Laura Gomez-Mera, DPhil.
(Oxford University)


Laura Gomez-Mera holds a doctorate (Politics and International Relations) from Oxford University and a MSc. (International Political Economy) from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her teaching and research interests are in the areas of International Political Economy and Political Economy of Development.


2013    “Overlapping Institutions, Learning and the Politics of Dispute Initiation in Regional Trade Agreements: Evidence from South America,” with Andrea Molinari, International Studies Quarterly, forthcoming.

2012    “The Political Economy of International Trade Agreements: Latin America and Beyond,” Review Essay, with Beverly Barrett, Latin American Politics and Society, 54: 1, forthcoming.

2011    “Markets, Politics, and Learning: Explaining Monetary Innovation in Brazil,” Studies in Comparative International Development, 46:1, pp. 243-269.

2009    “Domestic Constraints on Regional Cooperation: Explaining Trade Conflict in MERCO,” Review of International Political Economy, 16: 4 (December), pp. 746 – 777.

2008    “How “New” is the “New Regionalism” in the Americas? The Case of MERCOSUR,” Journal of International Relations and Development, 11: 3 (September), pp. 279-308.

2007    “Macroeconomic Concerns and Intra-State Bargains: Explaining Illiberal Policies in the Brazilian Automobile Sector,” Latin American Politics and Society, 49: 1 (Spring), pp. 113-140.

2005    “Explaining MERCOSUR’s Survival: The Sources of Argentine-Brazil Strategic Convergence,” Journal of Latin American Studies, 37: 1 (February), pp. 109-140.


INS 101 – Global Perspectives: Introduction to International Studies

INS 202 – International Studies Methodology

INS 321– Global Political Economy

INS 524 – Political Economy of Development

INS 537 – International Political Economy

INS 611 – International Relations Methodology II

INS 622 – International Political Economy II