Thomas D. Boswell, Ph.D.
(Columbia University, 1973)


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Professor Boswell has research and teaching interests in world population problems, migration, ethnicity, housing segregation and discrimination, and poverty. His work has been funded by grants from the Emma Lazarus Fund, Ford Foundation, Carnegie Corporation, Florida's Department of Community Affairs, and other funding agencies. In 2002 he was selected by the Association of American Geographers' Ethnic Geography Specialty Group as the "Outstanding Ethnic Geographer of the Year."

He has co-authored or edited six books and monographs: Facts About Immigration and Asking "Six Big Questions" for Florida and Miami-Dade County (2002), Puerto Rico Atlas (1998), Caribbean Islands (1992), South Florida: Winds of Change (1991), The Cuban-American Experience (1984), and The Changing Demography of Spanish Americans (1980). He has also published widely in major geography journals, and is currently working on immigration from the Caribbean region into the Uunited States.


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Thomas D. Boswell, June Nogle, Rob Paral, and Richard Langendorf, Facts about Immigration and Asking “Six Big Questions” for Florida and Miami-Dade County (Gainesville: Bureau of Economic and Business Research, University of Florida, 2002).

Thomas D. Boswell and Terry-Ann Jones, “ The Distribution and Socioeconomic Status of West Indians Living in the United States,” in John W. Frazier and Eugene L. Tettey-Fio (eds.), Race, Ethnicity, and Place in a Changing America (Binghamton, NY: Global Academic Publishing, 2006), pp. 155-180.

Thomas D. Boswell and Terry-Ann Jones, “Caribbean Hispanics: Puerto Ricans, Cubans, and Dominicans,” in Ines M. Miyares and Christopher A. Airriess (eds. ), Contemporary Ethnic Geographies in America (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc, 2007), pp. 123-150.

  • GEG 105 World Regional Geography
  • GEG 341 Geography of Population and Development
  • GEG 520 Immigration to U.S.