Anne J. Cruz

Professor of Spanish Emeritus




  • -PhD, AM Stanford University 1982
  • -AB Stanford University 1975 


Research Interests 

-Early Modern Literature and Culture

-Gender and Women’s Studies  




  • -2012 Elected Corresponding Member of the Royal Academy of History, Spain
  • -2012 Elected Honorary Lifetime Member, Grupo de Estudios sobre la Mujer en España y las  Américas (GEMELA)
  • -May 2012 Visiting Professor, International Seminar, History Department Universidad Complutense, Madrid
  • -2010-13 Cooper Fellowship in the Humanities, University of Miami
  • Series Editor, New Hispanisms: Cultural and Literary Studies, Ashgate Press

Forthcoming Talks: 

  • -Keynote:  “Cervantes’s Novelas ejemplares: Table of trucos, Tricks of the Trade.”
  • Cervantes Society of America, MLA, Boston, January 3, 2013.
  • -Chair, “Caribbean Crosscurrents: Anglopone Caribbean Literature in a Multilingual Region”
  • MLA Publications Committee Program, MLA, Boston, January 3, 2013. 

Selected Publications 

  • Books and Editions

  • - The Habsburg Women of Early Modern Europe: Transnational Contexts, Dynastic Continuities, Cultural Politics (with Maria (with Maria Galli Stampino, co-editor). Ashgate, forthcoming.
  • -  Women’s Literacy in Early Modern Spain and the New World. (with Rosilie Hernández, coeditor) Ashgate 2011.
  •    (Received 2012 Collaborative Project Award from Society for the Study of Early Modern Women) 
  • -Women’s Literacy in Early Modern Spain and the New World. (with  Rosilie Hernández, coeditor) Ashgate 2011.
  • -The Life and Times of Mother Andrea . Translator (with Enriqueta Zafra, editor).  Tamesis, 2011.
  • -The Rule of Women in Early Modern Europe  (With Mihoko Suzuki, coeditor). University of Illinois Press, 2009.
  • -Approaches to Teaching  Lazarillo de Tormes and the Picaresque Tradition.  Modern Language Association, 2008. 
  • -Symbolic and Material Circulation between Spain and England, 1554-1604. Ashgate, 2008.
  • -Discourses of Poverty: Social Reform and the Picaresque Novel in Early Modern Spain. University of Toronto Press.  1999.

Selected Articles

  • -“The Walled-In Woman in Medieval and Early Modern Spain.” In Gender Matters: Discourses of Violence in Early Modern Literature and the Arts, ed. Mara R. Wade. Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft  Amsterdam: Rodopi, forthcoming.   
  • -“Titian, Philip II, and Pagan Iconography.” In Signs of Power: The Habsburgs and Royal Iconography. Ed. Ignacio López Alemany and Jason McCloskey. Bucknell University Press, forthcoming.
  • -“Cervantes, Zayas, and the Seven Deadly Sins.” In Representing Women’s Authority in the Early     Modern World: Struggles, Strategies, and Morality. Ed. Eavan O’Brien. University of London, IRGS Books, forthcoming.
  • -Keynote, “Tirso de Molina, ¿feminista? – El caso de Marta la piadosa.” Actas del XVII Congreso de  la Asociación Internacional de Hispanistas, Roma, 19-25 julio, 2010, forthcoming.
  • - “Una lectura reformista de la picaresca: El Lazarillo de Tormes y el Guzmán de Alfarache. Ínsula: Revista de Letras y Ciencias Humanas 778 (octubre 2011): 25-27.
  • -“Teresa Guerra, poeta entre el Barroco y la Ilustración.” Bulletin Hispanique 113.1 (Juin 2011): 297-312.
  • -“Introduction.” In Women’s Literacy in Early Modern Spain and the New World. ( Ed. Anne J. Cruz and Rosilie Hernández). Aldershot; UK; Burlington, VT: Ashgate Press, 2011. 1-16.
  • -“Reading over Men’s Shoulders:  Noblewomen’s Literary Practices in Early Modern Spain.” In Women’s Literacy in Early Modern Spain and  the New World. (Ed. Anne J. Cruz and Rosilie Hernández).  Aldershot, UK; Burlington, VT: Ashgate Press, 2011. 41-58.
  • -“Notes on Translation.” In The Life and Times of the Madre Andrea. (Enriqueta Zafra, editor; Anne J. Cruz, translator).  Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK: Tamesis, 2011. 25-33.
  • -“Three Literary Manifestos of Early Modern Spain” (with Elias L. Rivers). Introduction and translation of documents by Juan Boscán and Garcilaso de la Vega.  “Little-Known Documents.” PMLA, 126.1 (2011): 233-42.
  • -“Figuring Gender in the Picaresque Novel: From the Lazarillo to Zayas.” Romance Notes, 50.1 (2010; pub. 2011): 7-20.      
  • -“American Hispanism(s).” Special Issue, “The Changing University and the Humanities.” Barbara Ladd, ed. South Atlantic Review, 73.4 (Fall 2008 – issued 2009):  86-106.
  • -“Words Made Flesh: Luisa de Carvajal’s Eucharistic Poetry.” In ‘En desagravio de las damas’:  Studies of Women’s Poetry of the Golden Age. Ed. Julián Olivares. London: Tamesis, 2009. 255-69. 

Courses taught

  • -Don Quixote and the Theory of the Novel
  • -La novela picaresca y el punto de vista
  • -The Poetics of Petrarchism
  • -El Barroco y el Neo-barroco
  • -Amor en tiempos del Renacimiento
  • -Don Quixote in Translation