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 Brazilian Movies Series‌

Estamira - Monday, October 9
Inhabitant of a garbage dump in Rio de Janeiro, Estamira faces misery with a poetic and philosophical attitude towards life.

A costa dos murmúrios - Monday, November 13
During the 1960s, Evita (Beatriz Batarda) moves to Mozambique and experiences the atrocious violence of colonial times. Based on the novel of the same name of Portuguese write Lídia Jorge.

Casa de areia- Monday, December 4
In 1910, a woman is taken along with her mother to a far-away dessert by her husband. After his passing, she is forced to spend the next 59 years of her life trying to escape it.

All movies will begin at 6:30PM in the Merrick Building - Room 205. All films will be shown with English subtitles.