Issue 10: Spring 2017

Dear readers,

We are Jackie Yang and Betty Chinea, the co-editors of the University of Miami's Mangrove Literary Journal, and we are excited for you to dive into the work submitted by our 22 talented contributors.

The pieces that were shared with us this year made us laugh, think, and raise our eyebrows. The works that made it into this book are the result of hours of reading, debating, swapping edits, and wholehearted gushing. During a time when the value of art is being questioned, we are proud to continue reaffirming its importance and providing a platform for new voices.


Jackie Yang & Betty Chinea
March 2017




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Alternate Endings No.’s 12, 42, & 101


She tossed a chunk of pecan pie
into the fire pit, guzzled the last
bit of whiskey from the bottle.

“There’s going to be a giant tea party.
And everyone that has ever breathed
will air themselves out in someone’s garden.
After that, who the hell knows – bingo?”


“It is quite a bit to compute,” he typed.
“It is a humongous series of zeroes and ones.
Yet, it is easy to understand:

Our sun will die in a star junkyard.
It will take with it all that we have.
Our toasters, our memories – will be beaten to death.”


“But, how come the world didn’t crack
when everyone else died?”
 the girl spray-painted
on the side of the dented school bus.

Abandoned cars, crushed trashcans, and rats
littered the streets around her. The sky spat
rivets of white, red, black, and pale –
the mares ran roughshod on the night.

Jeffrey Paul Jurgens

Jeffrey Paul Jurgens is a student at the University of Florida. He is a 13 
year U.S. Navy veteran. Jeffrey grew up in Iowa and has lived in Los 
Angeles, New York, and Japan. He now resides in Gainesville, Fl.