MLS 611 1U

Professor Stephen Stein

Tuesday & Thursday| 6:00-9:35pm | MB 214F

Wine and Its Decantations: From Fermented Grape to Globalized Life

This course will focus major developments in wine, its history, its production, its consumption and its impacts on broad social and cultural trends.  We will discuss the critical junctions of wine history from its emergence in Syria and Egypt through the "wine revolution" of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.  We will stress 20th and 21st century developments including: the role of 20th century wine pioneers in the major improvements in wine quality; recent changes in the wine cultures of the Old and New Worlds; the decisive impact of globalization on where wine is produced and consumed; and the changing content of wines' identities in recent decades.


MLS 612 2K 

Professor George Wilson
Monday & Wednesday| 6:00-9:35pm | MB 122

Race Relations in Contemporary America

This course examines the dynamics of racial inequality in contemporary America. It examines, specifically, (1) theoretical perspectives that explain racial disparities and inequality across a variety of institutional contexts including the labor market, schools, and residence, (2) the nature of ideologies that justify this inequality, and (3) how theory can inform social policy to rectify inequality.