The Office of Fiscal Affairs is responsible for the development and preparation of annual budgets, and oversight of expenditure control and fiscal management processes. Provides training and assistance for departments and programs and conducts periodic audits of transactions and departmental practices.

Important Documents

A&S Pre-Travel Form March 2007
Building Access Control Standards  
Contracting Policy Nov. 2013
Delegation of Contracting Approval and Signature Authority Jan. 9, 2017
Designated & Restricted Projections Guidelines March 2015
Donor Cultivation and Fundraising Travel Policy Sept. 21, 2016
External Reviewer Policy for Research Proposals Aug. 12, 2011
Faculty Recruitment Search Policy Feb. 2014
Faculty Salary Recapture Policy July 7, 2015
Faculty Start-Up Policy June 14, 2016
Faculty Start-Up Budget Template Sept. 2011
Fiscal Back to Basics April 2006
Fiscal Reference Guide August 2011
International Travel Award June 2016
P-Card Template Feb. 2007
Policy on Seed and Bridge Funding to Support Faculty Research Aug. 12, 2011
Publication Subvention Policy July 14, 2017
Purchasing and Contracting Authority May 2016
Department Contacts August 12, 2016
Electronic Travel and Business Expennse Reimbursement Policy September 21, 2018


USPACE – College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences USPACE Policies and Procedures June 2016
CAS Organized Research Rooms Questionnaire June 2016


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