Timothy J. Van Compernolle


Ph.D., University of Michigan (2001)

E-mail: tjv40@miami.edu
Office: Ashe 608
Phone: (305)-284-2144


Timothy J. Van Compernolle is Professor of Japanese at Amherst College.  A specialist in modern Japanese literature, his research interests encompass the middle of the eighteenth century through the 1930s.  This is a period of immense upheaval in Japan, one that witnesses the rise of a commercial economy, the encounter with the West, the audacious program of modernization implemented in the wake of the Meiji Restoration of 1868, and the transformation of the country by the forces of industrialization and urbanization.  He is the author of The Uses of Memory: The Critique of Modernity in the Fiction of Higuchi Ichiyo (Harvard Universtiy Asia Center, 2006) and Struggling Upward: Worldly Success and the Japanese Novel (Harvard University Asia Center, 2016).  His current book project, tentatively titled Celluloid Metaphors: Japanese Literature in the Age of Cinema, will seek to uncover the connections between literature and new technological cultural forms, especially the cinema, during the interwar era.