Jaime Suchlicki


Ph.D., Texas Christian University (1967);

E-mail: jsuchlicki@miami.edu
Director, Casa Bacardi 
Phone: (305) 284-2822
Cuba Transition Project website: ctp.iccas.miami.edu
Fields of Interest: Cuba


Professor Suchlicki was the founding Executive Director of the North-South Center, and is currently the Director of the University's Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies. Professor Suchlicki is the author of Cuba: From Columbus to Castro, now in its sixth edition, and Mexico: From Montezuma to the Rise of the Pan.  He's also the Director of "Cuba: From Columbus to Castro" a 26 minutes video on the history of Cuba narrated by Andy Garcia.  He is a highly regarded consultant to the private and public sector on Cuba and Latin American Affairs.


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