Jonathan Sherry


Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh (2017); 

Office:  Rm. 625E Ashe
Phone: (305) 284-5955
Fields of Interest: Modern Spain, Spanish Civil War, international communism, USSR


Jonathan Sherry is a historian of modern Spain. He specializes in the Spanish Civil War, interwar Soviet history, political repression, and the study of show trials. Before joining our department, he was Visiting Researcher at the London School of Economics Cañada Blanch Centre for Contemporary Spanish Studies. He has also been Visiting Fulbright Researcher in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona’s Grup d’Estudis sobre República i Democràcia. His work has been supported by grants and fellowships from the Council for European Studies, Fulbright, the Andrew Mellon foundation, the Botstiber Institute, and the European Union Center of Excellence (U. of Pittsburgh). He also won the George Watt Prize for essays on antifascism and the Spanish Civil War.

Professor Sherry is working on the manuscript for his first book, entitled, Stalinism on Trial: Spanish Republican Legality, the Soviet Union, and the Performance of Justice in the Spanish Civil War. The work draws on several years of research in numerous archives, in particular the recently opened collection of the last Spanish Republican Prime Minister, the Archivo Fundación Juan Negrín. The book analyzes Soviet involvement in the Spanish Civil War and the highly politicized prosecution and “show trial” of the dissident communist Partido Obrero de Unificación Marxista (POUM; Workers Party of Marxist Unification) during the war. It situates the prosecution within a broader effort at wartime Spanish Republican state building and judicial reform, and examines the impact of transnational solidarity movements, Soviet and Comintern advisors, and Spanish Republican officials on the process. It argues that the POUM’s prosecution and “show trial” was a central technology of governance targeted at the demobilizing revolutionary activity and institutionalizing revolutionary “peoples justice” in Republican Spain, and communicating the law-and-order politics of the Republic to the western democracies, which had refused to aid the fledgling wartime Republic.



The Spanish Civil War and Europe (“European Civil War,” fall 2017)
Modern Spain (spring 2018)
Europe and the World in Modern Times (fall 2017)
The Birth of Modernity: Europe 1648 to Present (spring 2018
Making History (fall 2017 & spring 2018)
Soviet Russia
France, Spain, and Italy in the 20th Century
World History
US History since 1935
US History 1865 to Present
Western Civilization II