Joycean Links

This page provides links to Joyce societies, resources, and publications, as well as other Joyce-related material.   It is our goal to continually update the information, so if you would like to add a link or report a broken link, please email us at

Schoenhof's Foreign Books has a small collection of books by and about Joyce in a variety of languages currently featured on the home page of  our Web site



XXIV International Joyce Symposium – This conference will be held from June 15-20, 2014 inUltrecht, Netherlands.


Joyce Societies and Foundations

The International James Joyce Foundation is the first place to check for info, news, conferences, and other Joycean tidbits

Zurich James Joyce Foundation, run by Fritz Senn, also offers Joyce-related news and information, particularly pertaining to Zurich and Europe.

The James Joyce Society, of New York City, provides Joyce information as well as an image gallery of Joyce-related art.


Resources on Joyce (selected)

Jorn Barger's website, IQ Infinity: The Unknown James Joyce, has been described as the most extensive body of original Joyce research in any medium.

 The James Joyce Resource Center contains a useful overview of Joyce resources and bibliographies from the Ohio State University.

The James Joyce Center, located in Dublin, provides opportunities like guided walking tours and the Guinness Reference Library.

EUROJOYS is the European James Joyce Forum, run by Hans Walter Gabler and Barney Engelhart (please note: this site seems to be temporarily disabled).

The Brazen Head: A James Joyce Public House, on the Modern Word's website, includes a basic overview of Joyce's life and works, as well as links to other resources.



The University College Dublin James Joyce Summer School is run by Anne Fogarty at University College Dublin, for Joyceans of all levels and ages.

The Trieste Joyce School, at the University of Trieste, is an annual event with renowned speakers and academic programs.


Publications on Joyce

James Joyce Quarterly is an international scholarly journal dedicated to Joyce, published by the University of Tulsa.

The website for the James Joyce Broadsheet provides subscription and contributor information.

The University Press of Florida offers a James Joyce Series.