-All Faculty can be made available by appointment if office hour times conflict with your class schedule.




Office Hours



Allés-Torrent, Susanna
Tu 11:00-12:00PM; Th 3:00-4:30PM; By Appt
Arce, B. Christine
On Sabbatical Fall 2018
Butterman, Steve
M 1:00-3:00PM; W 2:00-3:00PM; By Appt
Civantos, Christina
 Tu 12:30-1:30PM; Th 3:30-4:30PM; By Appt
Connors, Logan J.
 TuTh 10:30-11:30AM; By Appt
Devine-Guzman, Tracy  By Appt
Diaz Balsera, Viviana
 By Appt
Doran, Rebecca
Giannetti, Laura
Gondra Astigarraga, Ager
T 3:30-4:30PM; W 2:00-4:00PM; Th 3:30-4:30PM; By Appt
Grau-Lleveria, Elena
On Sabbatical Fall 2018 & Spring 2019
Heyndels, Ralph
 M 1:00-2:00PM
Lynch, Andrew
 Tu 6:30-7:30PM; W 5:00-6:00PM; By Appt
Manzor, Lillian
M 9:00-11:00AM; Th 11:00-1:00PM; By Appt
Martínez-San Miguel, Yolanda
Perez-Sanchez, Gema
 Th 1:00-2:00PM; By Appt
Perisic, Alexandra
 By Appt
Schifani, Allison
 Tu 3:30-5:30PM
Stampino, Maria
Vargas, Omar
On Research Leave Fall 2018
Yudice, George


Duran, Monica
W 9:00-1:00PM
Fundora, Ernesto
By Appt
Runde, Holly
 TuTh 11:00-12:00PM
Valencia, Marelys  By Appt


Angulo, Eugenio
W 6:25-7:25PM; F 3:45-5:00PM
Basterrechea, Mabel
 By Appt
Da Costa, Leila
 MW 1:45-2:45PM
Davidson-Schmich, Michael
 By Appt
Delgado, Ofelia D.
 MWF 9:00-10:00AM
Di Stravolo, Loredana
 MWF 2:30-3:15PM; By Appt
Finn, Kevin
 MW 2:20-3:30PM; F 12:10-1:10PM
Garcia-Rossi, Manny
 MWF 3:30-4:30PM; By Appt
Llaveria-Powell, Elisabeth
 By Appt
Primov, Rachida
 By Appt
Vasquez, Cecilia
 MWF 11:10-12:10PM
Williams, Eiko
 MWF 11:20-12:20PM and 1:30-2:00PM


Accolla. Giovanni
By Appt
Behar, Sonia  MWF 11:30-1:00PM
Collins, Etsuko
 MW 3:25-4:15PM; F 9:00-9:50AM
Cotrina, Fiorella
 By Appt
Del Fabro, Mojca
Hajdenberg, Henie
 By Appt
Jüetten, Elizabeth
TuTh 1:30-3:00PM
Marcelin, Cherol
 By Appt
Mohamed, Fatma  
Park, Dabney
 By Appt
Pardo, Maria
 WF 8:24-9:45AM; By Appt
Quesada, Catalina
On Leave Fall 2018 & Spring 2019
Rodriguez, Maidelin
 By Appt
Shinbach, Tiffany
 MW 2:15-3:15PM; F 1:15-2:15PM; By Appt
Sarrain, Alberto
MWF 9:30-10:30AM
Torres Santana, Yamicela
 MWF 1:00-2:00PM; By Appt
Williams, Mari
 By Appt
Xie, Wenjing
By Appt
Zhang, Xiaolei
On Leave Fall 2018


Ayoub, Salim
By Appt
Baazoui, Zayer  W 10:00-12:00PM; By Appt
Bonmati Gonzalvez, Elena  By Appt
Catan, Fely  MF 11:00-12:00PM
De Moraes dos Santos, Lidiana  -
Di Gregorio, Lorella MW 2:30-4:00PM; By Appt
Figueroa, Monica  -
Fuentes Korban, Delia Pamela Tu 2:15-3:15PM; By Appt
Hernandez Hormilla, Helen -
Jardines del Cueto, Lina
 By Appt
Johnson, Sam
 By Appt
Lopez Valdez, Lydda
 By Appt
Lugo Herrera, Lilianne
U Grow Fellow, 2018-2019
Machado Vento, Dainerys  By Appt
Naami, Nadia  M 5:00-6:00PM
Nekkache, Féria
Rogers, Jordan  F 3:30-4:30PM
Sales, Olivier
By Appt
Sheets, Nicholas
 By Appt
Veliz, Maria
 Th 2:00-4:00PM
Yang, Ruming
 M 1:20-2:20PM
Zepeda, Carlo
 By Appt