Spanish Graduate Studies

Our graduate program offers course work in all the major periods and areas of Spanish and Latin American literatures, from medieval to post-Franco Spain, and from the Southern Cone of Latin America to the Caribbean and its diaspora. Students may also take courses in the different languages and literatures offered by our faculty and are encouraged to investigate interdisciplinary relations from a comparatist perspective.  They often participate in such programs as Caribbean Literary Studies, and the Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas. All our students receive excellent training in the latest methodologies in second language acquisition.

Our faculty has particularly strong interests in literary theory, postcolonial studies, theater and performance studies, gender and queer studies, comparative and cultural studies. Their recent publications cover a broad range of topics, including medieval hagiography, the picaresque novel, Franciscan evangelization in New Spain,  Latin American modernisms, homosexual transgression in Brazilian poetry, Arab immigrant identity in Argentina, hybrid US-Cuban identities in performance art, and queer cultural transitions of Spain’s ‘la movida.’  

Current students are developing a range of innovative dissertation projects, including: Existentialism in 1930s and 1940s Latin American narratives, queer Latin American theater, anti-totalitarian street theater productions in Argentina, African women immigrants in contemporary Spanish fiction and film, and African women's presence and influence in Latin American culture.

Recent alumni hold appointments at a range of institutions, from community and liberal arts colleges to research-oriented universities, including University of London, SUNY-New Paltz, Indiana University, Saint Joseph's College (Long Island, NY), Notre Dame University, and Lewis and Clarke College.


Course work

Minimally, students complete at least one three-credit course in each of the traditionally defined areas of literary history, as well as introductory courses in theories of literary interpretation and Modern language teaching.  The seminars themselves, however, are not traditional surveys but rather innovative explorations of current theoretical and interdisciplinary work in their respective fields.  The recent course titles and descriptions listed below give some idea of the range of the curriculum.

Medieval Iberia

SPA711 Topics in Spanish Medieval Literature

Golden Age Spain

SPA713 Topics in the Golden Age

Colonial Latin America

SPA733 Topics in Colonial Literature

18TH/ 19th Century

SPA715 Topics in 18th - 19th Century Spanish Literature

SPA735 Topics in 19th Century Latin American Literature

20th/21st  Century

SPA716 Topics in 20th Century Spanish Literature

SPA736 Topics in 20th Century Latin American Literature


Special Topics in Spanish Studies

SPA721 Special Topics in Hispanic Studies


SPA791 Writing Practicum

SPA792 Directed Readings

SPA793 Teaching Practicum

SPA830 Pre-Candidacy Doctoral Dissertation

SPA840 Post-Candidacy Doctoral Dissertation

SPA850 Research in Residence 

Additional courses may be required, depending on students’ backgrounds; students who have previously completed graduate course work may petition for a waiver of some course areas. In general, students have ample opportunity to elect additional courses according to their particular areas of interest. Recent elective offerings include:


MLL701 Intro to Second Language Teaching: Theory and Practice

MLL702 Bilingualism

MLL703 Topics in Critical Studies of Language  (no longer called 'Adv Topics in SLA')

MLL704 Sociocultural Theory and Language Development

Theory Courses

MLL711 Introduction to Literary Theory

MLL714 Readings in Literary Theory

Special Topics

MLL712 Topics in Early Modern Comparative Literature

MLL721 Special Topics in Literature

MLL726 Topics in Comparative Literature

MLL793 Teaching Practicum

Courses for Reading Knowledge

FRE725 Elementary French for Graduate Research

ITA725 Italian for Graduate Research

POR725 Portuguese for Graduate Research 

POR735 Portuguese Language Skills for Graduate Studies