Joaquín Roy, Jean Monnet Professor “ad personam” and Director of the European Union Center at the University of Miami participated in conferences, conducted research and interviews and visited French government offices inParis, France. On June 7 he participated in the first conference organized as an academic prelude to the EU-Latin America summit to be held in Santiago de Chile in January of 2013.  This conference will be followed by a second to take place in Lima, Peru, on October 8-9. The final conference will be held in the Chilean capital just before the summit, which will be attended by all heads of state or government of the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean. These gathering takes place every two years, alternating European and Latin American capitals. In the Paris event Roy contributed to the debates on academic programs in both continents dealing with regional integration. This conference was organized by the Institute des Ameriques, an research and teaching branch of the Sorbonne University, in cooperation with the newly-established EU-Latin America Foundation, an agency set by the European Union to sponsor research and academic activities in both continents. A follow-up symposium was held at the French Senate, with the participation of French government officials, EU representatives and representatives of several Latin American regional integration organizations.   

Subsequently, Dr. Roy conducted research interviews and engaged in briefings at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France and the French National Assembly, where he was given a tour of the Salon de l’Horloge (where the Schuman Declaration was issued on May 9, 1950) and the hall of the French legislative institution. He held meetings at several Paris think tanks and research centers, among them the Institute of International Security (European Union), the Institute of International Relations, the Jean Monnet Association, the Robert Schuman Foundation, and Notre Europe. His visit coincided with the celebration of the first leg of the French legislative elections giving him the opportunity to exchange views with scholars, government officers, and observers. All these activities will have a follow up in research, teaching and outreach activities in Miami and Latin American subsequent events. 


Benita Ferrero-Waldner, President,
EU-LA Foundation, former
Commissioner of External Relations
of the European Commission

  Hector Casanueva, Academic
Vice-President, Universidad
Pedro de Valdidia, Santiago,
Chile, and Director of CELARE
Christian Leffler, Managing
Director, Americas, European
External Action Service (EEAS)
  Jorge Valdez, Director,
EU-LA Foundation
Visits Ministry of Foreign Affairs
and Assembly
  Monnet tomb at Pantheon


Joaquin Roy, Jean Monnet Chair "ad personam", and Director, European Union Center of Excellence, University of Miami, was invited to present a key note major paper at a conference held in Managua, Nicaragia, on August 9, 2012, on the recently signed Association Agreement between the European Union and Central America. The event was organized by the Central American University (UCA) under the sponsorship of several Nicaraguan organizations and the Delegation of the European Union. Dr. Roy’s participation in this activity is part of his program as Jean Monnet professor. He subsequently held interviews and research briefing with several Nicaraguan and Central American government leaders and was interviwed by the local press on the subject of his presentation. Dr. Roy contrbuites regular columns to major Managua paper “La Prensa”. It is expected that the Managua event will be followed up by similar conferences organzied in other area capitals. The motive of the conference is extremely important for Central America because if the first in its kind signed by the European Union with subregional block of integration. The EU has been contributing to the process of pacifications, democratization, developmen and integration for three decades, making its role a model for other regions ihn the world.

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 Entrevista a Joaquín Roy

Orlando Mejía (Jean Monnet
chair of University of León), and
Guillermo Borneman (Dean of
School of Economics, University
of Central America)
  Javier Sandomingo,
EU ambassador