The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program is pleased to announce the new Post-Graduate Certificate in Liberal Studies.

You honor the inner life. You have deeper questions, and need better answers. You want to read the books and talk about the ideas that shape our world. You have an inquiring mind, an experienced perspective, and a firm sense of purpose about learning. The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Certificate Program is designed for the returning student who seeks to develop the critical thinking that marks a truly educated person—for the student who brings a heightened awareness of the unanswered questions that confront an inquiring mind—for the self-motivated person who never stops asking the first question: why?

MALS Certificate students come from varied backgrounds. They are artists, business people, engineers, homemakers, lawyers, matriculating students, physicians, and teachers. The program gives them the opportunity for intellectual and personal growth and for sharing their experiences with others in a community of learning. MALS Certificate students have acquired their graduate degree, but feel they still have more learning to do. The MALS Post-Graduate Certificate Program gives students the opportunity to take an additional five classes to expand what they’ve learned while in their graduate program, or explore new areas they were not able to experience while earning their graduate degree.

For more information, please contact the MALS Office:

Office of Interdisplinary & Professional Studies

1300 Campo Sano Building, Suite 215 – Coral Gables, FL 33146-2025

T: 305.284.8783