Just as each student’s clothing and hairstyle are different, each university’s offerings and expectations are different. Some may embrace small class sizes while others tout enrollment numbers. Some may be focused on liberal arts while others are top-ranked in finance and accounting. The environment of the campus, the application requirements and the expertise of the professors will help to define the university. It is the responsibility of each prospective student to decide what they are looking to take away from their educational experience and find the academic institution that is right for them.

Are you looking for a university that is ranked among the best colleges in the nation, has a diverse group of students and professors, offers fun and engaging on-campus activities and is located in a beautiful city? Then look no further than the University of Miami.

It’s a Top-Ranked Institution
In 2015, U.S. News & World Report ranked the University of Miami as one of the top universities in the nation. Coming in at #51, UM sits among some of the greatest academic institutions in history. Additional achievements include a Times Higher Education ranking of #193 out of the top 400 universities around the world and multiple U.S. News & World Report top rankings for graduate programs.

Students and Professors Bring Diverse Perspectives
Located in one of the most diverse parts of the world, students at the University of Miami journey from multiple countries, speak different languages and bring along a mix of cultures rarely found on a college campus. The professors and other faculty members are able to introduce this diverse group of students to new ways of thinking and learning, which builds a community of creativity. 

There Are Many Ways to Get Involved
Whether a student is interested in sports and fitness, community engagement, volunteering or leadership development, the University of Miami has an outlet for them. Feel the excitement of a touchdown in SunLife Stadium or the rush of a home run at Mark Light Field. Students can attend various group classes, like yoga or cycling, between study breaks. For those looking to make a difference in their local or global neighborhoods, there are opportunities to assist with such topics as affordable housing and bettering government practices. Students can also participate in the Butler Center for Service and Leadership’s programs to become a social change agent.

Ease the Stress with Palm Trees and Sunshine
When the first day of school excitement wanes down and the pressure of homework and midterms sets it, students can find a peaceful spot under a palm tree to relax. Located in sunny Coral Gables, the University of Miami maintains a beautiful campus landscape. The view of fountains and poinsettia trees coupled with the air of learning and top-ranked academics are sure to fulfill the aspirations of any prospective student.