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MALS Office

Dr. Daniel Pals,  Director: 305.284.5967;

Dr. Maryann Tobin, Executive Director of Programs: 305-284-8783;

Frances L. Smith, Sr. Program Coordinator: 305-284-8782;


The MALS curriculum is taught by skilled teachers and renowned scholars from the graduate faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences. Among the disciplines represented are architecture, art history, anthropology, English, history, musicology, physics, sociology, and theatre arts.

Daniel Pals, Ph.D., MALS Program Director, Professor, History (

Edmund Abaka, Ph.D., Associate Professor, History (

Aphrodite Alexandrakis, Ph.D., Visiting Professor, Philosophy

George Alexandrakis, Ph.D., Professor, Physics (

Hermann Beck, Ph.D., Professor, History (

Eugene Clasby, Ph.D., Professor, English (

Frank Cooper, Research Professor, Musicology

Thomas A. Goodmann, Ph.D., Associate Professor, English (

Henry A. Green, Ph.D., Professor, Religous Studies (

Susan Haack, Ph.D., Professor, Philosophy (

Manuel Huerta, Ph.D., Professor, Physics (

Ricard John, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Architecture (

John Kirby, Ph.D., Professor, Classics (

Paul Lazarus III, JD, Professor, Motion Pictures (

J. Tomas Lopez, M.F.A., Professor, Art & Art History (

Patrick A. McCarthy, Ph.D., Professor, English (

Bruce J Miller, M.F.A., Associate Professor, Theatre Arts (

Paul Posnak, Professor & Program Director, Accompanying and Chamber Music (

William Rothman, Ph.D., Professor, Cinema & Interactive Media (

John Paul Russo, Ph.D., Professor, English; Chair, Classics (

Donald Spivey, Ph.D., Professor, History (

Steve Stein, Ph.D., Professor, History – Latin American Studies (

Linda Taylor, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Anthropology (

George Wilson, Ph.D., Professor, Sociology (