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Han Li, Ph.D.
(University of Utah, 2016)


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Han Li (https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=UnMek10AAAAJ) is an urban economic geographer who works mainly on China and Southeast Asia. The central issue of his research is to achieve a better understanding of our urban space from the perspectives of multi-scale, multi-mechanism, and multi-dimension. Relying on the technical advancements in big data technology, GIS spatial modeling, remote sensing, and spatial econometrics, his research follows the three branches in economic geography (institutional, cultural, and social) to examine the spatial organization of human economic activities in an urban environment in China, Southeast Asia, and the United States. Particularly, his projects focus on the roles of social and cultural environment, institutions, path-dependence, urban amenities, and extreme weather events associated with climate change in shaping development trajectories of cities in China and the United States. Currently, he utilizes social media and big data techniques to capture the service amenities with unique characteristics of urban China, and how they shape local labor markets and housing structures under the different regulations of planning policies, such as the establishment of development zones.


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  • GEG 110 Introduction to Human Geography
  • URB 201 Metropolitan Miami (Co-teaching with Dr. Richard Grant)