MLS 612 2K

Professor George Wilson

Tuesday & Thursday| 6:00-9:35pm | MB 214F

Race Relations in Contemporary America

This course examines the dynamics of racial inequality in contemporary America. It examines, specifically, (1) theoretical perspectives that explain racial disparities and inequality across a variety of institutional contexts including the labor market, schools, and residence, (2) the nature of ideologies that justify this inequality, and (3) how theory can inform social policy to rectify inequality.


MLS 799 1U

Professor Tom Lopez
Monday & Wednesday| 6:00-9:35pm | MB 214F

War: Propaganda in Art, Film and Media

A graduate seminar exploring how War and Propaganda are depicted in Art, Film and Media.
The celebration and condemnation of war and violence has been explored by artist since the beginning of recorded history. The class will concentrate on the function and obsession with these topics in art and film.
The goal of the class is for the student to be able to analyze how different cultures view war, preparing for war and the aftermath of occupation and/or withdrawal.

MLS 696 01

MALS Director
Hours arranged

Directed Readings

A Directed Readings course allows you to work independently with a MALS professor, researching a topic of your choice. You must find a professor in the field that is willing to act as your advisor.

Only students with a 3.0 GPA or higher will be able to enroll in a Directed Readings course. In order to register for the course you will need to submit a 2 page proposal along with a bibliography of 10 academic sources by May 10th.

The final paper must be a minimum of 15 pages, and be submitted to both the professor and the MALS office on the first day of final exams. Hard copies only will be accepted.