatures, Postcolonial Cultural Studies

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 210-14  |  305-284-4858 Ext. 8-7222

 Rebecca Doran, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Chinese literature, Historiography, Gender and Sexuality, and Women's Literature

Email  |  Merrick Bldg 210-11 |  305-284-4962

Laura Giannetti, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Renaissance Italian Literature and Culture, Renaissance Drama, Gender and Sexuality, Women's Studies

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 210-23  |  305-284-4858 Ext. 8-7227

Ager Gondra Astigarraga, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics
Director, Spanish Basic Language Program

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 212-05  |  305-284-4858 Ext. 8-7263


Elena Grau-Lleveria, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Spanish and Spanish American Literature, Hispanic women writers, theories about literary history, and Transatlantic studies

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 212-11  |  305-284-4858 Ext. 8-7241

Ralph Heyndels, Ph.D.

Classical, Modern and Contemporary French and Comparative Literature; Literature from the Maghreb; Postcolonial, Queer and Trans-Arabic Studies

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 210-10  |  305-284-4858 Ext. 8-7262

Andrew Lynch, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Director of Spanish Heritage Language Program

Sociolinguistics, bilingualism, Spanish language and linguistics
Editor-in-Chief, Heritage Language Journal

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 212-10  |  305-284-3229 | Personal Website

 Lillian Manzor, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Department Chair

Twentieth-Century Latin American Studies, Latino/a and Caribbean Studies, Gender Studies, Performance Studies

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 210-07  |  305-284-4858 Ext. 8-7314

Yolanda Martínez-San Miguel, Ph.D.
Professor & Martha S. Weeks Chair in Latin American Studies

Colonial Latin American & contemporary Caribbean & Latino diasporic narratives, sexuality, trans, migration & cultural studies

Email | Merrick Bldg 212-05 | 305-284-4858 Ext. 8-7263 | Personal Website

Gema Pérez-Sánchez, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Twentieth-Century Spanish Literature, Film Studies, Cultural Studies, Queer Studies, Feminist Theory

  |  Merrick Bldg. 210-20  |  305-284-4858 Ext. 8-7313 | Personal Website

Aleksandra Perisic, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

20th Century Literature of the Francophone Caribbean and Francophone Africa, Contemporary Latin American Fiction, the Black Atlantic, Literature and Immigration, Globalization Studies, Transnational Feminisms.

Email | Merrick Bldg., 210-22 | 305-284-4858 Ext. 8-7261

Allison Schifani, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 212-14  |  305-284-4858 Ext. 8-7260

Maria Galli Stampino, Ph.D.
Professor and Senior Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Italian and French Renaissance and Baroque Literatures and Cultures, Performance Studies

Email  |  Dean's Office: Ashe Bldg 227 ~ 305-284-4036  |  MLL Office: Merrick Bldg. 210-21 ~ 305-284-4858 Ext. 8-7264

Omar Vargas, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

‌Latin American and Caribbean Literary and Cultural Studies with a focus on Science and Literary/Cultural Production

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 210-13  |  305-284-5408

George Yudice, Ph.D.

Latin American Studies

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 210-18  |  305-284-4858 Ext. 8-7261