All MALS students receive course information and Course Request Forms via e-mail approximately two-three weeks before the first day of registration. Contact the office if you do not receive your e-mail. The MALS Program does not participate in online registration. If registration is completed through CaneLink, the student runs the risk of being dropped from all courses.

Completed Course Request Forms should be sent directly to the MALS office by fax, email, mail or in person.

Registration appointments are not required unless special advisement is needed.
Students should check CaneLink after submitting their forms to confirm that their registration is complete.


If a student has one of the following pending issues, his/her registration will be blocked. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the office that placed the registration hold in order to have it removed. ALL MALS STUDENTS WILL HAVE AN ADVISING HOLD – this hold *only* should be ignored.

  • Student Accounts – financial issues including outstanding bills related to tuition, parking, fees, etc.
  • Health Center – immunization deficiencies or health insurance problems. The student must contact the Student Health Center to correct problem.
  • Pre-Requisites – Students are responsible to make sure any courses outside of MALS do not carry any pre-requisites. The most common pre-requisite is “permission of instructor”, in which case the student will need to get a signature from the professor granting an override.
  • Address Problems – the student must ensure that the University has his/her correct address on file at all times.


Students who have not been continuously enrolled for regular sessions must request readmission. Contact the MALS office well in advance of registration to send the Application for Readmission Form. If additional college work has been completed elsewhere since the last enrollment at the University of Miami, an official transcript must be sent to the MALS office along with your completed readmission form.


Late registration fees will be applied to all registration forms submitted beginning the first day of classes. It is the student's responsibility to check the academic calendar to ensure you will not be charged fees by the Office of the Registrar.


Prior to registration, all full-time students are required to provide the Student Health Center with proof of immunizations.