Geoscientists are caretakers of the Earth's resources and environment. They work to understand natural processes on Earth and other planets. By applying knowledge of the physical, chemical and biological forces that shape the Earth, geoscientists seek to reconstruct the past and anticipate the future. Career opportunities in the geosciences are excellent, including the petroleum and mineral exploration industries, the environmental industry, and research and education in the academia.

Students can choose a B.Sc. degree, specifically designed for students preparing for graduate study and professional careers, or a B.A. degree, designed for careers in education, business, law, or science journalism. A new 5 year B.Sc./M.S. degree, offered in collaboration with the Marine Geology and Geophysics Division at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, one of the country's leading oceanographic institutions, allows qualified students to complete a master's degree in just one additional year of study beyond the B.Sc.