Richard J. Grant, Ph.D.
(University of Colorado, 1991)


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Richard Grant, Ph.D. Colorado is Professor of Geography, and Urban Studies Director at the University of Miami.  He is an urban economic geographer who works mainly on Africa. His most recent book is Africa: Geographies of Change, 2014, Oxford University Press. He is also the author of Globalizing City: the Urban and Economic Transformation of Accra, Ghana, 2009, Syracuse University Press.  His current research focuses mainly in the cities of Accra, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Miami. His projects focus on electronic waste, xenophobia, immigrant entrepreneurship, creative urban spaces, slum economies and sustainable urban development. He regularly blogs on African issues and transformations at He teaches study abroad courses in South Africa in spring and summer sessions.



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  • GEG 362 World Urban Geography
  • GEG 522 Urbanization of the Developing World