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 Italian Film Series‌

Sono Tornato- Wednesday, September 19
Rome. Today.

After 80 years since his death, Benito Mussolini reappears in Piazza Vittorio. The war is over, his beloved Claretta is gone and everything seems changed. Apparently.

Andrea Canaletti, a young documentarist with great ambitions but very few successes, happens to film accidentally the dictator’s return. Thinking he is a cosplay, Canaletti decides to shoot a documentary about him hoping to be finally recognized as a filmmaker.

Then the two start a surreal journey around Italy that takes them in TV shows and curious moments of confrontation with today's Italian population. All of this makes the Duce’s figure popular again, up to the point he becomes a TV star; and thanks to such popularity, he believes he could rule the country again.

A conceptual remake of Germany’s movie, “Look Who’s Back?”, Director Miniero’s Italian version poses the dangerous question:  What if Mussolini were back for real, in a country where “Italians have never come to terms with their dictator…. as if they write [sic] off how dangerous he was, as if they forgot history's lessons?”

Directed by Miniero, 2018

A casa tutti bene- Wednesday, October 3
A seemingly united family reunite to celebrate the golden wedding anniversary of their grandparents in Ischia, before finding themselves trapped on the island for longer than expected due to rough seas.

Keeping the peace, balance, smiles, and safe facades soon break down as jealousies harking back to times gone by, social envy, different life choices and forbidden loves, are slowly and uncomfortably drawn.  A storm will begin to wreak havoc, both outside and inside the house.

Between unfinished lives, pursuits of happiness, hypocrisies and compromises, it is the family unit— a place we flee from but always return to— where one often finds people who should know us better than anybody yet don’t really know us at all, and where it is easy to hide the truth to then fling it back in each other’s faces in the worst way possible.  Nothing says home like family.

A box-office hit in Italy and nominated for five “David of Donatello” awards, Director Muccino’s latest film is spasmodic, visceral and at times exaggerated, aiming to sound out the complexity of the human soul and relationships.

Directed by Muccino, 2018

Napoli velata - Wednesday, October 17
In this moody, baroque thriller from acclaimed Italo-Turkish director Ferzan Ozpetek, Giovanna Mezzogiorno stars as Adriana, a medical examiner who meets cute with younger man Andrea during a party at her eccentric aunt’s garish apartment. They hit it off immediately, though their romance is curtailed when Andrea later stands her up. While inspecting a corpse at work, Adriana notices a distinctive tattoo that reminds her of Andrea’s—at least as she remembers it. 

So begins a gripping metaphysical murder mystery, in which Naples becomes a shadowy, mysterious labyrinth of desire and memory.

Directed by Ozpetek, 2017

Finché c'è prosecco c'è speranza - Wednesday, October 31
On the rolling hills of Veneto where Prosecco grapes are grown, the dashing, opinionated Count Ancillotto – as liberal in his criticism of a nearby factory as he is proud of his family's heritage of making the finest Prosecco – kills himself with the theatrical flair and style that have apparently marked his life. Yet… the motives for his suicide are puzzling, if not dubious, and the mystery deepens further when a couple of the Count's enemies are gunned down.

Portly police inspector Stucky (Giuseppe Battiston, Perfetti sconosciuti), a seemingly bumbling outsider, is assigned to this baffling case in which the main suspect is somehow the dead man himself and where the trail leads Stucky to a fight for the protection of the area involving gravediggers, innkeepers… and a secretive Prosecco club.

Set amidst the competitive Prosecco business in the Veneto region, The Last Prosecco is a sparkling comedic mystery that captures the conflict between profit and quality amidst the wondrous backdrop of the northeastern region of the Italian boot.

Directed by Padovan, 2017

Lazzaro felice - Wednesday, November 28
Beloved by audiences and critics at Cannes (where it was awarded the Best Screenplay prize), Alice Rohrwacher’s beautiful, much-anticipated new film is a beguiling allegory of love, loss and compassion exploring the troubled soul of Italy.

It’s summer at Inviolata, an isolated rural estate, where an extended family of tobacco farmers toil under the rule of a domineering Marchesa, known as the ‘Queen of cigarettes’, and where the handsome and hard-working Lazzaro, a young man imbued with a saint-like innocence, is alternately adored and taken advantage of. When the Marchesa’s self-absorbed son, Tancredi first visits the fields, he senses an opportunity and embroils Lazzaro in an audacious plan to swindle his mother and perhaps her empire.

Channeling the spirit of Pasolini and riffing on the legend of St. Francis, Rohrwacher’s fascinating tale casts both an ethereal, wondrous spell and crafts an origin story for the corruption of modern-day Italy. Director Rohrwacher yet again confirms her status as one of the most inventive and compelling voices in contemporary Italian cinema.

Directed by Rohrwacher, 2017