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Contents of Back Issues

Vol. 31, No. 2 (Fall 2017)

Patrick McGee, Political Monsters and Democratic Imagination: Spinoza, Blake, Hugo, Joyce

Stephen McLaren, Reframing A Portrait of the Artist: Joyce and the Phenomenological Imagination

P.J. Murphy and Nick Pawliuk, Eds., Beckett in Popular Culture: Essays on a Postmodern Icon

Barney Rosset, Rosset: My Life in Publishing and How I Fought Censorship

Barney Rosset and Lois Oppenheim, Eds., Dear Mr. Beckett—Letters from the Publisher: The Samuel Beckett File Correspondence, Interviews, Photos

Margot Norris, The Value of James Joyce

Ray Burke, Joyce County: Galway and James Joyce

Randall J. Pogorzelski, Virgil and Joyce: Nationalism and Imperialism in the Aeneid and Ulysses

R.J. Schork, "Floreat Bloom"

Roland McHugh, Annotations to Finnegans Wake: Fourth Edition

Barbara M. Hoffman, Report on the North American James Joyce Conference, "Diasporic Joyce," Toronto

Shinjini Chattopadhyay, Report on the 2017 Zürich James Joyce Foundation Workshop


Vol. 31, No. 1 (Spring 2017)

Jean-Michel Rabaté, Think Pig!: Beckett and the Limit of the Human

Joseph M. Hassett, The Ulysses Trials: Beauty and Truth Meet the Law

Vivien Igoe, The Real People of Joyce's Ulysses: A Biographical Guide

Abby Bender, Israelites in Erin: Exodus, Revolution, and the Irish Revival

Michael Patrick Gillespie, James Joyce and the Exilic Imagination

Tudor Balinisteanu, Religion and Aesthetic Experience in Joyce and Yeats

A. Nicholas Fargnoli and Michael Patrick Gillespie, Eds., Exiles: A Critical Edition

Nels Pearson, Irish Cosmopolitanism: Location and Dislocation in James Joyce, Elizabeth Bown, and Samuel Beckett

Fr. Colum Power, James Joyce's Catholic Categories

Keri Walsh, Ed., Dubliners

John Lurz, The Death of the Book: Modernist Novels and the Time of Reading

Paige Miller, Report on the 20th Annual Trieste Joyce School

Genevieve Sartor, Report on the Zürich Workshop 2016: Genetic Criticism


Vol. 30, No. 2 (Fall 2016)

Luca Crispi, Joyce's Creative Process and the Construction of Characters in Ulysses: Becoming the Blooms

William Hutchings, "Himself and Nora: An Interview with Jonathan Brielle"

Umur Çelikyay, Trans., Finnegann Vaht Volume I

Kimberley J. Devlin and Christine Smedley, Eds., Joyce's Allmaziful Plurabilities: Polyvocal Exploreations of Finnegans Wake

Sean Latham, The Cambridge Companion to Ulysses

Katherine Ebury, Modernism and Cosmology: Absurd Lights

Laura Barberán Reinares, Sex Trafficking in Postcolonial Literature: Transnational Narratives from Joyce to Bolaño

Jennifer Birkett, Undoing Time: The Life and Work of Samuel Beckett

Rober Harbison, Ruins and Fragments: Tales of Loss and Absence

Luke Gibbons, Joyce's Ghosts: Ireland, Modernism, and Memory

Helen Saunders, Report on the XXV International James Joyce Symposium 2016


Vol. 30, No. 1 (Spring 2016)

David Weir, Ulysses Explained: How Homer, Dante, and Shakespeare Inform Joyce's Modernist Vision

Jeffrey S. Drouin, James Joyce, Science, and Modernist Print Culture: "The Einstein of English Fiction"

George Craig, Martha Dow, Fehsenfeld, Dan Gunn, and Lois More Overbeck, Eds., The Letters of Samuel Beckett Volume III: 1957-1965

Anne Fogarty and Fran O'Rourke, Eds., Voices on Joyce

Mark Gaipa, Sean Latham, and Robert Scholes, Eds., The Little Review Ulysses

Richard Pine, The Disappointed Bridge: Ireland and the Post-Colonial World

Franca Ruggieri and Enrico Terrinoni, Eds., James Joyce Studies in Italy, Vol. 15:

James Joyce: The Recirculation of Realism

April Capili, Report on the "Joycean Shakespeare/Shakespearean Joyce" conference, Rome

Johanna Marquardt, Report on the III International Flann O'Brien Conference, Prague


Vol. 29, No. 2 (Fall 2015)

Oona Frawley and Katerine O'Callaghan, Eds., Memory Ireland: James Joyce and Cultural Memory

Jack Morgan, Joyce's City: History, Politics, and Life in Dubliners

Cóilín Owens, Before Daybreak: "After the Race" and the Origins of Joyce's Art

Arleen Ionescu, Romanian Joyce: From Hostility to Hospitality

Laura Pelaschiar, Ed., Joyce/Shakespeare

Alison Lacivita, The Ecology of Finnegans Wake

James Joyce; Daniel Ferrer, Ed.; Marie Darrieussecq, trans., Brouillons d'un baiser: Premiers pas vers Finnegans Wake

John P. Anderson, Joyce's Finnegans Wake: The Curse of Kabbalah, Vol.10

Matthew J. Kochs and Heather L. Lusty, Eds., Modernists at Odds: Reconsidering Joyce and Lawrence

Steven Connor, Beckett, Modernism and the Material Imagination

April Capili, Report on the Dublin James Joyce Summer School

Iva Dimovska, Report on the 2015 Zürich James Joyce Foundation Workshop

Anushka Sen, Shalmi Barman, and Shrutakirti Dutta, Report on the 19th Annual Trieste Joyce School


Vol. 29, No. 1 (Spring 2015)

Tom Cousineau, An Unwritten Novel: Fernando Pessoa's The Book of Disquiet

David Huston Jones, Beckett and Testimony

Jessica Berman, Modernist Commitments: Ethics, Politics, and Transnational Modernism

Jay Gertzman, Samuel Roth, Infamous Modernist

John Nash (Ed), James Joyce in the Nineteenth Century

Kevin Birmingham, The Most Dangerous Book

Franca Ruggieri, James Joyce, la vita, le lettre

Heather Brown, Yeats and Afterwords

Ashley Savard, Irish Writing London, Vol. 1

Sara Spanghero, Conference Report: VIII annual conference of the James Joyce Italian Foundation

Katie Mishler, A Report on the Dublin James Joyce Summer School, July 5-11, 2014

Ellen Scheible and Oliver Wallis, Reports on the American Conference for Irish Studies, March 2015

Vol. 28, No. 2 (Fall 2014)

Congrong Dai, Chinese Translation of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake

Margot Gayle Backus, Scandal Work

Franca Ruggieri and Enrico Terrinoni, Editors. Joyce Studies in Italy 13: Why Read Joyce in the 21st Century?

Patrick O'Neill, Impossible Joyce: Finnegans Wake

Sarah Cole, At the Violet Hour: Modernism and Violence in Ireland and England

Franca Ruggieri and Anne Fogarty, Editors. Joyce Studies in Italy 12: Polymorphic Joyce

Andrew Mitchell and Sam Slote, Editors. Derrida and Joyce: Texts and Contexts

James Joyce and Thomas McNally, Illustrator. The Ondt and the Gracehoper

Denis Donoghue, Irish Essays

Christopher DeVault, Joyce's Love Stories


Vol. 28, No. 1 (Spring 2014)

R. Brandon Kershner, The Culture of Joyce’s Ulysses

Andrew Gibson, The Strong Spirit: History, Politics, and Aesthetics in the Writings of James Joyce, 1898–1915

Stephen Klaidman, Sydney and Violet: Their Life with T. S. Eliot, Proust, Joyce and the Excruciatingly Irascible Wyndham Lewis

Frank Shovlin, Journey Westward: Joyce, Dubliners and the Literary Revival

Stephen Bond, Ulysses 2: Death in Paris

Vicki Mahaffey, Ed., Collaborative Dubliners: Joyce in Dialogue

Tudor Balinisteanu, Violence, Narrative, and Myth in Joyce and Yeats: Subjective Identity and Anarcho-Syndicalist Traditions

Roberto Baronti Marchiò, A Thought-Tormented Music: Browning & Joyce

Mary Bryden, Ed., Beckett and Animals

Anthony Enns and Shelley Trower, Eds., Vibratory Modernism

Jonathan Greenberg, Modernism, Satire, and the Novel

Oona Frawley, Ed., Memory Ireland, Volume 2: Diaspora and Memory Practices

Fabio Luppi, Report on the Second International Flann O’Brien Conference

Pauric Havlin, Report on the Sixth Annual James Joyce Research Colloquium

Stephanie Boland, Report on the 2013 Zürich James Joyce Foundation Workshop

David Clare, Report on the Third Annual Beckett and the ‘State’ of Ireland Conference


Vol. 27 No. 2 (Fall 2013)

Robert Spoo, Without Copyrights: Piracy, Publishing, and the Public Domain

Sam Slote, Editor, Ulysses

Scarlett Baron, "Strandentwining Cable": Joyce, Flaubert, and Intertextuality
Cóilín Owens, Before Daybreak: "After the Race" and the Origins of Joyce's Art

Raffaela Baccolini, Delia Chiaro, Chris Rundle, and Sam Whitsitt, Editors, A Joyceful of Talkatalka from Friendshapes for Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli, Vol. 1

R. Brandon Kershner and Tekla Mecsnóber, Editors, Joycean Unions: Post-millennial Essays from East to West

Greg Winston, Joyce and Militarism

Daniel Ferrer, Sam Slote, and André Topia, Editors, Renascent Joyce

Tim Ahern, Finnegans Wake, The Final Chapter (The Illnesstraited Colossick Idition)

Benjamin Boysen, The Ethics of Love: An Essay on James Joyce

Maria McGarrity and Claire A. Culleton, Editors, Irish Modernism and the Global Primitive


Vol. 27 No. 1 (Spring 2013)

Robert K. Weninger, The German Joyce

Elaine Mingus, TOCCATOOTLETOO! Papers on James Joyce

Marc. C Conner, Editor, The Poetry of James Joyce Reconsidered

James Joyce; Illustrations by Casey Sorrow, The Cats of Copenhagen

Len Platt, James Joyce: Texts and Contexts

Racine Art Museum, Creator and Character

Yaeli Greenblatt, "Seaside Joyce: Trieste, Italy"

Susan Bazargan, "The Zürich James Joyce Workshop"

Siobhán Purcell, "Joycean Clinics, Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin"

Ciaran McMorran, "Polytropic(al) Joyce: North, South, and Beyond: Queen's University, Belfast"

Robert M. Kirschen, "The Fifth Annual James Joyce Research Colloquium: Dublin, Ireland"

Heather Brown, "Miami J'yce: The Graduate Student Experience: Coral Gables, FL"

John Bolin, Beckett and the Modern Novel

George Craig, Martha Dow Fehsenfeld, Dan Gunn, and Lois More Overbeck, Editors, The Letters of Samuel Beckett

Paul Stasi, Modernism, Imperialism, and the Historical Sense

Stephen Kern, The Modernist Novel: A Critical Introduction

David Kurnick, Empty Houses: Theatrical Failure and the Novel

Barry McCrea, In the Company of Strangers: Family and Narrative in Dickens, Conan Doyle, Joyce, and Proust


Vol. 26. No. 2 (Fall 2012)

Janine Utell, James Joyce and the Revolt of Love: Marriage, Adultery, Desire.

Bill Cole Cliett, Riverrun to Livvy: Lots of Fun Reading the First Page of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake; and A Finnegans Wake Lextionary: Let James Joyce Jazz Up Your Voca(l)bulary

Valérie Bénéjam and John Bishop, Editors, Making Space in the Works of James Joyce

Margot Norris, Virgin and Veteran Readings of Ulysses

David Rando, Modernist Fiction and News: Representing Experience in the Early Twentieth Century

Fritz Senn, Sabine Baumann, Editors, Noch mehr uber Joyce: Streiflichter

Anthony Uhlmann, Thinking in Literature: Joyce, Woolf, Nabokov

Mary M. Talbot, Dotter of her Father’s Eyes

Denis Donoghue, Irish Essays

David Lloyd, Irish Culture and Colonial Modernity 1800-2000; The Transformation of     Oral Space

Eric P. Levy, Trapped in Thought: A Study of the Beckettian Mentality

Sean Pryor, W.B. Yeats, Ezra Pound, and the Poetry of Paradise

Jim Hansen, Terror and Irish Modernism: The Gothic Tradition from Burke to Beckett

Harry White, Music and the Irish Literary Imagination


Vol. 26. No. 1 (Spring 2012)

Guarav Majumdar, Migrant Form: Anti-Colonial Aesthetics in Joyce, Rushdie, and Ray

Maud Ellmann, The Nets of Modernism: Henry James, Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, and Sigmund Freud

Zack Bowen, "U.P.: UP"

José Luis Venegas, Decolonizing Modernism: James Joyce and the development of Spanish AmericanFiction

Agata Szczeszak-Brewer, Empire and Pilgramage in Conrad and Joyce

Richard Gerber. "Exile Among Expats"

Guillermo Sanz Gallego, "Edifying Spectacle at UCD"

Jack Fennell, "But Do You Mind the Cuteness of Me?"

Pauric Havlin, "So This is Dyoubelong?"

Mina Djuric, "Literary Triskets to the Trip Through Trieste: In Joyce, We Are Always Well Met and Ate!"

Annalisa Volpone, "Pierced But Not Punctured"

Janet Clare and Stephen O'Neill, Eds. Shakespeare and the Irish Writer

Michael Rubenstein, Public Works: Infrastructure, Irish Modernism,and the Postcolonial

Richard Rankin Russell, Poetry and Peace: Michael Longley, Seamus Heaney, and Northern Ireland

Terence Brown, The Literature of Ireland: Culture and Criticism

Oona Frawley, Editor. Memory Ireland, Volue 1: History and Modernity

Caroline Magennis and Raymond Mullen, Eds. Irish Masculinities: Reflections on Literature and Culture

Joseph Valente, The Myth of Manliness in Irish National Culture, 1880-1922


Vol. 25. No. 2 (Fall 2011)

Gordon Bowker, James Joyce: A Biography

Finn Fordham and Rita Sakr, Editors,  James Joyce and the Nineteenth-Century French Novel

Danis Rose and John O’Hanlon, Editors, Finnegans Wake

Michael Groden, “Ulyssesin Focus: Genetic, Textual, and Personal Views

Karen R. Lawrence, Who’s Afraid of James Joyce?

Tim Conley, Editor, Joyce’s Disciples Disciplined: A Re-Exagmination of the ‘Exagmination’ of Work in Progress

Maria McGarrity, Washed by the Gulf Stream: The Historic and Geographic Relation of Irish and Caribbean Literature

Daniela Caselli, Editor, Beckett and Nothing: Tying to Understand Beckett

Seán Kennedy, Editor, Beckett and Ireland


Vol. 25. No. 1 (Spring 2011)

Delcan Kiberd, Ulysses and Us: The Art of Everyday Living

M. Teresa Caneda Cabrera, Vanessa Silva Fernández, and Martín Urdiales Shaw, Editors, Vigorous Joyce: Atlantic Readings of James Joyce

Lee Spinks, James Joyce: A Critical Guide

Geert Lernout, Help My Unbelief: James Joyce and Religion

Steven Barfield, Matthew Feldman, and Philip Tew, Editors, Beckett and Death

Gerardine Meaney, Gender, Ireland, and Cultural Change: Race, Sex, and Nation
Sean Latham, Editor, Dubliners

Maria Luz Suárez Castiñeira, Asier Altuna García de Salazar, and Olga Fernández Vicente, Editors, New Perspectives on James Joyce: Ignations Loyola. Make Haste to Help Me!

Sheldon Brivic, Joyce Through Lacan and Žižek: Explorations

Morris Beja and Anne Fogarty, Editors, Bloomsday 100: Essays on Ulysses

Sean Latham, Editor, James Joyce: Irish Writers in Their Time

“Joyce is Good for You?!”: The XXII Symposium Prague, 2010 by Eleni Loukopoulou
Nicholas Allen, Modernism, Ireland, and Civil War

Timothy J. Sutton, Catholic Modernists, English Nationalists

“A Tribute to Archie K. Loss” by Paul Eisenstein

“A Tribute to John S. Slack” by Claire A. Culleton


Vol. 24. No. 2 (Fall 2010)

Peter Mahon, Joyce: A Guide for the Perplexed

Maren Jäger, Die Joyce-Rezeption in der Deutschsprachigen Erzählliteratur nach 1945

Vike Martina Plock, Joyce, Medicine, and Modernity

Deipnosophistae: A Report on the Zurich Nurturing Joyce Workshop” by Yi-Peng Lai

“A Song for Summer Days: The Dublin James Joyce Summer School 2010” by Chih-Hsien Hsieh

“Thinking of the Crater of Some Noted Volcano or the Dublin River: A Report on the Third James Joyce Research Colloquium” by Katherine Ebury

“Joyceans in Trieste: The Fourteenth Annual Trieste Joyce School” by Joseph E. Greenwell

“TransWork: Translations in Zurich” by Veronika Kovacs and Giovanna Vincenti

“July Was Not the Cruelest Month: The T.S. Eliot International Summer School” by Julia Daniel

S.E. Gontarski, Editor, A Companion to Samuel Beckett

Patrick Bixby, Samuel Beckett and the Postocolonial Novel

Andrew Gibson, Samuel Beckett

Michael Malouf, Transatlantic Solidarities: Irish Nationalism and Caribbean Poetics

Heather Ingman, A History of the Irish Short Story

Richard Begam and Michael Valdez Moses, Modernism and Colonialism: British and Irish Literature, 1899-1939

Kaye Mitchell, Intention and Text: Towards an Intentionality of Literary Form

John Wilson Foster, Between Shadows: Modern Irish Writing and Culture

“Zack Bowen Remembered” by Patrick A. McCarthy


Vol. 24, No. 1 (Spring 2010)

Luca Crispi and Anne Fogarty, Editors,
Dublin James Joyce Journal, No. 1, 2008

W. Terrence Gordon, Eri Hamaji,
and Jacob Albert, Everyman's Joyce:
James Joyce in the 21st Century

Edmund Lloyd Epstein, A Guide Through
Finnegans Wake

Christine O'Neill, Editor, Joycean Murmoirs:
Fritz Senn on James Joyce

John McCourt, Editor,
James Joyce in Context.

James Joyce, Ulysses.

Alan W. Friedman and Charles Rossman, Editors,
De-Familiarizing Readings:
Essays from the Austin Joyce Conference.

Martha Dow Fehsenfeld and
Lois More Overbeck, Editors,
The Letters of Samuel Beckett,
Volume 1: 1929–1940

Liesl Olson, Modernism and the Ordinary.

Sean Latham, The Art of Scandal: Modernism,
Libel Law, and the Roman à Clef

" A Report on the Third James Joyce
Graduate Conference, University College
Dublin." By Yi-Peng Lai

"'From the Buffalo Times of
bysome days': Report on the 2009 North American James Joyce
Conference. "
By Michael Podolny

"Report from the 'Fritzposium.'"
By Annlisa Volpone

Herschel Farbman, The Other Night:
Dreaming, Writing, and Restlessness in
Twentieth-Century Literature

Heather Ingman, A History of the Irish Short Story.

John Wilson Foster, Irish Novels 1890–1940:
New Bearings in Culture and Fiction

Zack Bowen: In Memoriam


Vol. 23, No. 2 (Fall 2009)

Ilaria Natali, “That submerged doughdoughty doubleface”: Pomes Penyeach de james Joyce. Uno studio genetic del ‘volto nascost’ di Joyce.

Elisabetta D’Erme, ‘Tit-Bits”: James Joyce, un ‘epoca e I suoi media.

Mary Lowe-Evans, Catholic Nostalgia in Joyce and Company

David Lloyd, Irish Times: Temporalities of Modernity.

Claire A. Culleton and Karen Leick, Editors, Modernism on File: Writers, Artists, and the FBI, 1920-1950.

John Paul Riquelme, Editor, Gothic and Modernism: Essaying Dark Literary Modernity.

P.J. Murphy, Beckett’s Dedalus, Dialogical Engagements with Joyce in Beckett’s Fiction.

Ulrika Maude, Beckett, Technology, and the Body.

Eugene Hynes, Knock: The Virgin’s Apparition in Nineteenth-Century Ireland.

Bonnie Kime Scott, “The World of Marilyn French.”

Vanessa Silva Fernandez, “Tracing the Jesuit in Bilbao.”

Tamara Radak, “The Joys(e) of Trieste.”

David Dwan, The Great Community Culture and Nationalism in Ireland


Vol. 23, No. 1 (Spring 2009)

Edward M. Burns, Editor, A Passion for Joyce: The Letters of Hugh Kenner and Adaline Glasheen

Bonnie Kime Scott, Editor, Gender in Modernism: New Geographies, Complex Intersections

Thomas J. Cousineau, Three Part Inventions: The Novels of Thomas Bernhard

Mary McGlynn, Narratives of Class in New Irish and Scottish Literature: From Joyce to Kelman, Doyle, Galloway, and McNamme

Vivien Igoe, James Joyce’s Dublin Houses & Nora Barnacle’s Galway

Matthew Bevis, The Art of Eloquence: Byron, Dickens, Tennyson, Joyce

Brian Cosgrove, James Joyce’s Negations: Irony, Indeterminacy and Nihilism in Ulysses and Other Writings

Andrew Gibson and Lenn Platt, Editors, Joyce, Ireland, Britain

Alistair Cormack, Yeats and Joyce: Cyclical History and the Reprobate Tradition

Leonard Orr, Editor, Joyce, Imperialism, & Postcolonialism

Michelle Witen, “‘This One Time, at Joyce Camp…’: The 2008 Dublin James Joyce Summer School”

Thomas Gurke, “‘After All the Errears and Erroriboose’: The Zurich James Joyce Workshop of August 2008”


Vol. 22, No. 2 (Fall 2008)

Finn Fordham, Lots of Fun at Finnegans Wake: Unravelling Universals

Kalina Filipova, Dramatised Narration: The Development of Joyce’s Narrative Technique from Stephen Hero to Ulysses

Cóilín Owens, James Joyce’s Painful Case

David Pierce, Reading Joyce

Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli and Ira Torresi, Editors. Joyce and/in Translation

Friedhelm Rathjen, Dritte Wege. Kontexte für Arno Schmidt und James Joyce; Inselwärts. Arno Schmidt und die Literaturen der britischen Inseln; and Flußgefließe. Aufsätze zu James Joyce

Peter Mahon, Imagining Joyce and Derrida: Between Finnegans Wake and Glas

Roger Norburn, A James Joyce Chronology

Stanley Sultan, Interpreting Modernist Writers: Macro History, Personal History, and Manuscript History

Roy Gottfried, Joyce’s Misbelief

Fritzi Horstman, Director. Joyce to the World

Mark Wollaeger, Modernism, Media, and Propaganda: British Narrative from 1900 to 1945

Thomas Jackson Rice, Cannibal Joyce

Alan W. Friedman, Party Pieces: Oral Storytelling and Social Performance in Joyce and Beckett

Gerald Doherty, Pathologies of Desire: The Vicissitudes of the Self in James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Enrico Terrinoni, Il chiarore dell’oscurità. Narrazioni parallele e possibili nell‘Ulisse di James Joyce

Damon Franke, Modernist Heresies: British Literary History, 1883-1924

Linda Ben-Zvi and Angela Moorjani, Editors. Beckett at 100: Revolving it All

Douglas Mao, Fateful Beauty: Aesthetic Environments, Juvenile Development, and Literature, 1860-1960

Dirk Van Hulle, Manuscript Genetics: Joyce’s Know-How, Beckett’s Nohow

Peter Gay, Modernism: The Lure of Heresy from Baudelaire to Beckett and Beyond

Theodore Ziolkowski, Modes of Faith: Secular Surrogates for Lost Religious Belief

Felice Vinci, The Baltic Origins of Homer’s Epic Tales: The Iliad, The Odyssey, and the Migration of Myth

Maria McGarrity, “Report on the International Joyce Conference”

Yhamel Catacora, “The 12th Annual Trieste Joyce School”


Vol. 22, No. 1 (Spring 2008)

Fritz Senn, Ulyssean Close-ups

Ida Klitgård, Fictions of Hybridity: Translating Style in James Joyce's Ulysses

Richard Beckman, Joyce's Rare View: The Nature of Things in Finnegans Wake

Len Platt, Joyce, Race, and Finnegans Wake

Luca Crispi and Sam Slote, Editors. How Joyce Wrote Finnegans Wake

Philip Kitcher, Joyce's Kaleidoscope: An Invitation to Finnegans Wake

"David Lilburn's In Medias Res"

Judith Harrington, "A Bit of Sunlight on 'In the Shade of the Palm'"

Chris Ackerly, "In Memoriam: David Wright"

"In Memoriam: Jane Ford and David Wright"

Nicholas Fargnoli and Michael Patrick Gillespie, Critical Companion to James Joyce: A Literary Reference to His Life and Work

E. Joseph Sharkey, Idling the Engine: Linguistic Skepticism in an Around Cortázar, Kafka, and Joyce

John Paul Riquelme, Editor. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Valentina Paradisi, "Basking Again in the Panorama"

Jennifer Wellman and Kelly J.S. McGovern, "Joyce's Already Thereness and Other Observations"

Papers on Joyce 10/11 (2004-05), Guest editors: Carmelo Medina Casado, Antonio Raúl de Toro Santos, Alberto Lázaro Lafuente, and Jefferey Simons. Papers on Joyce 12 (2006), edited by Francisco García Tortosa and Carmelo Medina Casado.

Andrew Gibson, Beckett & Badiou: The Pathos of Intermittency

Yoshiki Tajiri, Samuel Beckett and the Prosthetic Body: The Organs and Senses in Modernism

Juan A. Suárez, Pop Modernism: Noise and the Reinvention of the Everyday

Richard Finneran, Editor. Yeats: An Annual of Critical and Textual Studies

Emer Nolan, Catholic Emancipations: Irish Fiction from Thomas Moore to James Joyce

John Wilson Foster, Editor. The Cambridge Companion to the Irish Novel

John Marx, The Modernist Novel and the Decline of Empire


Vol. 21, No. 2 (Fall 2007)

John Nash, James Joyce and the Act of Reception: Reading, Ireland, Modernism

Louis Armand and Clare Wallace, Editors.  Giacamo Joyce: Envoys of the Other

Hiromi Yoshida, Joyce and Jung: The Four Stages of Eroticism in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Sebastian D.G. Knowles, Geert Lernout, and John McCourt, Editors.  Joyce in Trieste: An Album of Risky Readings

Judith Harrington, "All-Star Joyceans in Zurich, 2007"

Rebecca L. Walkowitz, Cosmopolitan Style: Modernism Beyond the Nation

Eric Bulson, The Cambridge Introduction to James Joyce

Richard Brown, Editor.  European Joyce Studies 18: Joyce, "Penelope," and the Body

Derek Attridge, How to Read Joyce

Gregory Castle, Reading the Modernist Bildungsroman

Christopher Whalen, "Crying Over Condensed Milk in the Omphalos of Joyce Studies"

Amanda Sigler, "Finding Joyce in Austin"

Lee Oser, The Ethics of Modernism: Moral Ideas in Yeats, Eliot, Joyce, Woolf and Beckett

Franca Ruggieri, Editor.  Joyce Studies in Italy 9: Joyce's Victorians

Christopher A. Strathman, Romantic Poetry and the Fragmentary Imperative: Schlegel, Byron, Joyce, Blanchot


Vol. 21, No. 1 (Spring 2007)

Daniel M. Shea, James Joyce and the Mythology of Modernism

David Pierce, Joyce and Company

Katharina Hagena, Was die wilden Wellen sagen.  Der Seeweg durch den Ulysses

Andrew Gibson, James Joyce

Celia Marshik, British Modernism and Censorship

Mla. Susana Domínguez Pena, Margarita Estévez Saá, and Anne McCarthy, Editors.  The Scallop of Saint James: An Old Pilgrim's Hoard.  Reading James Joyce from the Peripheries.

Gerald Doherty, Dubliners' Dozen: The Games Narrators Play

Eric Migernier, Beckett and French Theory: The Narration of Transgression

Anne Atik, How It Was: A Memoir of Samuel Beckett

Ann Martin, Red Riding Hood and the Wolf in Bed: Modernism's Fairy Tales

Stephanie Nelson, "Joyce Workshop, 2006: Cinematographic Joyce"

Frances Ilmberger, "A Generous Bequest"

Christopher DeVault, "Shloss Reaches Settlement with Joyce Estate"


Vol. 20, No. 2 (Fall 2006)

Margot Norris, Editor.  Dubliners: A Norton Critical Edition

Louis Armand, Editor.  Joycemedia: James Joyce, Hypermedia & Textual Genetics

Sabine Mainberger, Die Kunst des Aufzahlens.  Elemente zu einer Poetik des Enumerativen

John Gordon, Joyce and Reality: The Empirical Strikes Back

Roland McHugh, Annotations to Finnegans Wake

Colleen Jaurretche, Editor.  European Joyce Studies 16: Beckett, Joyce, and the Art of the Negative

David Pierce, Light Freedom and Song: A Cultural History of Modern Irish Writing

Michael Patrick Gillespie and A. Nicholas Fargnoli, Editors.  Ulysses in Critical Perspective

Anne Fogarty and Timothy Martin, Editors.  Joyce on the Threshold

Joseph Brooker, Joyce's Critics

George Cinclair Gibson, Wake Rights: The Ancient Irish Rituals of Finnegans Wake

Joe Cleary and Claire Connolly, Editors.  The Cambridge Companion to Irish Culture

Ewa Michalczyk, "O Come All Ye Faithful," and Christopher Whalen, "The Tenth Annual Trieste Joyce School"

Morton P. Levitt, The Rhetoric of Modernist Fiction: From a New Point of View

Aida Yared, "Being Leopold Bloom, Report on the 20th International James Joyce Symposium in Hungary"

Viator, "Bloomsday Trip to Szombathely and the Lake Balaton Area"

Paul Strathern, James Joyce in 90 Minutes


Vol. 20, No. 1 (Spring 2006)

Zack Bowen and Patrick A. McCarthy, "JJLS Twenty Years Old"

Robert Spoo, "Why Public Performances of James Joyce's Works are Not a Thing of the Past"

Dirk Van Hulle, Textual Awareness: A Genetic Study of Late Manuscripts by Joyce, Proust, & Mann

Aaron Jaffe, Modernism and the Culture of Celebrity

David Cotter, James Joyce & the Perverse Ideal

Luca Crispi and Catherine Fahy, Series Editors.  Joyce, Race and Colonialism by Vincent Cheng; Taste and Consumption in Ulysses by Kimberly Devlin; James Joyce's Catholic Moments, by A. Nicholas Fargnoli; Joyce and the Art of Shaving by Cheryl Herr; Humor Detection in Ulysses by Sebastian D. G. Knowles; James Joyce, Reader by Geer Lernout; Ulysses for Beginners by Margot Norris

Judy Young, Stephen Willoughby, Greg Hayes, Robert Scherling, and Mary Lowe-Evans, "The Seventeenth Irregular Miami Joyce Conference, A Wonder-Full World"

Luca Crispi and Catherine Fahy, Series Editors.  The Rocky Road to Ulysses by Hans Walter Gabler, James Joyce: Suburban Tenor by Judith Harrington, Joyce’s Modernism by Sean Latham, A Twinge of Recollection: The National Library in 1904 and Thereabouts by Gerard Long, Joyce, Family, Finnegans Wake by Patrick A. McCarthy, Joyce & His Publishers by Ira B Nadel, and ‘Alwisest Stagyrite’: Joyce’s Quotation from Aristotle by Fran O’Rourke.

Gian Balsamo, Joyce's Messianism: Dante, Negative Existence, and the Messianic Self

"A Birthday Showcase: 20 Years Zurich James Joyce Foundation"

Jorg W. Rademacher, James Joyce

Nola Tully, yes I said yes I will yes: A Celebration of James Joyce, Ulysses, and 100 Years of Bloomsday

Symphony Space, Bloomsday on Broadway XXIV: Love! Literature! Language! Lust! Leopold's Women Bloom

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Images of Beckett, Photographs by John Hayes, Text by James Knowlson

Vol. 19, No. 2 (Fall 2005)

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Zack Bowen, "In Memoriam: Myra Russel"

Matthew Creasy, " 'Bloody inspirin' fine': Joyce Manuscripts at Cornell"

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Vol. 19, No. 1 (Spring 2005)

James Joyce, Ulysses.  Translated by Jacques Aubert, Michel Cusin, Pascal Bataillard, Marie-Daniele Vors, Patrick Drevet, Bernard Hoepffner, Tiphaine Samoyault, Sylvie Doizelet, Auguste Morel (with Sutart Gilbert and Valery Larbaud), under the direction of Jacques Aubert.

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Tracey Teets Schwartze, Joyce and the Victorians

Ian Gunn and Clive Hart, with Harold Beck, James Joyce's Dublin: A Topographical Guide to the Dublin of Ulysses


Vol. 18, No.2 (Fall 2004)

Kenner Roundtable:

Reed Dasenbrock, "Bloomsday 100: Kenner Panel Introduction"

Morris Beja, "The Hugh Kenner Principle(s)"

Michael Groden, "Hugh Kenner: A Tribute"

John Paul Riquelme, "Hugh Kenner as Counter-Fitter: A Salute to the Stuttering Hand"

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Austin Briggs, "Evangelical Joyce"

Robert Nicholson, The Ulysses Guide: Tours through Joyce's Dublin

Susan Canon Harris, Gender and Modern Irish Drama: Drama and Performance Studies Series 14


Vol 18, No. 1 (Spring 2004)

Judith Kitchen, The House on Eckles Road

Guiseppe Martella, Introduzione alla Lectura di "Dubliners'

Julie Sloan Brannon, "Who Reads Ulysses"?  The Rhetoric of the Joyce Wars and the Common Reader

Donald Phillip Verene, Knowledge of Things Human and Divine: Vico's New Science and Finnegans Wake

James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, Libro Primo V-VIII

Robert Alter, Canon and Creativity: Modern Writing and the Auhtority of Scripture

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Zack Bowen, "Hugh Kenner"

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Zack Bowen, "Mike Bengal"

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Allison Pease, Modernism, Mass Culture, and the Aesthetics of Obscenity

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Stanley Sultan, Joyce's Metamorphosis

Morton P. Levitt, The Modernist Masters: Studies in the Novel

Elizabeth Bergmann Loizeaux, Yeats and the Visual Arts

Jim LeBlanc, "Traditions and Innovations"


Vol17., No. 2 (Fall 2003)

Marian Eide, Ethical Joyce

Luca Crispi and Stacey Herbert, In Good Company: James Joyce & Publishers, Readers, and Friends

Joseph Valente, Dracula's Crypt: Bram Stoker, Irishness and the Question of Blood

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Ulysses for Dummies

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Jefferey Longacre, "Tulsa Backwards"

Kimberly McColl, "Post-Industrial Joyce in an Old Oil Town"

Margaret Luongo, "A Hag with Potential: Maria in James Joyce's 'Clay'

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Caitriona Moloney and Helen Thompson, Irish Women Writers Speak Out: Voices from the Field

Richard Lane, ed., Beckett and Philosophy

Paul B. Kelly, Stories for Nothing: Samuel Beckett's Narrative Poetics

Frederik N. Smith, Beckett's Eighteenth Century

Sean Latham, "Am I a Snob": Modernism and the Novel

Vol. 17, No. 1 (Spring 2003)

Jean-Michel RabatéJoyce and the Politics of Egoism
Andrew Gibson Joyce's Revenge: History, Politics, and Aesthetics in "Ulysses"
Jennifer Margaret Fraser Rite of Passage in the Narratives of Dante and Joyce
Umberto Eco and Liberato Santoro-Brienza Talking of Joyce
Eugene O'Brien The Question of Irish Identity in the Writings of William Butler Yeats and James Joyce
David Spurr Joyce and the Scene of Modernity
Nicholas Andrew Miller Modernism, Ireland and the Erotics of Memory
Martha Nussbaum Upheavals of Thought: The Intelligence of the Emotions
Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes James Joyce als Inspirationsquelle für Joseph Beuys
Sara Danius The Senses of Modernism: Technology, Perception, and Aesthetics
"Remembering Jim Carens" by Zack Bowen
"An Afternoon with Stephen Joyce" by Bernard Benstock; "Foreword" by Zack Bowen
"The Moore that Played the Harp at Monte Carlo" by Judith Harrington
"James Joyce's The Dead" by Michael Patrick Gillespie

Vol. 16, No. 2 (Fall 2002)

Morton P. Levitt James Joyce and Modernism
Kimberly J. Devlin James Joyce's "Fraudstuff"
Michael P. Gillespie, Ed. European Joyce Studies II: James Joyce and the Fabrication of an Irish Identity
Elisabeth Sheffield Joyce's Abandoned Female Costumes, Gratefully Received
Michael P. Gillespie and Paula F. Gillespie Recent Criticism of James Joyce's Ulysses: An Analytical Review
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Kevin Barry, Ed. James Joyce, Occasional, Critical and Political Writings
Jefferson Hunter How to Read Ulysses, and Why
Gian Balsamo Scriptural Politics in Joyce's Finnegans Wake
César Augusto Salgado From Modernism to Neobaroque: Joyce and Lezama Lima
Laura Jane Ress Tender Consciousness: Sentimental Sensibility in the Emerging Artist--Sterne, Yeats, Joyce, & Proust
Helen Sword Ghostwriting Modernism
"Mediterranean Joyce: The Eighteenth International James Joyce Symposium" by Adrian Peever & Joelle Zois
"The James Joyce International Summer School" by Thomas Halloran

Vol. 16, No. 1 (Spring 2002)

Italo Svevo Emilio's Carnival
John S. Rickard Joyce's Book of Memory: The Mnemotechnic of Ulysses
Tony Thwaites Joycean Temporalities: Debts, Promises and Countersignatures
Weldon Thornton Voices and Values in Joyce's Ulysses
Lucia Boldrini Joyce, Dante and the Poetics of Literary Relations
Vincent Deane, Daniel Ferrer, & Geert Lernout Eds.  The Finnegans Wake Notebooks at Buffalo: VI.B.10, VI.B.3, VI.B.29
Nicholas Grene The Politics of Irish Drama: Plays in Context from Boucicault to Friel
Mary Trotter Ireland's National Theatres: Political Performance and the Origins of the Irish Dramatic Movement
Stephen Watt, Eileen Morgan, & Shakir Mustafa Eds.  A Century of Irish Drama: Widening the Stage
Richard & Janis Londraville Dear Yeats, Dear Pound, Dear Ford: Jeanne Robert Foster and Her Circle of Friends
Judy Friel & Stanford Sternlicht Eds.  New Plays from the Abbey Theatre, Volume Two 1996-1998
Diane Stubbings Anglo-Irish Modernism and the Maternal: From Yeats to Joyce
David Kadlec Mosaic Modernism: Anarchism, Pragmatism, Culture
Alexander Welsh Hamlet in His Modern Guises
Derek Attridge & Marjorie Howes Eds. Semicolonial Joyce
Tanja Vesala-Varttala Sympathy and James Joyce's Dubliners: Ethical Probing of Reading, Narrative and Textuality
"A Rose is a Rose is a Roth: New/Old Theories of Legal Liability in the Joyce World" by Robert Spoo
"Will any dubble dabble on the bay?" by Jim LeBlanc
"What Perfume Does Your Wife?" by Judith Harrington
"JamesJoyce/J.M. Coetzee/Elizabeth Costello" by Austin Briggs


Vol. 15, No. 2 (Fall 2001)

Sebastian Knowles The Dublin Helix
Paul Schwaber The Cast of Characters  
Rainer Wirth Welt / Spiegel / Buch
Thomas Staley (ed.) Joyce Studies Annual, 2000
Margaret McBride Ulysses and the Metamorphosis of  Stephen Dedalus 
Morton Levitt Journal of Modern Literature Joyce Issue
Ursula Zeller, Ruth Frehner, Hannes Vogel (eds.) James Joyce: "gedacht durch meine Augen" / "thought through my eyes"
R.J. Schork Latin and Roman Culture in Joyce
Willard Goodwin Hugh Kenner: A Bibliography
Eloise Knowlton Joyce, Joyceans, and the Rhetoric of Citation
Willard Potts Joyce and the Two Irelands
Peter Bondnella Umberto Eco and the Open Text
Finn Fordham on the Sotheby's "Eumeo" MS Sale
"The Unresolved Person/ality of Anna Livia" by Bernard Benstock
"Some Deeds of the Dubedats" by Judith Harrington 
Reviews of Dublin and Trieste Summer Schools, and the Berkeley and Szombathely Conferences.


Vol. 15, No. 1 (Spring 2001)

Derek Attridge Joyce Effects
Michael Patrick Gillespie Joyce Through the Ages: A Nonlinear View
Onno Kosters Ending in Progress: Final Sections in James Joyce's Prose Fictions
Roy Gottfried Joyce's Comic Portrait
Christine Van Boheemen-Saaf Joyce, Derrida, Lacan, and the Trauma of History: Reading, Narrative and Postcolonialism
Paul Vanderham James Joyce and Censorship: The Trials of Ulysses
Wolfgang Wicht Utopianism in James Joyce's Ulysses
Morton P. Levitt James Joyce and Modernism: Beyond Dublin
Christy L. Burns Gestural Politics: Stereotype and Parody in Joyce
Thomas J. Cousineau After the Final No: Samuel Beckett's Trilogy
Kimberly J. Devlin and Marilyn Reizbaum, Editors Ulyssses--En-Gendered Perspectives
Alfred Heller Great Poets in Song: Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, James Joyce
Christopher Murray Twentieth-Century Irish Drama: Mirror Up to Nation
John McCourt James Joyce: A Passionate Exile
R. J. Schork Joyce and Hagiography: Saints Above!
Brenda Maddox Yeats's Ghost: The Secret Life of W. B. Yeats
Susan Shaw Sailer, Editor Representing Ireland: Gender, Class, Nationality
James M. Cahalan Double Visions: Women and Men in Modern and Contemporary Irish Fiction
"Remembering Florence Walzl and Janet Dunleavy" by Patrick A. McCarthy and Zach Bowen
"Harry Lauder: A Little Cloud" by Cóilín Owens
"The Ondt and the Gracehoper and the Norwegian Captain" by Bernard Benstock, Edited and Introduced by Morris Beja
"The 'Real' Here Comes Everybody" by Judith Harrington
"After Fifteen Years--Miami J'yce Adieu" by Jolanta W. Wawrzycka

Vol. 14, No. 2 (Fall 2000)

Franca Ruggieri, Editor Classic Joyce: Joyce Studies in Italy, No. 6; Papers from the XVI International James Joyce Symposium, Rome, 14-20 June 1998
Carmelo Medina, Jesús Casado, Casellas López-Peláez, Nieves Pascual Soler, and Pilar Sánchez Calle, Editors James Joyce: Limites de lo Diáfano
Thomas F. Staley Editor Joyce Studies Annual 1999
Peter Francis Mackey Chaos Theory and James Joyce's Everyman
John Coyle, Editor Columbia Critical Guides: James Joyce's 'Ulysses' and 'A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man'
Arthur Power Conversations with James Joyce
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz James Joyce and the Tradition of Anti-Colonial Revolution
Anne Quéma The Agon of Modernism: Wyndham Lewis's Allegories, Aesthetics, and Politics
Maurice Harmon Editor No Author Better Served: The Correspondence of Samuel Beckett and Alan Schneider
Wilhelm Füger, Editor Kritisches Erbe. Dokumente zur Rezeption von James Joyce in deutschen Sprachbereich zu Lebzeiten des Autors. Ein Lesebuch
Bruce Bashford Oscar Wilde: The Critic as Humanist
Michael North Reading 1922: A Return to the Scene of the Modern
William R. Everdell, Editor The First Moderns
Jane M. Ford Patriarchy and Incest from Shakespeare to Joyce
A Wake Newslitter (CD-ROM)
Studies in Irish Literature (CD-ROM)
James Joyce Dubliners, the unabridged audiocassette
Nora (2000)
Directed by Pat Murphy
As Well As...
"The XVII International James Joyce Symposium" by Anthony Downey
"Expecting Every Moment to Be Their Next" by Colleen Jaurretche
"Joyce and The Geisha" by Judith Harrington
"The Many Voices of Kate the Slops" by Bernard Benstock Edited and Introduced by Morris Beja
"The Opening of the Benstock Library" by Romana Zacchi
Mary Reynolds Memorium by Zach Bowen


Vol. 14, No. 1 (Spring 2000)

Marilyn Reizbaum Joyce's Judaic Other
Sebastian D. G. Knowles, Editor Bronze by Gold: The Music of James Joyce
Clive Hart, C. George Sandulescu, Bonnie K. Scott, and Fritz Senn, Editors Images of Joyce
Mark A. Wollaeger, Victor Luftig, and Robert Spoo, Editors Joyce and the Subject of History
John Brannigan, Geoff Ward, and Julian Wolfreys, Editors Re: Joyce, Text, Culture, Politics
Alan Roughley Reading Derrida Reading Joyce
"Joyce in Other Words: The Irish Ulysses" by Patrick O'Neill
Jacques Aubert, Editor Joyce, Lacan, Ulysse en questions
Fritz Senn Inductive Scrutinies: Focus on Joyce
Sam Slote and Wim Van Mierlo, Editors Genitricksling Joyce European Joyce Studies 9
Fritz Senn Nicht nur Nichts gegen Joyce: Aufsätze über Joyce und die Welt: 1969-1999
Ellen Carol Jones, Editor Joyce: Feminism/Post/Colonialism, European Joyce Studies 8
Sam Slote The Silence in Progress of Dante, Mallarmé and Joyce
James H. Murphy Catholic Fiction and Social Reality in Ireland, 1873-1922
Tracy Mishkin The Harlem and Irish Renaissances: Language, Identity, and Representation
Jane Lilienfeld Reading Alcoholisms: Theorizing Character and Narrative in Selected Novels of Thomas Hardy, James Joyce, and Virginia Woolf
Jennifer M. Jeffers, Editor Samuel Beckett: A Casebook
Merlin Holland The Wilde Album
James Joyce Ulysses (Preface by Stephen James Joyce Introduction by Jacques Aubert with etchings by Mimmo Paladino)
"Box and Cox & Cox and Box in Finnegans Wake" by Judith Harrington
"Miami J'yce 2000: Joyce/Culture by Judy Hale Young
"The 14th Annual Miami J'yce Conference by Mary Lowe-Evans


Vol. 13, No. 2 (Fall 1999)

Garry Leonard Advertising and Commodity Culture in Joyce
Darren Tofts (Text) and Murray McKeich (Artwork) Memory Trade: A Prehistory of Cyberculture
Michael J. O'Shea, Editor Studies in Short Fiction, Special Dubliners Number
Liberato Santoro Brienza, Editor Talking of Joyce
Karen R. Lawrence, Editor Transculture Joyce
Roger Marsh, Editor and Director Jim Norton and Marcella Riordan, Readers James Joyce, Finnegans Wake (Audiobooks)
Daniel Ferrer and Claude Jacquet, Editors Writing Its Own Runes For Ever: Essais de génétiques joycienne
Colleen Lamos Deviant Modernism: Sexual and Textual Errancy in T. S. Eliot, James Joyce, and Marcel Proust
Joseph Valente, Editor Quare Joyce
R. J. Schork Greek and Hellenic Culture in Joyce
Lester I. Conner A Yeats Dictionary: Persons and Places in the Poetry of William Butler Yeats
Ira B. Nadel, Editor Cambridge Companion to Ezra Pound
Gerard Gillen and Harry White, Editors Music and Irish Cultural Heritage, Irish Musical Studies 3
Lawrence Rainey Institutions of Modernism: Literary Elites & Popular Culture
Michael Levenson, Editor The Cambridge Companion to Modernism
Marius Buning, Matthijis Engelberts, and Sjef Houppermans, Editors Emmanuel Jacquart, Guest Editor Samuel Beckett Today/Aujourd'hui 6 Samuel Beckett: Crossroads and Borderlines L'oeuvre Carrefour/L'oeuvre Limite
C. J. Ackerley Demented Particulars: The Annotated Murphy
John Pilling Beckett before Godot
Jean Reynolds Pymalion's Wordplay: The Postmodern Shaw
"The Third Annual Trieste Joyce School" by Giulia Lorenzoni
"Joyce and the Joyceans at the Century's End" by Claire Culleton
"Millennial Joyce 1999 at Charleston" by John Slack
"Joyce and Maritana" by Judith Harrington
"Into the Next Century: The JJF Women's Caucus, 1999" by Claire Culleton


Vol. 13, No. 1 (Spring 1999)

Joseph Kelly  OurJoyce: From Outcast to Icon 
Jolanta W. Wawrzycka and Marlena G. Corcoran, Editors  Gender in Joyce 
Jack W. Weaver  Joyce's Music and Noise: Theme and Variation in His Writings 
William D. Jenkins  The Adventures of the Detected Detective:  Sherlock Holmes in James Joyce's "Finnegans Wake"   
Willie Erzgraber  James Joyce: Mundlichkeit und Schriftlichkeit im Spiegel experimentaler Erzahlkunst  
Trevor Williams  Reading Joyce Politically 
Rosa M. Bollettieri Bosinelli and Harold F. Mosher, Jr, Editors  ReJoycing: New Readings of Dubliners 
Mark Osteen The Economy of Ulysses: Making Both Ends Meet 
Thomas E. Connolly  James Joyce's Books, Portraits, Manuscripts, Notebooks, Typescripts Page Proofs: Together with Critical Essays about Some of His Works    
Philip Brady and James F. Carens, Editors  Critical Essays on James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man 
Gene Bell-Villada Art for Art's Sake and Literary Life: How Politics and Markets Helped Shape the Ideology and Culture of Aestheticism, 1790-1990 
Adam Parkes  Modernism and the Theater of Censorship 
Terence Brown, Editor  Celticism
Molly Abel Travis  Reading Culture: The Construction of Readers in the Twentieth Century 
R. F. Foster  W. B. Yeats: A Life I: The Apprentic Mage 1865-1914 
Anthony Bradley and Maryann Gialanella Valiusis, Editors  Gender and Sexuality in Modern Ireland 
Margot Norris, Editor  A Companion to James Joyce's Ulysses
"Meeting James Joyce: A Miscellany of First Encounters" by Dana Cook 
"Hogan: Hero" by Zack Bowen 
"Miami's Thirteenth Annual J'yce Birthday Conference" by Barbara Laman


Vol. 12, No. 2 (Fall 1999)

Ruth Frehner and Ursula Zeller, Editors  A Collideorscape of Joyce: Festschrift for Fritz Senn 
Peter Hartshorn  James Joyce and Trieste 
Giuseppe Martella  Ulisse: Parallelo biblico e modernita 
Thomas Jackson Rice  Joyce, Chaos, and Complexity 
Donald F. Theall  James Joyce's Techno-Poetics 
Dieter Lohmann  Kalypso bei Homer und James Joyce 
Eric McLuhan  The Role of Thunder in Finnegans Wake 
Ginette Verstraete  Fragments of the Feminine Sublime in Friedrich Schlegel and James Joyce 
Christine O'Neill  Too Fine a Point:  A Stylistic Analysis of the Eumaeus Episode in James Joyce's Ulysses 
Frank Moliterno  The Dialectics of Sense and Spirit in Pater and Joyce   
Hugh Witemeyer, Editor  The Future of Modernism 
Daniel Albright  Quantum Poetics: Yeats, Pound, Eliot and the Science of Modernism 
Richard Finneran, Editor  Yeats: An Annual of Critical and Textual Studies Volume XIII   
James Knowlson  Damned to Fame: The Life of Samuel Beckett 
Anthony Cronin  Samuel Beckett: The Last Modernist 
Sjef Houppermans, Editor  Samuel Beckett Today/Aujourd'hui 5: Beckett and la Psychanalyse and Psychoanalysis 
Marguerite Quintellineary  Folklore and the Fantastic in Twelve Modern Irish Novels 
Bernard F. Dukore  Bernard Shaw on Cinema 
Neil Corcoran  After Yeats and Joyce: Reading Modern Irish Literature 
M. Keith Booker  Joyce, Bakhtin, and the Literary Tradition: Toward a Comparative Cultural Poetics 
Joanne Findon  A Woman's Words: Emer and Female Speech in the Ulster Cycle 
Seamus Deane  Strange Country: Modernity and Nationhood in Irish Writing Since 1790 
Lawrence Danson  Wilde's Intentions: The Artist in his Criticism 
John P. Harrington  The Irish Play on the New York Stage: 1874-1966
"The Sixteenth International Symposium: Roman Holiday" by Barbara Laman 
"The Sixteenth International Symposium: Academic Program" by Barbara Laman and Bernadette Meyler

Vol. 12, No. 1 (Spring 1998)

Scott W. Klein  The Fictions of James Joyce and Wyndham Lewis: Monsters of Nature and Design 
Daniel R. Schwarz  Reconfiguring Modernism: Explorations in the Relationship between Modern Art and Modern Literature  David Weir  James Joyce and the Art of Meditation 
Renzo S. Crivelli  Itinerari Triestini / James Joyce / Triestine Itineraries 
Jean Kimball  Odyssey of the Psyche: Jungian Patterns in Joyce's Ulysses 
Dominic Rainsford  Authorship, Ethics and the Reader: Blake, Dickens, Joyce 
Patrick A. McCarthy and Paul Tiessen, Editors  Joyce/Lowry: Critical Perspectives 
Friedhelm Rathjen, Editor  In Principle, Beckett is Joyce 
David Pierce and Peter De Voogd, Editors  Laurence Sterne in Modernism and Postmodernism 
Andrew Gibson, Editor  Joyce's "Ithaca" 
Cordell D. K. Yee  The Word According to James Joyce: Reconstructing Representation 
Augustine Martin  Bearing Witness: Essays on Anglo-Irish Literature
David Markson  Reader's Block 
Maria DiBattista and Lucy McDiarmid, Editors  High and Low Moderns: Literature and Culture, 1889-1939 
Cheryl Temple Herr  Critical Regionalism and Cultural Studies: From Ireland to the American Midwest 
J. D. O'Hara  Samuel Beckett's Hidden Drives: Structural Uses of Depth Psychology 
Calvin Thomas  Male Matters: Masculinity, Anxiety, and the Male Body on the Line 
Piotr Parlej  The Romantic Theory of the Novel: Genre and Reflection in Cervantes, Melville, Flaubert, Joyce, and Kafka 
Juliet Dusinberre Virginia Woolf's Renaissance: Woman Reader or Common Reader? 
Harry Burrell  Narrative Design in Finnegans Wake: The Wake Lock Picked
"In Memoriam, Robert Boyle, S.J." by Patrick A. McCarthy, Zack Bowen, and Michael Patrick Gillespie 
"Fritz Fest" by Jolanta W. Wawrzycka

Vol. 11, No. 2 (Fall 1997)

Danis Rose, ed. Ulysses: A Reader's Edition

Jean-Michel Rabaté, The Ghosts of Modernity

The Very Rich Hours of Adrienne Monnier

Michael Tratner, Modernism and Mass Politics: Joyce, Woolf, Eliot, Yeats

Bernard McGinley, Joyce's Lives: Uses and Abuses of the Biografiend

Michael Patrick Gillespie, Oscar Wilde and the Poetics of Ambiguity

Matthew J. C. Hodgart and Ruth Bauerle, Joyce's Grand Operoar: Opera in Finnegans Wake

Peter I. Barta, Bely, Joyce, and Döblin: Peripatetics in the City Novel

John Whitter-Ferguson, Framing Pieces: Designs of the Gloss in Joyce, Woolf, & Pound

Elizabeth Butler Cullingford, Gender and History in Yeats's Love Poetry

Jeri Johnson, ed. Ulysses [Oxford UP "World Classics" edition]

Jonathan Allison, Patrick Kavanagh: A Reference Guide

Declan Kiberd, Inventing Ireland: The Literature of the Modern Nation

Kevin J. H. Dettmar and Stephen Watt, ed., Marketing Modernisms: Self-Promotion, Canonization, and Rereading

Kevin J. H. Dettmar, The Illicit Joyce of Postmodernism: Reading against the Grain

M. Angeles Conde Parrilla, Los pasajes obscenos de Molly Bloom en español

Jörg Rademacher, Was nun Herr Bloom? Ulysses zum 75. Geburtstag

Theresa O'Connor, ed. The Comic Tradition in Irish Women Writers
Plus . . .

Tekla Mecsnober on the Trieste Joyce School

Ingeborg Landuyt on the Antwerp "Genitricksling Joyce Conference"


Vol. 11, No. 1 (Spring 1997)

Zack Bowen, prod. and dir., Joyce's Ulysses [recorded readings]

·  David Pierce, Yeats's World: Ireland, England, and the Poetic Imagination

Morris Beja and David Norris, eds., Joyce in the Hibernian Metropolis: Essays

Donald F. Theall, Beyond the Word: Reconstructing Sense in the Joyce Era of Technology, Culture, and Communication

Adam Piette, Remembering the Sound of Words: Mallarme, Proust, Joyce, Beckett

R. W. Dent, Colloquial Language in Ulysses: A Reference Tool

Sheldon Brivic, Joyce's Waking Women: An Introduction to Finnegans Wake

Bonnie Kime Scott, Refiguring Modernism (2 vols.)

Ian Willison, Warwick Gould, and Warren Chernaik, eds. Modernist Writers and the Marketplace

Samuel Becket, et al., trans., Anna Livia Plurabelle [Italian]

Mircea Ivanescu, trans., Ulise [Romanian]

Neil R. Davidson, James Joyce, Ulysses, and the Construction of Jewish Identity: Culture, Biography, and "the Jew" in Modernist Europe

Norman Jeffares and Brendan Kennelly, eds. James Joyce: Poems in Verse and Prose

R. B. Kershner, ed., Joyce and Popular Culture

Bryan Cheyette, ed. Between "Race" and Culture: Representations of "the Jew" in English and American Literature

Marjorie Howes, Yeats's Nations: Gender, Class, and Irishness

Christine Froula, Modernism's Body: Sex, Culture, and Joyce

Melissa Knox, Oscar Wilde: A Long and Lovely Suicide


Vol. 10, No. 2 (Fall 1996)

Vincent Cheng, Joyce, Race, and Empire

Michael Kaufmann, Textual Bodies: Modernism, Postmodernism and Print

Lois Gordon, The World of Samuel Beckett: 1906-1946

Marius Buning and Lois Oppenheim, eds. Samuel Beckett Today/Aujourd'hui II: Beckett in the 1990s

Lois Oppenheim and Marius Buning, eds. Beckett On and On . . . .

Gilya Diment, The Autobiographical Novel of Co-Consciousness: Goncharov, Woolf, and Joyce

Richard Wall, A Dictionary and Glossary for the Irish Revival

Nicholas Fargnoli and Michael Patrick Gillespie, James Joyce A to Z: The Essential Reference to the Life and Work

Mark Osteen, Joycean Economics: Making Both Ends Meet

Robert Newman, ed., Pedagogy, Praxis, Ulysses: Using Joyce's Text to Transform the Classroom

Richard Pine, The Thief of Reason: Oscar Wilde and Modern Ireland

Eric G. Ingersoll, Engendered Trope in Joyce's Dubliners

Thomas C. Hofheinz, Joyce and the Invention of Irish History: Finnegans Wake in Context
Also . . .

Mary Lowe-Evans, Ronald V. Evans, Barbara Laman, and Katharina Hagena on the Zurich International Joyce Symposium

"Joyce and Joyceans in Bucharest," by Zack Bowen

Vol. 10, No. 1 (Spring 1996)

Enda Duffy, The Subaltern Ulysses

Claire Culleton, Names and Naming in Joyce

Patrick Colm Hogan, Joyce, Milton and the Theory of Influence

Friedhelm Rathjen, "in fremden Zungen":James Joyce bei Arno Schmidt ab "Zettels Traum"

Dirk Vanderbeke, Worüber man nicht sprechen kann: Aspekte der Undarstellbarkeit in Philosophie, Naturwissenschaft und Literatur

Garry Leonard, Reading Dubliners Again: A Lacanian Perspective

Giorgio Melchiori, Joyce's Feast of Languages: Seven Essays & Ten Notes

Michael Patrick Gillespie, The Picture of Dorian Gray: "What the World Thinks of Me"

M. Keith Booker, Flann O'Brien and Menippean Satire

Peter Nicholls, Modernsims: A Literary Guide

Judith Yarnall, Transformations of Circe: The History of an Enchantress

Roy Gottfried, Joyce's Iritis and the Irritated Text: The Dis-lexic Ulysses

James Fairhall, James Joyce and the Question of History

Emer Nolan, James Joyce and Nationalism

David Hayman and Sam Slote, eds., European Joyce Studies 5: Probes: Genetic Studies in Joyce

Vincent Sherry, James Joyce: Ulysses

Joseph Valente, James Joyce and the Problem of Justice: Negotiating Sexual and Colonial Difference
Also . . .

Tributes to Robert Adams Day by Zack Bowen and Morris Beja

"John Ryan's Version of Bloomsdoor," by Frank Kersnowski

Jason Mezey on the 1996 Miami J'yce Conference

Vol. 9, No. 2 (Fall 1995)

Martha Fodalski Black, Shaw & Joyce: the Last Word in Stolentelling

Klara Weiss-Balla, A Cohesive Presence: The Girl Image as Subject in James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

William M. Murphy, Family Secrets: William Butler Yeats and His Relatives

Danis Rose, The Textual Diaries of James Joyce

G. J. Watson, Irish Identity and The Literary Revival: Synge, Yeats, Joyce, and O'Casey

Daniel Melnick, Fullness of Dissonance: Modern Fiction and the Aesthetics of Music

Zack Bowen, Bloom's Old Sweet Song: Essays on Joyce & Music

Suzanne Nalbantian, Aesthetic Autobiography: From Life to Art in Marcel Proust, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, and Anais Nin

Bob Perelman, The Trouble with Genius: Reading Pound, Joyce, Stein, and Zukofsky

·  Claude Jacquet and Jean-Michel Rabate, eds., Scribble 3: Joyce et l'Italie

Tony E. Jackson, The Subject of Modernism

Ruth Bauerle, Picking Up Airs: Hearing the Music in Joyce's Texts

Danis Rose, Molly Bloom's Last Word

Robert Spoo, James Joyce and The Language of History: Dedalus's Nightmare
Also . . .

"For Augustine Martin (1935-1995)," by Zack Bowen

"Statement Regarding Scholarly Use of Twentieth-Century Literary Materials"

"Leopold and Molly Bloom Discussing Closure With the Scholars" (sung to the tune of "My Way"), by Zack Bowen


Vol. 9, No. 1 (Spring 1995)

Richard Pearce, ed., Molly Blooms: A Polylogue on "Penelope" and Cultural Studies

Grace Eckley, The Steadfast "Finnegans Wake": A Textbook

Andrew Treip, ed., Finnegans Wake: Teems of Times

Francisco García Tortosa and Antonio Raúl de Torosantos, Joyce en España

·  Giorgio Melchiori, Joyce: Il mestiere dello scrittore

Alasdair D. F. MacRae, W.B. Yeats: A Literary Life

Thomas F. Petruso, Life Made Real: Characterization in the Novel Since Proust and Joyce

Valentine Cunningham, In the Reading Gaol: Postmodernity, Texts, and History

David M. Kiely, J.M. Synge: A Biography

Jörg Rademacher, James Joyce's Own Image: Über die allmähliche Verfertigung der Begriffe 'image' und 'imagination' beim Schreiben in A Portrait und Ulysses

Maria Tymoczko, The Irish Ulysses

Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson, Writing Against the Family: Gender in Lawrence and Joyce

Kathleen Ferris, James Joyce and the Burden of Disease
Also . . .

Frances Devlin Glass on Bloomsday in Australia

"The Dublimericks," by Bernard Benstock and Michael O'Shea

"Benediction for Berni," by Claire A. Culleton

"Ode to Joyce," by Robert Adams Day

"Noted Scribe in Murder Trial Appeal Big Charge Shock," by Vincent Deane

"A Joykian Genealogy," by Michael Feeney

Faina Citkina on the reception of Joyce in the Soviet Union


Vol. 8, No. 2 (Fall 1994)

Weldon Thornton, The Anti-Modernism of James Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Andrew Gibson, ed., Reading Joyce's Circe

Jin Di, trans. Ulysses [Chinese]

Franca Cancogni, trans., I Morti [Italian trans. of "The Dead"]

Jennifer Bloomer, Architecture and the Text: The (S)crypts of Joyce and Piransi

Joseph Campbell, Mythic Worlds, Modern Worlds: On the Art of James Joyce and Collected Works of Joseph Campbell

Leland Monk, Standard Deviations: Chance and the Modern British Novel
Also . . .

"Bernard Benstock: Tributes and Memories"

Mary Lowe-Evans and Ronald V. Evans on the Seville International Joyce Symposium

"Material Ideas: Have a Good One," Marlena Corcoran

Vol. 8, No. 1 (Spring 1994)

Patrick McCarthy, ed., Critical Essays on Finnegans Wake

Susan Shaw Sailer, On the Void of To Be: Incoherence and Trope in Finnegans Wake

Jeffrey Segall, Joyce in America: Cultural Politics and the Trials of Ulysses

Daniel R. Schwarz, ed., "The Dead": Complete, Authoritative Text with Biographical and Historical Contexts, Critical History, and Essays from Five Contemporary Critical Perspectives

Frederick K. Lang, Ulysses and the Irish God

Kathleen McCormick and Erwin Steinberg, eds., Approaches to Teaching Joyce's Ulysses

Bernard Benstock, Narrative Con/Texts in Dubliners

R. B. Kershner, ed., A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Mary T. Reynolds, ed., James Joyce: A Collection of Critical Essays

Robert Scholes, In Search of James Joyce

Rosa Maria Bollettieri, et al., eds., The Languages of Joyce: Selected Papers from the 11th International James Joyce Symposium, Venice, 12-18 June 1988

Thomas F. Staley, ed., Joyce Studies Annual 1993

John W. Warner, Joyce's Grandfathers

A. Norman Jeffares and Brendan Kennelly, eds., Joycechoyce: The Poems in Verse and Prose of James Joyce

Susan Stanford Friedman, ed., Joyce: The Return of the Repressed

Margot Norris, Joyce's Web: The Second Unravelling of Modernism

Kevin J. H. Dettmar, Rereading the New: Backward Glance at Modernism

Edouard Dujardin, The Bays Are Sere and Interior Monologue

Robert D. Newman, Transgressions of Reading: Narrative Engagement as Exile and Return

Rubin Rabinowitz, Innovation in Beckett's Fiction

Claudette Sartiliot, Citation and Modernity: Derrida, Joyce and Brecht
Also . . .

David Hayman on Patrick Healy's 17 CD recording of Finnegans Wake

Wim Van Mierlo on the 1994 Miami J'yce Conference


Vol. 7, No. 2 (Fall 1993)

Will Godwin, Kenner on Joyce: A Bibliography

Thomas F. Saley and Randolph Lewis, Reflections on James Joyce: S. Gilbert's Paris Journal

Peter Costello, James Joyce: The Years of Growth, 1882-1915

R. J. Schork, "Lowman Catolik": Irish Roman Catholic Lore in James Joyce's Fiction

Vincent Cheng and Timothy Martin, eds., Joyce in Context

Jacques Aubert, The Aesthetics of James Joyce

Patrick McGee, Telling the Other: Question of Value in Modern and Postcolonial Writing

Morris Beja, James Joyce: A Literary Life

David Fuller, James Joyce's Ulysses

Myra Teicher Russel, ed., James Joyce's Chamber Music: The Lost Song Settings

Declan Kiberd, intro., Ulysses

Seamus Deane, intro., Finnegans Wake

Robert H. Bell, Jocoserious Joyce: The Fate of Folly in Ulysses

Neil Cornwell, James Joyce and the Russians

Phyllis Carey and Ed Jewinski, eds., Re: Joyce and Beckett

Leah Levenson and Jerry H. Natterstad, Hannah Sheehy-Skeffington: Irish Feminist

Brian W. Shaffer, The Blinding Torch: Modern British Fiction and the Discourse of Civilization

Robert Salinas Price, comp., Atlas of Homeric Geography

Herbert N. Schneidau, Waking Giants: The Presence of the Past in Modernism

Rosa Maria Bosinelli and Christine van Boheemen, eds., "James Joyce's Dubliners": a special issue of Style

Hans Wollschlaeger, trans., Hades: Ein Kapitel aus dem 'Ulysses': englisch-deutsch
Also . . .

"Adaline Glasheen: In Memoriam," by Ruth Bauerle

"A Mad Maisie nonsery ream addressed to loonely bedpersons," by Kathleen Bernard

"Material Ideals: Hello, My Name is . . .," by Marlena Corcoran

"Annotations of Annotations," by Paul van Caspel

"Annotating Gifford's Annotations," by Coilin Owens

"Fionnulla Flanagan's Re-Visioned Molly," by Richard Pearce

"Culture Shock: California Joyce, 1993," by Marian Eide

"The Hens on the Midden Heap," by Wim Van Mierlo

Vol. 7, No. 1 (Spring 1993)




Vol. 6, No. 2 (Fall 1992)

Albert Wachtel, Cracked Lookingglass: James Joyce and the Nightmare of History

Alan Roughley, James Joyce and Critical Theory: An Introduction

Richard F. Peterson, James Joyce Revisited

Janet Egleson Dunleavy, Reviewing Classics of Joyce Criticism

Michael Patrick Gillespie, Reading the Book of Himself: Narrative Strategies in the Works of James Joyce

Katie Wales, The Language of James Joyce

Jean-Michel Rabaté, Joyce Upon the Void: The Genesis of Doubt

Udaya Kumar, Joycean Labyrinth: Repetition Time & Tradition in Ulysses

Catherine Fahy, comp., The James Joyce/Paul Leon Papers in the National Library of Ireland: A Catalogue

Janet Dunleavy, Melvin J. Friedman, and Michael Patrick Gillespie, eds. Joycean Occasions: Essays from the Milwaukee James Joyce Conference

Helene Cixous, Readings: Poetics of Blanchot, Joyce, Kafka, Kleist, Lispector, and Tsvetayeva

Dennis Brown, Intertextual Dynamics within the Literary Group--Joyce, Lewis, Eliot, and Pound: The Men of 1914

Stanley Sultan, Eliot, Joyce & Company

Caroline Patey, Tempi difficili: Su Joyce e Proust

Reed Way Dasenbrock, Imitating the Italians: Wyatt, Spenser, Synge, Pound, Joyce

Timothy Martin, Joyce and Wagner: A Study of Influence

C. George Sandulescu, Joyce & Vico & Linguistic Theory

Stephen Watt, Joyce, O'Casey, and the Irish Popular Theatre

Joseph W. Pesch, Wilde, About Joyce

Micheal O'Siadhail, The Chosen Garden

David Pierce, James Joyce's Ireland

Peter Costello, The Life of Leopold Bloom

Alison Leslie Gold, Clairvoyant: The Imagined Life of Lucia Joyce, A Novel

Frank Budgen, James Joyce and the Making of "Ulysses"
Also . . .

Bernard McGinley on new editions of Poems, Exiles, Dubliners, Portrait, Ulysses, and Finnegans Wake

"May I Trespass on Your (Valuable) Space?" by David Norris

"Annotations to the Annotations of Annotations," by Paul van Caspel

"Find MC," by Patrick Hogan

"Material Ideas, Finish that Manuscript," by Marlena Corcoran

"New Wine in New Bottles," by Roy Gottfried

"Almosting It in the Heart of the Hibernian Metropolis," by Jolanta W. Wawrzycka

"A Farraginous Chronicle," by Mary Lowe-Evans and Ronald V. Evans

"Doublin their mumper," by Vince Cheng

"City Highlights and Shadows," by Joe Schork

"Thirteenth Paris Joyce Colloque," by Jacques Mailhos

"Letter from Berlin: Finnegans Wake on Stage," by John Barton Epstein

"Teems of Times, A Zurich Paschal Wake," by Wim Van Mierlo

"Joyce in the Pacific," by Himself

"An Absense and a Corrective," by Swede Villem


Vol. 6, No. 1 (Spring 1992)

Bernard Benstock, Narrative Con/Texts in Ulysses

Bruce Arnold, The Scandal of Ulysses

Kimberly J. Devlin, Wandering & Return in Finnegans Wake: An Integrative Approach to Joyce's Fictions

Leonard Orr, Problems & Poetics of the Nonaristotelian Novel

Augstine Martin, James Joyce: The Artist and the Labyrinth

E. H. Mikhail, ed. James Joyce: Interviews and Recollections

Shari Benstock, Textualizing the Feminine:On the Limits of Genre

Sylvia Beach, Shakespeare and Company

Patricia Ondek Laurence, The Reading of Silence: Virginia Woolf in the English Tradition

Jean-Michel Rabate, James Joyce: Authorized Reader

Richard Pearce, The Politics of Narration: James Joyce, Faulkner, and Virginia Woolf

Caroline Zilboorg, ed., Richard Aldington & H.D.: The Early Years in Letters

John P. Harrington, The Irish Beckett
Also . . .

"The Dubliners Limerick Cycle: The 'Childhood' Trio," by Michael J. O'Shea

"The Dead II: The Aftermath, In Collaboration with the Spirit of James Joyce," by John Roch

"Corellian Inquisitions," by Patrick Hogan

"Letter from Paris," by Kathleen Bernard

"Joycey Choices: Songs for Joyceans," by Zack Bowen

"Joyce and Popular Culture: A Review of the 1992 Miami J'yce Symposium," by Susan Sutliff Brown

"Annotations of Annotations," by Paul van Caspel

"APA, MLA, APA: The Importance of Being German," by Marlena Corcoran


Vol. 5, No. 2 (Fall 1991)

Tomaso Kemeny, ed., Differences Similar: More Jottings on Joyce

Christine Van Boheemen, ed., European Joyce Studies 1: Joyce, Modernity, and its Mediation

Franca Ruggieri, Introduzione a Joyce

Carla de Petris, ed., Joyce Studies in Italy 2

Ulrich Eberl, James Joyces Ulysses: Leitbild und Sonderfall der Moderne. Von psychologischen Realismus zur transindividuellen Allegorie

José Carnero González, James Joyce y la explosión de la palabra

Philip Gaskell and Clive Hart, ULYSSES: A Review of Three Texts. Proposals for Alterations to the Texts of 1922, 1961, and 1984

Klaus Reichart, Vielfacher Schriftsinn

Klaus Reichert and Fritz Senn, eds., Finnegans Wake Deutsch

John Harty III, ed., James Joyce's Finnegans Wake: A Casebook

Margaret Mills Harper, The Aristocracy of Art in Joyce and Woolf

Cheryl Herr, ed., For the Land They Loved: Irish Political Melodramas, 1890-1925

Janet Egleson Dunleavy and Gareth W. Dunleavy, Douglas Hyde: A Maker of Modern Ireland

Carla Locatelli, Unwording the World: Samuel Beckett's Prose Works After the Nobel Prize

Linda Ben-Zvi, ed., Women in Beckett: Performance and Critical Perspectives

Sheldon Brivic, The Veil of Signs: Joyce, Lacan, and Perception

James McMichael, Ulysses and Justice

Geert Lernout, ed., European Joyce Studies 2: Finnegans Wake: Fifty Years

Mary Lowe-Evans, Crimes Against Fecundity: Joyce and Population Control
Plus . . .

"Material Ideals: A Hungarian Odyssey," by Marlena Corcoran

"May I Trespass on Your Valuable Space? Bruce Arnold: The Scandal of Ulysses, A Postscript," by Fritz Senn

"Ulysses as Blomary: Forging Bloomes from Sows," by Terry Reilly

"A Catechism for the Ulysses Repair Kit," by John Kidd

"The Story of a Plaque in Paris," by Johannes Hedberg

"Annotations of Annotations," by Paul van Caspel


Vol. 5, No. 1 (Spring 1991)

Daniel Mark Fogel, Covert Relations: James Joyce, Virginia Woolf & Henry James

Andreas Palme, Die Personennamen im Ulysses: Eine Studie zur literarischen Onomastik bei James Joyce

Ellen Carol Jones and William T. Stafford, eds. "Feminist Readings of Joyce": A Special Issue of Modern Fiction Studies

Suzette Henke, James Joyce and the Politics of Desire

Bonnie Kime Scott, ed. The Gender of Modernism: Critical Anthology

Zack Bowen, Ulysses as a Comic Novel

Geert Lernout, The French Joyce

Clive Hart, Joyce, Huston, and the Making of The Dead

Robert M. Polhemus, Erotic Faith: Being in Love from Jane Austen to D. H. Lawrence

Andreas Gardt, James Joyce auf Deutsch: Moeglichkeiten der lierarischen Uebersetzung

David Hayman, The Wake in Transit
Also ...

Joe Schork, with a Joyce poem in Latin, published for the first time

Transcript of a Miami J'yce session, "Permissions and Copyrights: A Symposium"

"Uncertainties in Ulysses and the Wake's Letter"

"Notes Revisited," by Paul van Caspel

"Material Ideals: Deco Dreaming," by Marlena Corcoran

Vol. 4, No. 2 (Fall 1990)

Don Gifford and Robert Seidman, Ulysses Annotated

Richard Ellmann and Ellsworth Mason, Critical Writings of James Joyce

Andrew Kennedy, Samuel Beckett

Corinna Del Greco Lobner, James Joyce's Italian Connection: The Poetics of the Word

Marguerite Harkness, Portrait of the Artist: Voices of the Text

Derek Attridge, ed. The Cambridge Companion to James Joyce

James Cahalan, Irish Novel: A Critical History

Randy Malamud, The Language of Modernism

Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon, James Joyce: The Lost Notebook

Vicki Mahaffey, Reauthorizing Joyce

Patrick A. McCarthy, Ulysses: Portals of Discovery

Bernard Benstock, ed., Critical Essays on James Joyce's Ulysses

Robert Nicholson, The Ulysses Guide: Tours Through Joyce's Dublin

Thomas Staley, An Annotated Bibliography of James Joyce Plus ...

"Richard M. Kain (1909-1990)," by Thomas Staley

"Dreaming and Realizing the Symposium," by Susan Sutliff Brown

"Images of Monaco," by Peter de Voogd

"Randomonacan Notes for Stayathome Joycean," by Robert Adams Day

"'No Way': Responding to Sandulescu's Joyce magnetophone," by Henriette Lazaridis Power

"Looking Back on Monaco," by Lee A. Jacobus

"The James Joyce Video Quiz"

"Material Ideas: Moving," by Marlena Corcoran

"Does Anyone Dare to Publish This Book?" by Grace Eckley

"On Threshold III," by Robert H. P. Platz

"Nora's Song," by Kathleen Bernard

Vol. 4, No. 1 (Spring 1990)

John Porter Houston, Joyce and Prose: An Exploration of the Language of Ulysses

Theoharis Constantine Theoharis, Joyce's Ulysses: An Anatomy of the Soul

Heinrich Versteegen, James Joyce's Ulysses in vier deutschen Übersetzugen samt einem Ausblick auf die niederländische Übersetzung

Murray McArthur, Stolen Writings: Blake's Milton, Joyce's Ulysses, and the Nature of Influence

Freemans Journal 6/16/04

Dermot Kelly, Narrative Strategies in Joyce's Ulysses

Chong-Keon Kim, trans. Finnegans Wake [Korean]

Phillip Herring, Joyce's Uncertainty Principle

Morris Beja and Shari Benstock, eds. Coping with Joyce: Essays from the Copenhagen Symposium

Bonnie Kime Scott, New Alliances in Joyce Studies: "When it's Aped to Foul a Delfian"

Bernard Benstock, ed. James Joyce: The Augmented Ninth

R. B. Kershner, Joyce, Bakhtin, and Popular Literature: Chronicles of Disorder

J. B. Lyons, Thrust Syphilis Down to Hell and Other Rejoyceana

Ira Nadel, Joyce and the Jews: Culture and Texts

Thomas Faerber and Markus Luchsinger, Joyce in Zurich

Mary Ellen Jordan Haight, Walks in Gertrude Stein's Paris

Philip E. Smith and Michael S. Helfand, eds. Oscar Wilde's Oxford Notebooks: A Portrait of Mind in the Making

Jürgen Schneider and Ralf Sotscheck, eds. Irland: Eine Bibliographie selbständiger deutschsprachiger Publikationen 16. Jahrhundert bis 1989

Edward J. Ahearn, Marx and Modern Fiction

Mary A. Doll, Beckett & Myth: An Archetypal Approach

David Hayman, Re-Forming the Narrative: Toward a Mechanics of Modern Fiction

Jose Lanters, Missed Understandings: A Study of Stage Adaptations of the Works of James Joyce

"In the Name of Anna the Allmaziful, the Everlasting, the Bringer of Pluralities," by Geert Lernout

"Narrative Dynamics of Dubliners," by Mary Power

Johanna X. K. Garvey on the 1990 Miami J'yce Conference

"Wacky Wakeans Go Beserkeley," by Vincent J. Cheng

"Two-Easter-Island," by Josef W. Pesch

"Assorted Re-View of the Philadelphia Joyce Conference: FW 427.23-428.27, The Corrected Text"

"Decoding the Fugue in 'Sirens,'" by Margaret Rogers

"'Raiders and cinemen too': Joyce on Video," by Michael O'Shea

"Material Ideas: MLA Manners and the Sandals of Ulysses," by Marlena Corcoran

"A Case for the Re-Edition of the Letters," by David Hayman

"Supplementary Joyce: Reviewing the Review," by Vincent J. Cheng

"Munster (Monster?) Students in Zurich (Toorich?)," by Jospeh W. Pesch

"Joyceanus Brazilieras," by Darlene J. Sadlier

Vol. 3, Nos. 1-2 (Spring-Fall 1989)




Vol. 2, No. 2 (Fall 1988)

Robert D. Newman and Weldon Thornton, eds. Joyce's Ulysses: The Larger Perspective

Brenda Maddox, Nora: The Real Life of Molly Bloom

Patrick McGee, Paperspace: Style as Ideology in Joyce's Ulysses

Friedhelm Ratheun, Dublin-->Bargfeld. Von James Joyce zu Arno Schmidt

Friedhelm Rathjan, ". . . schlect Augen: James Joyce bei Arno Schmidt vor "Zettels Traum"

Robert Wienes, Alles Geschreibene bisher quark

Christine van Boheemen, The Novel as Family Romance: Language, Gender, and Authority from Fielding to Joyce

Harold Bloom, ed., Gertrude Stein: Modern Critical Views

C. George Sandulescu, The Language of the Devil: Texture and Archetype in Finnegans Wake

Bonnie Kime Scott, ed., New Alliances in Joyce Studies: "When its Aped to Foul a Delfian"

Michael H. Begnal, Dreamscheme

Craig Hansen Werner, Dubliners: A Pluralistic World

·  Aldo Camerino, trans. Po(e)mi un soldo l'uno [Italian trans. of Pomes Penyeach]

Derek Attridge, Peculiar Language: Literature as Difference from the Renaissance to James Joyce

·  Geert Lernout, James Joyce 1: Scribble 1: genese des textes

Bonnie Kime Scott, James Joyce

Cheryl Herr, Joyce's Anatomy of Culture

Richard Beckman, Morton P. Levitt, and Regina Halsinger on the Venice Symposium

John Paul Riquelme on the Ninth Paris Joyce Colloque

"In Memoriam, John Hannay"

"Hommage a Joyce, " by Oliver Marshall

"Material Ideals, " by Marlena Corcoran


Vol. 2, No. 1 (Spring 1988)

Jacques Aubert and Fritz Senn, eds., L'Herne: James Joyce

John Orr, The Making of the Twentieth Century Novel: Lawrence, Joyce, Faulkner and Beyond

·  Franca Ruggieri, Maschete dell'artista: il giovane Joyce

Michael Palencia-Roth, Myth and the Modern Novel: García Márquez, Mann, and Joyce

Bernard Benstock, James Joyce

Jack McCarthy, Joyce's Dublin: A Walking Guide to 'Ulysses'

·  Claude Jacquet, ed., Genèse et metaphoroses du texte joycien

Jospeh A. Buttigieg, A Portrait of the Artist in Different Perspectives

Daniel Phillip Verene, ed., Vico and Joyce

Susan D. Brienza, Samuel Beckett's New Worlds: Style in Metafiction

·  Georges Perec, Life: A User's Manual (La vie, mode d'emploi)

Daniel R. Schwartz, Reading Joyce's Ulysses

·  Melissa Banta and Oscar A. Silverman, eds. James Joyce's Letters to Sylvia Beach

Hugh Kenner, The Mechanic Muse

Jane Marcus, Virginia Woolf and the Languages of Patriarchy

Margaret Rogers, A Babble of Earwigs, or Sinnegan with Finnegan

Morton P. Levitt, Modern Survivors: The Contemporary Novel in England, the United States, France, and Latin America

Frances Phipps, Let Me Be Los: Codebook for Finnegans Wake

Chester Anderson, James Joyce

Johannes Hedberg, Pieces on Joyce

Sean O Mordha, prod. and dir. Walking into Eternity [video]
Also ...

Gareth Dunleavy on the 1988 Miami J'yce Symposium

"Who's He When Who Else Is At Home," Bernard and Shari Benstock's emendations to Who's He When He's At Home: A James Joyce Directory

Richard Gerber on two musical celebrations of Joyce's Birthday in the New York City area

"A Votary of Dame Fashion: Class of '68," by Marlena Corcoran

"A Joyce Day in Turin," by Maria Milesi

"Charles Peake: An Appreciation," by Fritz Senn

"The King and His Quarks," by Alan Perlis

"Zurich James Joyce Foundation Report," by Fritz Senn

"A Joyce Rijsttafel," by Marilyn L. Brownstein


Vol. 1, No. 2 (Fall 1987)

Beryl Schlossman, Joyce's Catholic Comedy of Language

·  Jacques Derrida, Ulysse gramophone/Deux mots pour Joyce

Michael Patrick Gillespie, James Joyce's Trieste Library: A Catalogue of Materials at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, The University of Texas at Austin

Grace Eckley, Children's Lore in Finnegans Wake

John Gordon, Finnegans Wake: A Plot Summary

William Michael Murphy, The Parnell Myth and Irish Politics 1891-1956

Rosa Maria Bosinelli, Paola Pugliatti and Romana Zacchi, Myriadminded Man: Jottings on Joyce

Richard Wall, An Anglo-Irish Dialect Glossary for Joyce's Works

Sanford Sternlicht, ed., Selected Plays of Padraic Colum

Robert F. Garratt, Modern Irish Poetry: Tradition and Continuity from Yeats to Heaney

Dillon Johnston, Irish Poetry After Joyce

Mary T. Reynolds tribute to Richard Ellmann

Louis Le Brocquy's lithographs for Dubliners

Robert Weninger on the Leeds Wake symposium

Patrick Colum Hogan on the Milwaukee Joyce conference

"A Votary of Dame Fashion," by Marlena Corcoran

"The Genetic Joyce: A Retrospective Review," by John Kidd

"Relig Fluntern," by Oliver Marshall


Vol. 1, No. 1 (Spring 1987)

Michael O'Shea, James Joyce and Heraldry

Morris Beja, Phillip Herring, Maruice Harmon, and David Norris, eds., James Joyce: The Centennial Symposium

John Bishop, Joyce's Book of the Dark: Finnegans Wake

Willard Potts, ed., Portraits of the Artist in Exile: Recollections of James Joyce by Europeans

Alison Armstrong, The Joyce of Cooking: Food and Drink from James Joyce's Dublin

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Also ...

"Remembering Maria Jolas," by Robert Adams Day and Shari Benstock

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