“Languages and literature. History and philosophy. The visual and performing arts.

The arc of human expression and thought can be traced through the humanities and arts over millennia to the dawn of civilization.

We have come to know ourselves through the representation of words, images, gestures and sounds that preserve the past, mediate the present, and enlighten the future.

It is vitally important that as a society we actively support the humanities and arts and engage in the ongoing national dialogue regarding their significant value to a truly global education.

There is no better place where the humanities and arts flourish and persevere than institutions of higher learning. Forget the outdated concept of the ivory tower, today’s universities and colleges are dynamic public forums that enrich our communities through boundless creativity and ceaseless inquiry.

The University of Miami is delighted to present Taking Flight: The Year of the Humanities and the Arts, a sweeping celebration of scholarship, research, community engagement, and creative expression. We are taking this opportunity to highlight an amazing multidisciplinary calendar of special events, performances, and inspirational programming throughout the year.”

-The above excerpts from the opinion piece by UM President Donna M. Shalala appeared in The Miami Herald on September 28, 2012.

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