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Shivangi Prasad, Ph.D.
(Florida Atlantic University)


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Shivangi Prasad's research focuses on environmental and social vulnerability modeling, climate change and natural hazards risks and impacts, and GIS/spatial analysis. She is particularly interested in exploring human-environmental interactions from the perspective of human vulnerability, response and adaptation to creeping climate stresses as well as sudden shocks caused by natural hazard events. Other topics of interest include environmental justice, inequities in resource allocation and political ecology as they relate to the hazard-disaster realm. Shivangi has a background in quantitative research methods and in using GIS for data visualization and advanced spatial and statistical analysis. In addition to utilizing GIS in her research, Shivangi has professional experience using GIS to address issues in the healthcare sector, in urban planning and in the retail industry. Her research has been published in the Southeastern Geographer and in the Proceedings of the Applied Geography Conference. Shivangi teaches courses in GIS, Environment and Physical Geography.


Prasad, Shivangi (2012) An Assessment of Human Vulnerability to Hazards in the US Coastal Northeast and Mid-Atlantic; Southeastern Geographer. Vol. 52(3): 282-298

Prasad, Shivangi (2012) Using GIS to Examine Evacuation Need and Shelter Locations in Broward County, Florida; Proceedings of the Applied Geography Conferences. Vol. 35: 272-279