Shouraseni Sen Roy - med

Shouraseni Sen Roy, Ph.D.
(Arizona State University, 2005)


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Professor Sen Roy's research and teaching interests center on Climatology and GIS. Her work focuses on spatio-temporal patterns of precipitation across the Indian subcontinent, using advanced statistical GIS techniques to analyze trends in climatic variables. Research projects include: the impact of global teleconnections on the summer precipitation in India; trends in the occurrence of extreme precipitation events in India; diurnal patterns in the timing of winter precipitation in the United States; and the impact of cloud cover on diurnal temperature ranges. Her research has been published in The International Journal of Climatology, Physical Geography, Monthly Weather Review, Geophysical Research Letters, and Climate Research.


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Cao, Y., and S. Sen Roy. In Press. Spatial Patterns of Seasonal Level Trends in Groundwater across the Indian Subcontinent during 2003-2014. Weather.

  • GEG 120 Physical Geography
  • GEG 199 Introduction to GIS
  • GEG 410/693 GIS II
  • GEG 405/681 Spatial Statistics II
  • GEG 332 Climatology and Extreme Weather