Whirling Wonder: RSMAS Acquires New Flying Laboratory

This new Helicopter Observation Platform will be another tool for use in furthering exploration science.  We look forward to getting it up in the air!


“This one-of-a-kind Helicopter Observation Platform (HOP) will allow scientists to obtain vital information on environmental processes and mechanisms that affect our climate and impact human health. ‘HOP will support the research missions of University of Miami (UM) scientists and a host of other research institutions around the world by improving our understanding of the Earth’s environment – in particular the Earth’s surface, whether marine or continental, and the thin atmospheric boundary layer above it, where much of the action for the climate system is taking place,’ said Roni Avissar, dean of UM’s Rosenstiel School and an experienced helicopter pilot.


‘This is a major advance for UM’s recently launched Exploration Science program whose mission is to broaden interest in field-based scientific research,’ said Kenny Broad, director of UM’s Leonard and Jayne Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy and Chair of Marine Affairs and Policy at RSMAS. He and Avissar will lead this project and will serve as HOP pilots during scientific missions and expeditions.”

(Via. Whirling Wonder: RSMAS Acquires New Flying Laboratory  | e-Veritas:)