Students may register for courses on the first day registration opens in person, or by emailing, mailing, faxing the completed Course Request Forms.

Courses outside the MALS Program must first be approved. To have a course approved please email the course number, title, instructor and description to the MALS Office. It is the students responsibility to make sure there are no disqualifying pre-requisites, and secure any permissions they may need beyond the MALS approval.


Dropping courses is governed by the University academic calendar. The calendar may be found on the University of Miami’s website or on CaneLink.

Refund of tuition is based on date dropped. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the MALS office by completing an Add/Drop Form as soon as the decision is made to drop a course.

If a student drops before the first day of classes, the refund will be 100%. A “Percentage of Tuition” fee is charged for every day past the start of classes.

For more information on refunds contact Student Account Services.


If a class for which you have registered is cancelled, it is your responsibility to drop the course unless the listing department informs you differently. Notify the MALS office and complete a drop form as soon as you learn about the cancellation.