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Pi Delta Phi Induction Ceremony & End of the Year Celebration

‌Thursday, April 19 at 5PM | Scharlin Patio (Merrick Building)

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 ‌Cartography as Epistemology: Thinking about Caribbean Spaces

Friday, April 20th | Lowe Art Museum

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What do maps tell us about how place and space are being known and invented?  How do maps build up identities? Why is this important?

After a guided tour and introduction to the exhibit “Antillean Visions,” three internationally renowned scholars in Latin American and Caribbean Colonial Studies will be talking about Caribbean cartographies. Their presentations will focus on maps as forms of knowing, inventing and defining Caribbean spaces after 1492, and how these forms still affect Caribbean identities today.   

Gamma Kappa Alpha Induction Ceremony

Wednesday, April 25 at 5PM | MLL Conference Room (Merrick 210-01)

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 Lecture & Workshop with Lauren Tilton

Thursday, April 26 - Richter Library - 3rd Floor Conference Room
Friday, April 27 - School of Nursing - Executive Boardroom

MLL Graduation & Awards Ceremony

Thursday, May 10 at 2PM | Mahoney Pearson Residential College (Rm 112)

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