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Spring 2012

Florida at the Crossroads: Five Hundred Years of Encounters, Conflicts, and Exchanges


Student Contest Winners


Award Ceremony - 11/19/11  12:30 pm

Shoma Hall, Rm. 3053 Communications International Building

Listen to the Award Ceremony introduction

Essay Contest - 8th Grade

1st Place:  Natasha Sealey - South Miami Middle School
Teacher - Mr. Jaramillo

Listen to Natasha Sealey read her winning essay

2nd Place:  Anna Carolina Pelaes - Coral Way K-8 Center
Teacher - Mr. Rolando De Jesus Alvarez

Listen to Anna Carolina Pelaes read her winning essay

3rd Place:  Emma Lam - Frank C. Martin International K-8 Center

Teacher - Mr. Geoffrey Aladro


Poster   Contest - 4th Grade


1st Place:  Raul Batista - James Bright Elementary
Teacher - Vivian Perez de Villa Amil


2nd Place:  Cherlyan Perez - Mae M. Walters Elementary
Teacher - Maxinia Rodriguez


3rd Place:  Laura Ogelsby - Perrine Elementary Expressive Arts School

Teacher - Michel Morales

Listen to Laura Ogelsby explain her poster

Photos   of  the  Event

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