Contribution of the European Parliament to multilevel governance: Building on a potential for a fuller legislative initiative for the European Parliament
- Peter Vavrik

The Post-Great Recession Welfare Commitment in the European Union: Rocky Marriage or Impending Divorce?
- Koi K. James

Rejection of Supranational Institutions Diminishing Regional Integration Potential
- Jimmy Santiago

The European Union Refugee Crisis: A Comprehensive Approach to Mitigating Migration with an Emphasis on Trade
- Eric Little

Upholding Democracy in the European Union
- Sarah Burns

The Future of TTIP and Latin America Amid a Changing Atlantic Dynamic
- Marcella Thomas


The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): Consequences for the European Union and the United States
- Melanie C. Goergmaier

European Union awakening on unregulated immigration: Impact on EU security, economic and social stability
- Adel Elkbuli

The European Experiment in Peril: Dynamics behind the Current Migrant Crisis and EU Identity
- Santiago Paez-Pardo

A State Half Sovereign: Why Britain Should Remain in the European Union
- Rory A. McClain


European Union Bailouts and Credibility
- Antonio Estella

The European Power Hierarchy, Member State Trust, and Public Support for the Common Security and Defense Policy
- Gaspare M. Genna and Florian Justwan

A Crisis for the Ages The European Union and the Migration Crisis
-Maxime H. A. Larivé

Investor-State Dispute Resolution as an Issue in Transatlantic Trade Negotiations: Lessons from NAFTA
- Joseph A. McKinney

Separatism, Globalization, and the European Union
   - Ross Dayton


The New European Commission Presidency and the Advent of European Democracy
   - Mathieu Kroon Gutiérrez

The Business Cycle on Both Sides of the Atlantic
    - Maria Lorca-Susino

Mantendrá Francia su lugar clave en la Europa del siglo XXI?
     - Stephan Sberro

Con la estabilidad económica no se juega
     - Maria Lorca Susino

Why the new Inter-Parliamentary Conference on CFSP/CSDP is a positive - yet insu
     - Stelio Stavridis

Transatlantic Conflict and Cooperation Concerning Trade Issues
     - Joseph A. McKinney

European Union Leadership and Enlargement in 2014
     - Beverly Barrett

The Mirage of the State: Why the West has failed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Ma
     - Maxime Larivé

The Central European Predicament
     -Tamas Novak

The European Union and Post-Cold War Defence Policies in South America
    -Marcos Aurelio Guedes de Oliveira

The EU, China and Southeast Asia: Divergent Views of Dealing with Human Security
    -Katja Weber

United States-EU Economic Relations
    -Joseph McKinney

Democracy Promotion and the EU, US Formulas: Photo Opportunities or Potential
    -Imtaiz Hussain

The History and Challenges of Cohesion Policies
    -Carolyn Marie Dudek

Images of Europeans: In-Group Trust and Support for European Integration
    -Gaspare M. Genna

The Re-emergence of Russia and its Collision Course with Europe
    -Dániel Gugán

Western Strategic Proverty: The Ukrainian Crisis and the New World Order
    -Maxime H.A. Larivé

La Cuestión Prejudicial Comunitaria: Artículo 267 del Tratado de Funcionamiento de la Unión Europea
    -Manuel Cienfuegos Mateo


The EU and Syria – Time to Play behind Closed Doors
    -Maxime H.A. Larivé

Comparative Regional Perspectives: The Bologna Process and Higher Education Attainment
    -Beverly Barrett

EU Immigration Trends and Policies: Spain and France as Case Studies
    -Marissa Wong

The euro before the financial crisis of 2008: An integrating and stabilizing factor‌
    -María Lorca-Susino

Austeridad fiscal vs gasto gubernamental: Historia de la crisis europea
    -María Lorca-Susino

Corporate Social Responsibility: A European Perspective
    -Ramon Mullerat

Law Practice in a Globalized World: The European Experience
    -Ramon Mullerat

The Arab Spring: Where Was the EU, and What is Its Future Role in the Region?
    -Kristyn Greco

Modelo Europeu como referência para a integração na American Latina do século XXI
    -Marcos Aurélio Guedes de Oliveira

Towards a New Design of South American Integration?
    -Félix Peña

The European Monetary Union: Assessing the Positive Attributes
    -Sasha Machel


The Development of the Eurozone
    -Suzanne Aldahan

The Emblematic Statement of the Nobel Peace Prize
    -Derek Centola

Research and Teaching the European Union in Latin America
    -Joaquín Roy

European Union-Latin American Relations in a Turbolent Era 
    -Joaquín Roy

Obama 2: Future Implications for EU-US Relations
    -Maxime Henri André Larivé

The European Union and the United States, before the election: a much deeper mutual understanding
    -Joaquín Roy

Innovative Capabilities and Market Performance: The European Union in International Comparison
    -Jan-Frederik Kremer and Katharina Below

Spain: foreign relations and policy
    -Joaquín Roy

The European Economic Community's Third Enlargement
    -Alice Cunha

The Lisbon Treaty and Spain: Background, Context and Impact
    -Joaquín Roy

Bologna Process Bucharest Ministerial Conference Takes Place amid Political Crisis in Romania
    -Beverly Barrett

All Roads Lead to Rome: Background, Context and Legacy of the Treaty on the European Community
    -Joaquín Roy

Can the Eurozone Survive?
    -Jonathan Gosper

Price and GDP Convergence as an Effect of European Integration
    -Dániel Gugán

Hungary on the Greek Way
    -Dániel Gugán

The Eurozone Crisis Baroness
    -Emma Nicholson


The Lisbon Treaty's "Europe 2020" Economic Growth Strategy and the Bologna Process
    -Beverly Barrett

The Building of the US Missile Shield in Europe The triangular relationship: US, EU, Russia
    -Maxime Larivé

Dialectic Relation between Foreign Policy and Russian National Identity]
    -Dina Moulioukova

Europe and the Maghreb: Its Impact and Importance in US Foreign Policy 
    -Astrid B. Boening

Regionalism and Sub-regionalism in the Caribbean: Challenges and Prospects - Any Insights from Europe? 
    -Wendy Grenade

The European Union and the Eurozone: The Danger that Lay Ahead 
    -María Lorca-Susino

The US Economy and the Great Recession 
    -María Lorca-Susino

Brasil como potencia emergente y su impacto sobre el concepto de Potencia Civil Europea: una evaluación preliminar 
    -Stelios Stavridis y Aline Hoffmann

Man is the only animal that trips twice Over the same stone 
    -María Lorca-Susino

Europe as the Idea, Model and Reality: complex nature of Europe's significance for Russia 
    -Dina Moulioukova

The European Union, Tunisia and Egypt: Norms versus Interests - Thoughts and Recommendations 
    -Maxime Larivé


The Common Agricultural Policy and the Doha Development Round 
    -Menaka Mahajan

In the Name of Identity 
    -Gabriela Guerra

The EU’s Common Fisheries Policy: A Review and Assessment 
    -Tiffany Walter

The Common Agricultural Policy: The Future of the CAP and Why Real Reform Will Never Happen 
    -Miguel de la Rosa Jr.

A Macroeconomic Assessment of The European Monetary Union 
    -Qin Wang

Some Comments on the Relations between Cuba and the EU 
    -Karl Buck

The European Courts: A Procedural Analysis 
    -Santini Reali

EU Enlargement and Membership through the Turkey Experience 
    -Alaina Chamberlain

RUSSIA’S FOREIGN POLICY IN A WORLD IN CRISIS: A Long Path to Fluid and “Normal” Relations 
    -Francesc Serra Massansalvador

The Process of Nation Building in Central Asia and its Relationship to Russia's Regional Influence 
    -Francesc Serra Massansalvador

Research on the European Union published in Latin America 
    -Joaquín Roy

EU-Latin American Parliamentary Relations: some Preliminary Comments on the EUROLAT 
    -Stelios Stavridis And Natalia Ajenjo

How Spain Implements European law 
    -Ramon Mullerat

Diffusion of EU norms in Latin America: The cases of Mexico, Venezuela and Honduras 
    -Roberto Domínguez

Leading Europe During Challenging Times: The Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union 
    -Gaye Gungor


Varieties of Capitalism for Latin America? 
    -Sebastián Royo

El Cumplimiento del Derecho Comunitario por los Estados Miembros de la Unión Europea: Alcances y Limítes de la Acción por Incumplimiento 
    -Karine de Souza Silva

Economic Relations between the European Union and Central America: Building a Bi-Regional Association 
    -Fernando Rueda-Junquera

Footprints in the Sand: Analyzing the Role of the European Union in Iraq and Afghanistan 
    -Adam Bisaccia

The New External Action Service of the EU: A European Diplomatic Entity in the making? 
    -Natividad Fernández Sola

ASEAN: A Prime Example of Regionalism in Southeast Asia 
    -Katja Weber

Problems and Opportunities for the Incoming Obama Administration 
    -Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff

Preliminary Thoughts on Re-Envisioning the European Union 
    -Vivien A. Schmidt

European Integration Model: Lessons for the Central American Common Market
    - Fernando Rueda-Junquera

La integracion del espacio sudamericano 
    -Felix Pena

The Problem of Comparison in Comparative Regionalism 
    -Philippe De Lombaerde, Fredrik Söderbaum, Luk Van Langenhove and Francis Baert

Will an Economic Crisis Give Iceland the Final Push? 
    -Vilborg Asa Gudjonsdottir

Germany: A look at one EU member state's path to "Europeanization" 
    -Victoria Quintana

Crime and Punishment: An In-Depth Analysis of Security Issues in The European Union 
    -Adam Bisaccia

European Regionalism in Copmparative Perspective: Features and Limits of the new Medievalism Approach to World Order 
    -Sergio Fabbrini

Microsoft Corporation vs. The U.S. Court of Justice and the European Community 
    -Francisco J. Lorca

United They Rose, Divided They Fall: The EU and the Economic Crisis 
    -Vanessa Marzo

Pedagogy of Peace: The Contribution of Jean Monnet to the Construction of the European Union 
    -Karine de Souza Silva

Problems and Opportunities for the Incoming Obama Administration 
    -Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff

Russia-EU: A Dangerous Relationship? 
    -Heinrich Vogel

The Cuban Revolution (1959-2009) and the European Union: a documentary selection of Statements and Declarations 
    -Joaquín Roy

Collaborative Maritime Security in Europe: An Italian Navy Perspective 
    -Ferdinando Sanfelice di Monteforte

Russia and the European Union: The U.S. Impact on the Relationship 
    -Roger E. Kanet

The (Reform) Treaty of Lisbon: What's in it? How Significant 
    -Finn Laursen

The Mediterranean - Security Turnstile: An overview From the Barcelona Process to the Union for the Mediterranean 
    -Astrid B. Boening


Cuba: transición, sucesión, estabilidad, seguridad --contexto de la actuación europea 
    -Joaquín Roy

Human Trafficking through the Sea: Migrants Arrivant En Mer 
    -Ferdinando Sanfelice di Monteforte

The Effects of Non-Negotiable and Partially-Negotiable Domestic Factors in the Monetary Union: Flexible integration, Skeptical Integration and Europeanized Integration 
    -Alessandro Cagossi

Aid Patterns in Central Eastern Europe 
    -Markéta Vavre?ková

The Treaty of Lisbon and the Irish Impasse 
    -Francisco J. Lorca

Globalization and Varieties of Capitalism: Lessons for Latin America 
    -Sebastián Royo

Los Parlamentos Nacionales en la Unión Europa Tras el Tratado De Lisboa 
    -Covadonga Ferrer Martín de Vidales

The Importance of the European Union's Strategic and Diplomatic Cultures 
    -Colette Mazzucelli

Maastricht as Turning Point 
    -Colette Mazzucelli

Leadership in the European Union: Assessing the Significance of the Trio Council Presidency 
    -Colette Mazzucelli

European Union-Latin American Relations after Lima and Lisbon 
    -Aimee Kanner Arias

A Brief Energy Outlook for the XXI Century 
    -María Lorca-Susino

The European Union's International Political Capacity into the 21st Century 
    -Aimee Kanner Arias

The Caribbean Chicken and Egg: Applying Lessons from the European Court of Justice to the Caribbean Court of Justice 
    -Fernando Alvarez Pérez

Engaging Regional Partners for Effective Conflict Resolution: Problems and Prospects of the EU's Strategic Partnerships in Asia 
    -Saponti Baroowa

Vortex of a Regional Security Complex: The EuroMed Partnership and its Security Relevance 
    -Astrid Boening

Regional Security through Synergistic Integration: A Euro-Mediterranean Regional Security Complex? 
    -Astrid Boening

Pronouncements of its Impending Demise were Exaggerated: The EuroMed Partnership Morphing into a Regional Security Super Complex 
    -Astrid Boening

EU Development Policy: Delivering Aid Effectiveness 
    -Stephen Dearden

Iran: A New Challenge to EU Foreign Policy 
    -Roberto Dominguez

Will There Be Fallout from Clementi? The Global Repercussions for the Legal Profession after the UK Legal Services Act 2007 
    -John Flood

Policy-making and New Modes of Governance in the European Neighborhood Policy 
    -Stefan Gaenzle

La Teoría Constitucional ante el Derecho Comunitario Europeo 
    -Carlos Hakansson Nieto

Correcting Past Mistakes: The Failure of the European Constitution and Its Resurrection as the Lisbon Treaty 
    -Adam Kreidman

The EU and Brazil: Trading Partners in Different Fora 
    -Rafael Leal-Arcas

EU-China Relations: Problems and Promises 
    -Jing Men

From Normative Power to Great Power Politics: Change in the European Union’s Foreign Policy Identity 
    -Francesco Ortoleva

Lisbon Treaty and the Emergence of Third Generation Regional Integration 
    -Luk Van Langenhove And Daniele Marchesi

The CFSP in synergetic theorising: Explaining the CFSP via a multi-causal and multi-level analytical model 
    -Maciej Wilga

Vortex of a Regional Security Complex: The EuroMed Partnership and its Security Relevance
    -Astrid Boening

European Energy Security :  From Economic Regulation to a Global Diplomatic Strategy
    -Rémi Piet

The US dollar and the euro – Deus Ex Machina: The dollar may be our currency, but it’s your problem
    -Maria Lorca

US and EU Legal Professions: Two Lawyers Separated by the Same Justice. Common Law and Civil Law Procedures Compared
    -Ramon Mullerat

Theory and Practice of Regional Integration
    -Finn Laursen

European Integration and Ethnic Mobilization in Newly Admitted Countries: The Case of Hungarian Minority in Romania
    -Lavinia Bucsa

Is the Euro, as a Common Currency, a Tool for Integration?
    -Maria Lorca

Unequal Partners in the EU Southern Neighborhood Strategy:  Is Regional Integration Feasible?
    -Astrid B. Boening

Some Reflections on the Relationship between Politicians and Politics in Latin America after Twenty Five Years of Democracy
    -Manuel Alcántara Sáez

Between Perceptions and Threats — The Fraught EU-Russia Relationship
    -Maxime Larive

The Boeing-Airbus “Can of Stink”
    -Fernando Alvarez-Pérez

Enhancing the Efficacy of the EuroMed Partnership through intensified Iterations
    -Astrid B. Boening


Playing chicken in times of turbulence: M3 overshooting and the ECB monetary stance
    -Miriam L. Campanella

The Euro:The Economic Stabilizer of the Eurozone
    -Maria Lorca

A Comparison of the Role of Entity Actors in the United Nations: An Intergovernmental Organization (by Example of the European Union) vs. Non-Governmental Organizations7 
    -Astrid B. Boening

Iceland in the European Union: Will it ever happen? 
    -Vilborg Asa Gudjonsdottir

The Reform Treaty: Its Impact on the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) 
    -Maria Lorca

La complejidad internacional del Tratado Constitucional de 2004 y del Tratado de Reforma de 2007 
    -Araceli Mangas Martín

The EuroMed Partnership: The Stepchild of the Neighborhood or the “It-Kid” on the block? Post-Cold War Mediterranean Regional Security and the EuroMed Partnership 
-Astrid B. Boening

Euro-Islam – A Constructivist Idea or a Concept of the English School? 
-Astrid B. Boening

Global Euro: Testing Times for Transatlantic Ties? 
-Miriam L. Campanella

NAFTA: Will it ever have an EU profile? 
-Roberto Dominguez

Origin and Evolution of the South American Community of Nations: From Trade to Security Concerns 
-Marco Aurelio Guedes de Oliveira

EU Enlargement 2007: A Full Stop? 
    -Vilborg Asa Gudjonsdottir

Ever Expanding Union? A Closer Look at the European Union's Enlargement Agenda 
    -Gaye Gungor

Five Years with the Euro 
    -Maria Lorca

The French Rejection of the European Constitutional Treaty: Implications of a National Debate for Europe’s Union 
-Colette Mazzucelli

Future of the European Union and the European Constitutional Treaty: The Future of the European Union and its Importance for Transatlantic Relations 
-Colette Mazzucelli

EU3-Iranian Nuclear Diplomacy: Implications for US Policy in the Middle East 
-Colette Mazzucelli

EU-US Data Protection Vindicating Rights to Privacy 
-Ramón Mullerat

The EU Model: Can Integration Remedy Central American Underdevelopment? 
-Leandro R. Solórzano

Awakening of the Sleeping Lion 
    -Sarah Louise  Edske Svendsen

Constraints on the Development of European Identity: Territorial and Demographic Challenges for EU Public Support 
    -Markus Thiel

La Apocada Presidencia Alemana en Medio de la Crisis de la Union Europea 
    -Eric Tremolanda

What is Bad (or Good) for the EU is Good for the United States? The U S. Perception and Attitude towards the EU 
    -Joaquín Roy

The attitude of the European Union and Spain towards Cuba: an assessment, a year after Castro’s illness 
    -Joaquín Roy

Between cherry-picking and salvaging the Titanic: Spain and the rescuing of the essence of the EU Constitution 
    -Joaquín Roy

Reflections on the Treaty of Rome and Today's EU 
    -Joaquín Roy

Is European Inter Regionalism a Relevant Approach for the World or Just for Europe? 
    -Rita Giacalone

Synchronicity and Reciprocity in the EuroMediterranean Partnership: Business Social Responsibility in the Magreb and Mashriq within the Framework of an Intergovernmental Organization 
    -Astrid B. Boening

The EU as a Model for the African Union: the Limits of Imitation 
-Olufemi Babarinde

Multilateralism South of the Border: The EuroMed Partnership 
-Astrid B. Boening

Mediterranean Regional Security In The 21st Century: Regional Integration Through Development And Its Security Impact On Euromed Partnership Members 
-Astrid B. Boening

Multilateral security in the Mediterranean post-Cold War: NATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue and the EuroMed Partnership 
    -Astrid B. Boening

NAFTA: Will it ever have an EU profile? 
    -Roberto Dominguez

Power Preponderance, Institutional Homogeneity, and the Likelihood of Regional Integration 
    -Gaspare M. Genna

Obstacles to Regional Integration in Latin America and the Caribbean: Compliance and Implementation Problems 
-Laura Gómez Mera

Caricom: Coming of Age? 
-Wendy C. Grenade

Governance in South American Integration: Insights and Encouragement from the European Union 
-Aimee Kanner

Identity, Societal Security and Regional Integration in Europe 
-Markus Thiel

European Security Integration: Lessons for East Asia? 
-Katja Weber


Lessons from the Andean Community Integration 
-Àngel M. Casas-Gragea

A new generation of agreements between the European Union and Latin America: The cases of Mexico and Chile‌
-‌Roberto Dominguez

The Ibero-American Summit Process : Prospects, future development and incentives for Latin America
    -Joaquín Roy

Transatlantic Cooperation in the War Against Terror Financing: Building a Counter- Network 
-Mary Troy

 Whither Helms-Burton? A Retrospective on the 10th Year Anniversary 
-Shoshana Perl

European Integration Model:  Lessons for the Central American Common Market 
-Fernando Rueda-Junquera

Application of the Andean Comunitarian Law in Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela 
in comparison with the European Union Experience
-Eric Tremolada

The FTAA and the EU: models for Latin American integration? 
-Josè Briceño Ruiz

The European Union as a Model for Regional Integration: The Muslim World and Beyond 
-Emil J. Kirchner


The European Union Budget: The European Cup of Economic Affairs- UK vs France 
-Maria Lorca

Germany's Marriage of Necessity 
-Fraser Cameron

After the Storm:  The Politics of the Post-CAFTA US Trade Agenda 
-Eric Jacobstein 

The EU Model of Integration-Relevance Elsewhere? 
-Fraser Cameron

La Ley de Justicia y Paz de Colombia: Contexto, perspectivas internacionales, y actitud de la Unión Europea 
-Joaquín Roy 

Will the European Union follow the model of the FTAA's project or the FTAA will ever decide to look like the EU 
-Francesc Granell 

Citizenship, Free Movement, and EU Enlargement 
-Willem Maas  

The Relationship Between Community Law and National Law 
-Martin Stiernstrom  

The Impact of Enlargement on the External Relations of the EU 
-Roberto Domínguez 

European Identity and the Challenge of Enlargement 
-Markus Thiel 

How Much Diversity Can the European Union Withstand?
-Ania Krok-Paszkowska 

The Eastern Enlargement of the EU: Why and How Far? 
-Finn Laursen 

The International Promotion of Political Norms in Eastern Europe: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis 
-Frank Schimmelfennig 

The Challenges of EU Integration: Iberian Lessons for Eastern Europe
-Sebastián Royo 

Turkey's Membership Application: Implications for the EU 
-Neill Nugent 

Preparing for the New Minorities in Europe: The EU Influence on National Minority Protection in Romania and Slovakia 
-Maria Ilcheva 

Can the Fifth Enlargement Weaken the EU's Development Cooperation?
-Francesc Granell 

The Impact of EU Enlargement on the Euro-Med Partnership 
-Beverly Crawford 

Shifting Competitiveness, Evolving MNE Strategies and EU Enlargement: The Case of Hungary 
-Yusaf H. Akbar 

The Political Economy of the Baltic States' Accession into the EU: The Impact of the Role of the State 
-Ramunas Vilpišauskas 

International Air Transport Agreements and Regionalism:  

The Impact of the European Union upon the Development of International Air Law 
-A.L.C. de Mestral and H. Bashor 

Mercosur: Political Development and Comparative Issues with the European Union
-Marcos Aurelio Guedes de Oliveira 

Prospects for the Central American Customs Union 
-Fernando Rueda-Junquera 

Reflections on the Development and Prospects of the Free Trade Area of the Americas: Does It Relate to the European Experience? 
-Ambler Moss 

The Future of Mexican-U.S. Economic Relations: Is the EU a Model for North America? 
-Gustavo Vega Cánovas 

The Free Trade Area of the Americas: Current Status and Prospects
-Jeffrey Schott 

Understanding Mercosur and its Future 
-Félix Peña 

North America: Three Nations, a Partnership, or a Community? 
-Robert Pastor 

An Overview of Regional Governance Arrangements within the Caribbean Community 
-Wendy C. Grenade 

Internal Political Tribalism and Regional Integration in the Caribbean
-David Hinds 

The Politics of the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA)
-Eric Jacobstein 

North American Security: A Community or an Identity? 
-Alejandro Chanona 

The European Superpower 
-John McCormick 

Contributions of NATO, EU and OSCE to European Security: Threats and Risks
-Roberto Domínguez Rivera 

The Content of European Parliament Election Campaigns: A Framework for Analysis and Evidence from Germany in 2004 
-Louise K. Davidson-Schmich 

Spain's Return to "Old Europe": Background and Consequences of the March 11 and 14, 2004 Terrorist Attacks and Elections 
-Joaquín Roy 

EU Environmental Law: From Absence (1957) to Sustainable Development (1992) to Corporate Social Responsibility 
-Don C. Smith 

La naturaleza y la estructura institucional de la Unión Europea: un laberinto para la sociedad civil y el cabildeo 
-Joaquín Roy 

La naturaleza jurídica de la Unión Europea en el Proyecto de Tratado que instituye una Constitución para Europa
-Albert Galinsoga 

Confidentiality: The Primary and Fundamental Right and Duty of the Lawyer
-Ramon Mullerat 

EU Constitutionalism and the German Basic Law 
-Rudolf Geiger  


The European Strategy for the Middle East 
-Ignacio Álvarez-Ossorio Alvariño 

Searching for the Origins of Civic Community in the Newly Expanded European Union
-Louise K. Davidson-Schmich

Exploring the Implications of European Integration for the Anglophone Caribbean:  

From Lomé to EPA 
-Wendy Grenade 

Diputados y militares: una visión de las Fuerzas Armadas, desde la perspectiva del Parlamento 
-Manuel Alcántara Sáez 

Security, Borders, and the Eastern Enlargement of the European Union
-Nuray V. Ibryamova 

The European Union and Cuba: In the Aftermath of Castro's Fall
-Joaquín Roy 

Representations of Europe and the Nation:  

How do Spaniards see themselves as Nationals and Europeans?
-Antonia María Ruiz Jiménez 

Searching for a Counterweight - Canada and the European Union 
-Osvaldo Croci and Amy  Verdun 

Problems of Latin American Security and its Implications for Europe: A German Perspective 
-Detlef Nolte 

Strategic Hemispheric Objectives for the Next Decade 
-Karl Buck 

Cultural, Instrumental, Civic and Symbolic Components of  

National and European Indentities in Old and New European Member States
-Antonia M. Ruiz Jiménez

Eastern Enlargement and the European Union's Security Agenda 
-Nuray Ibryamova 

The Constitution and the Citizens -(Not) Much Ado about Nothing?
-Markus Thiel 

Europa y la seguridad en América Latina 
-Carlos Malamud 

Modernization of European Competition Law as a Form of Convergence 
-Andre Fiebig 

La evolución y elementos de constitucionalidad de la Unión Europea 
-Carlos Hakannson 

Consensus and Dissensus over the European Constitution: Security as the Pivotal Point of the Accords 
-Alejandro Chanona 

El derecho internacional, el derecho comunitario europeo y el proyecto de constitución europea 
-José B. Acosta Estévez 

Europe in Perplexity: How to Cope with the EU's External Action
-Esther Barbé (with the collaboration of Laia Mestres) 

Poland Divided: Spatial Differences in the June 2003 EU Accession Referendum
-Ralph S. Clem and Marek Jan Chodakiewicz 


EU Structural and Cohesion Funds in Spain and Portugal: Is Regional and National Inequality Increasing? 
-Pere Gomis-Porqueras and Enrique Garcilazo 

Canada and the European Union: Strengthening Transatlantic Relations
-Amy Verdun 

Between Free Trade and Social Goals: Regional Integration in the Iberian Peninsula and Mexico 
-Sebastián Royo 

Comparing Regional Integration Schemes: International Regimes or Would-be Polities
-Finn Laursen 

Negotiating the U.S.-Spanish Agreements, 1953-1988: A Spanish Perspective
-Angel Viñas 

European Security Trends 
-Emil J. Kirchner 

A Comparative Perspective between the European Union and NAFTA
-Alejandro Chanona 

Comparing Canada, the European Union, and NAFTA: Comparative Capers and Constitutional Conundrums 
-Steven B. Wolinetz 

The Uses and Abuses of the Euro in the Canadian Currency Debate
-Paul Bowles, Osvaldo Croci, Brian MacLean 

The European Union Perception of Cuba: From Frustration to Irritation 
-Joaquín Roy 

NAFTA and the European Referent: Labor Mobility in European and North American Regional Integration 
-Mark J. Miller and Boyka Stefanova 

México: ¿nuevamente una colonia europea? 
-Richard Stith 

El Tratado de Atenas y la quinta ampliación de la Unión Europea 
-Francesc Granell 

De Río a Madrid: límites y posibilidades de las relaciones Unión Europea-América Latina 
-José Antonio Sanahuja

Joining the Club: Reflections from the Iberian Integration in Light of the New Enlargement to Eastern Europe 
-Sebastián Royo 

La dimensión internacional de la UE: Delimitación y alcance de las competencias económicas 
-Donato Fernández Navarrete 

Consensual Integration Alliances: The Importance of Predictability and Efficacy in the Mercosur Institutional Experience 
-Félix Peña

The First Outcome of the Debate on the Future of Europe: Between Deepening and Revision (2000-2002) 
-Francisco Aldecoa Luzarraga

The Convention on Europe and the Enlargement of the European Union 
-Luis Ritto


The Dollar, the Euro and Exchange Rate Regimes in Latin America 
-Luis Miotti, Dominique Plihon and Carlos Quenan 

Economic Relations of the European Union and Mercosur 
-Mariela Arenas 

European Union-Mercosur Relations: The Institutionalization of Cooperation 
-Aimee Kanner 

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 The Coral Gables Declaration, April 6, 2002 
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