The Department of Geography and Regional Studies has no PhD program. (Students in the International Studies and the Environmental Science PhD programs may enroll in Geography courses and may work with Geography professors.)

‌The Master's Program in Geography consists of 30 credits, including 6 credits for a thesis for those students choosing this route. Students on Graduate Assistantships normally take 3 courses (9 credits) in the Fall and 3 courses (9 credits) in the Spring. Students may elect to take up to 6 credits outside the department. This is a 2-year Master's Program.‌

Students are able to take courses that offer a strong grounding in particular regions, but also receive instruction in several major thematic areas including urbanization, environmental change, geopolitics, political ecology, governance and empowerment, development and migration. Core Courses in Geographic Thought (GEG 501) and Advanced Research Design (GEG 603) are required of all students. Students then choose one Core course in their area of specialization: Globalization and Urban Change, Environmental Analysis, or Development. In addition, advanced technical instruction is offered in GIS and Remote Sensing as well as in Quantitative Methods. The consistent emphasis on cities, environmental studies, development, and globalization is unique to our program.


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