Chandra Clarke Gives Citizen Science Overview to Students

Students taking Exploration Science’s Citizen and Participatory Science course were recently treated to a wonderful overview of citizen science from Chandra Clarke.  Chandra is the author of Be The Change – Saving the World with Citizen Science and also the founder of the website Citizen Science Center found at    Chandra has spent considerable time curating and thinking about how this approach to science is evolving and how it can be effective.  Her book outlines many different projects and gives a general outline of how and why citizen science works.   Her background includes a Master’s degree in Space Studies from the University of North Dakota as a result of her interest in space exploration.  She also has given a talk about citizen science at a TEDx event at Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada.

You can hear Chandra’s overview of citizen science given to the class via Soundcloud.

Makers: the New Explorers of the Universe

Great stuff from OpenROV co-founder David Lang

“True discovery — the kind that pushes the species forward — doesn’t get mentioned much in popular culture, or even maker conversations, for that matter. It’s a feature on the Twitter search bar, a television network that hosts Shark Week, or something relegated to research universities and National Geographic. Not something that regular folks like us stop to consider, unless we’re reading an article about some new finding or breakthrough. But maybe it’s time we start.”

(Via. Makezine Blog )