The Department of Geography and Regional Studies emphasizes the study of health and medical geography, human-environment interactions, and globalization and urban change by applying the latest techniques in geospatial technology, including geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing (RS), and spatial statistics. We offer BA, BS, and MA degrees, and our Graduate Certificate Program in Geospatial Technology is open to both current and non-UM students. Our programs provide an interdisciplinary liberal arts education with marketable skills for the public and private sectors. Please follow us on social media and explore all things spatial at the "U."‌

Faculty-Student Collaborations
Dr. Fuller and Temitope Alimi on Malaria risk in northern South America. link
Dr. Grant with Jessy Sivilien on New Satellite Towns, Accra, Ghana.
Dr. Cardoso da Silva and Emily Wheeler on Ecosystems as infrastructure.
Dr. Moise and Jaclyn Verity on health-care facilities, Burundi. link
Dr. Restrepo with Nicholas Velasquez and Y. Vorobyeva on terror networks. link
Drs. Sen Roy/Prasad with Chance Scott on Traffic Crashes in Miami-Dade. link
Dr. Stoler with Kurt Daum on electronic waste. link

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