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La Hora del Café Presenta El referendo de Cataluña

charla con
Joaquín Roy
Jean Monnet Chaire Director, European Union

Jueves, 5 de octubre, 5PM | Merrick Building 210-2

Actividad patrocinada por Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish Honor Society)

Associate Professor and Chair, Latino and Caribbean Studies
Associate Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

October 16-19, 2017  | University of Miami



Friday, October 20, 2017  | Cuban Heritage Collection, Otto G. Richter Libary - 2nd Flr

A one-day planning meeting at the University of Miami entitled “Hemispheric Caribbean Studies: Collaborative Research and Teaching Proposals” focused on extending UM partnerships and collaborations with FIU and universities in the Caribbean region. Colleagues from Barbados, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Trinidad were in attendance.

This event is organized by the Marta S. Weeks Chair in Latin American Studies, the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, and Hemispheric Caribbean Studies of the University of Miami Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas, and co-sponsored by American Studies Program, the Center for Hispanic & Caribbean Legal Studies, the Center for Humanities, Department of English, Department of History, Department of Philosophy, the Joseph Carter Memorial Fund, and Latin American Studies Program.

Art Exhibit with Visiting Mexican Artist and Día de Muertos Cultural Celebration


Friday, October 20 at 6PM | MLL Library (Merrick 210-02)

Pi Delta Phi Kickoff Event

Wednesday, October 25 at 4PM | Communication International Building 2055


 MLL Lecture Series

Associate Professor, Performing Arts Department
Director of Graduate Studies - AM in Theater and Performance Studies
Washington University in St. Louis


Public Lecture - Wednesday, October 25     5PM

Titled: Freemasonry and Sentimental Dramaturgy in Enlightenment France
Location: Communication International Building 2055

Workshop - Thursday, October 26     12:30PM

Titled: Montesquieu's Social Dramaturgy, or, the Second Science of Action
RSVP to Logan Connors (logan.connors@miami.edu)
Location: Center for the Humanities (Suite 100), Otto G. Richter Library

Sponsored by the Joseph Carter Memorial Fund, Department of Theatre Arts and the Center for Humanities

María Paulina Camejo

el 25 de octubre a las 5:30PM | Whitten Learning Center 140

Anna Veltfort

Thursday, October 26 at 2PM | Merrick 203


Conversación con Laury Leite

Lunes, 22 de enero a las 10:10AM
MLL Conference Room (Merrick 210-01)


THE GARIFUNA COLLECTIVE: Music and Women in the Afro-Caribbean Heritage

Monday, January 29 at 12:30PM
Otto G. Richter Library - 3rd Floor Conference Room

Moderated by Dr. Eva Silot-Bravo

RSVP to mll.events@miami.edu by Thursday January 26

To view via Facebook Live, click here.


Annual Graduate Student Conference

Oppressions, Subversions and Pursuits of Justice in a Changing World

Keynote Speaker
Activist, Poet & Novelist

Friday, February 9, 2018
Shalala Student Center - Activities Room
1330 Miller Drive, Coral Gables


Sponsored by the Department of Modern Languages & Literatures'sJoseph Carter Memorial Fund and the University of Miami Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas

MLL Lecturer Series: Joseph Massad
"The Price of Recognition: The One Islam and the Many"

Monday, February 12 at 5PM
Newman Alumni Center - Executive Boardroom
6200 San Amaro Drive, Coral Gables, FL


MLL Internatinal Film Festival
Migrations/Immigrations: Screening Crossings

February 20-25, 2018

MARCH 2018

II IMFLIT - International Meeting on Foreign Language Learning in Tandem
Transcultural Language Learning: Toward Global Citizenship in (e)Tandem

March 22-24, 2018  | University of Miami


Learning foreign languages in-tandem has been used by many students and professionals, since it was developed in Europe in the seventies and eighties. Foreign language learning in-tandem is based on principles of peer collaboration, autonomy, and reciprocity with two speakers of different languages collaborate to learn the language of each other. In the present era of globalization, the development of new ICTs – Information Communication Technologies - have eliminated trans-geographical and transnational borders, providing foreign language teachers and students with new opportunities for communication and contact between languages and cultures. When these principles of collaboration and reciprocity are used in a virtual environment through the use of videoconferencing applications (like Skype), this context is called teletandem.

The objective of this international meeting is to offer a context for researchers who are currently developing studies on teletandem learning to share their ideas and research progress with other colleagues, particularly (but not exclusively) those who are working with the developments of technology and foreign language learning in-tandem.

 Click here to learn more.

Sponsored by the Department of Modern Languages & Literatures' Joseph Carter Memorial Fun, the College of Arts & Sciences, the Center for International Business Education & Research and Latin American Studies Program

MLL Major & Minor Recruitment
Languages & Cultures Without Borders

Wednesday, March 28 from 1-4PM at The Rock

Click‌ here to view photos from the event

Refounding The Digital Humanities From the South

Wednesday, March 28 at 4:00PM | School of Nursing Executive Board Room (102)

"Son‌ Jarocho: A Mexican Regional Genre Turned Global Phenomenon"
Delivered by Dr. Rafael Figueroa Hernández

Wednesday, March 28 at 6:30PM | Consulate General de Mexico Instituto Nacional de Mexico en Miami

APRIL 2018

Latinx Theater in the Times of Neoliberalism

Monday, April 9th at 6:00PM | Newman Alumni Center Executive Boardroom

Co-Sponsored by the University of Miami Center for Humanities, Department of Theatre Arts, Department of Modern Languages & Literatures, the Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas, and the Joseph Carter Memorial Fund

Sigma Delta Pi Induction Ceremony

Wednesday, April 18 at 6PM | MLL Conference Room (Merrick 210-01)

Pi Delta Phi Induction Ceremony & End of the Year Celebration

‌Thursday, April 19 at 5PM | Scharlin Patio (Merrick Building)

 ‌Cartography as Epistemology: Thinking about Caribbean Spaces

Friday, April 20th | Lowe Art Museum


What do maps tell us about how place and space are being known and invented?  How do maps build up identities? Why is this important?

After a guided tour and introduction to the exhibit “Antillean Visions,” three internationally renowned scholars in Latin American and Caribbean Colonial Studies will be talking about Caribbean cartographies. Their presentations will focus on maps as forms of knowing, inventing and defining Caribbean spaces after 1492, and how these forms still affect Caribbean identities today.  

 Lecture & Workshop with Lauren Tilton

Thursday, April 26 - Richter Library - 3rd Floor Conference Room
Friday, April 27 - School of Nursing - Executive Boardroom

MLL Graduation & Awards Ceremony

Thursday, May 10 at 2PM | Mahoney Pearson Residential College (Rm 112)