Ph.D. Dissertations


Women's Participation in the Political Public Sphere: Redefining the Form of Narrative Satire, 1790-1880, Alisa Be

"Two Beings Unite and Enrich the World": Creation, Control, and the Body in Contemporary Golem Fiction, Adam J. Berzak

Misreading Mammy: Towards a Sexual Revolution of Contemporary/Third Wave Black Feminisms, Nicole Carr

Celtic Incursions in the Literature of the Irish Revival, Joseph A. Mendes

Fashion Sense: Surfaces, Aesthetics, and Urban Space in U.S. Literature and Culture, 1843-1928, Monica Urban

Spaces of Radical Possibility: Resisting Criminality and Carceral Punishment in Contemporary American Prison Literature, Carolina Villalba

Masters of Return: Traveling Between Homelands in Contemporary Jewish American and Cuban American Fiction, Izabela Zieba

Out of Time: Queer Temporalities in the Works of Mina Loy, Djuna Barnes, and Langston Hughes, Lauren R. Zwicky


Legal Fictions: The Trope of Criminality in Nineteenth-Century American Literature, Brian D. Breed

Inspiration at the Eleventh Hour: The Nationalist Revisions of James Joyce, Seán O’Casey, and William Butler Yeats, Barry C. Devine

"Writing on the Soil": Literature's Influence on African Land Rights, Peter Ng’ang’a Muchiri


Shape-Shifting Creole Identities: Representations of Creole Figures in Nineteenth-Century Anglophone Transatlantic Literature, Claudia Amadori

Literature of Return: Back to Africa, Belonging, and Modernity, David Michael Borman

American Joyce: Representations of the United States in Dubliners, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Ulysses, and Finnegans Wake, Briana N. Casali

Violence and History in South Asian Partition Literature, Devi Gautam

The Unencumbered Body: Imagining Liberty and Sovereignty in Pre- and Post- Revolutionary Literatures of the Americas, Elizabeth E. Kelly

Alternative Ireland: Modernism and Urban Space in Twentieth-Century Irish Literature, Kurt Voss-Hoynes


Fragmented Memories: The Archival Turn in Contemporary Caribbean Literature and Visual Culture, Marta Fernandez Campa

Love in a Time of Trauma: Imagining Queer Female Sexualities in Post-Apartheid South Africa, Stephanie M. Selvick


Carmen M. Chiappetta, The Baroque Imagination of Alejo Carpentier, Derek Walcott, and Seamus Heaney: Folding the Periphery into a Center

Morrison, Debbie-Ann Ecowomanist Endeavors: Race, Gender, and Environmental Ethics in Contemporary Caribbean Women’s Literature

Rionda, Antonio Religion and Disillusion in William James, George Santayana, and Henry James

Urbistondo, Josune Caribbean Bodyscapes: The Politics of Sacred Citizenship and the Transpersonal Body


Alfonso-Forero, Ann Marie Translating Postcolonial Pasts: Immigration and Identity in the Fiction of Bharati Mukherjee, Elizabeth Nunez, and Jhumpa Lahiri.

Huang, Yi Borderland without Borders: Chinese Diasporic Women Writers in the Americas

Ramlagan, Michelle (Re)Placing Nation: Postcolonial Women’s Contestations of Spatial Discourse

Slivka, Jennifer Strangers at Home: Threshold Identities in Contemporary Irish Women's Writing

Thibodeau, Amanda Gender, Utopia, and Temporality in Women's Science Fiction



Cahill Booth, Lara Theater of the Arts: Caribbean Intertexuality and the Muse of Place

Harriman, Lucas Betrayals, Secrets, and Lies: Unfaithful Reading in Modernist Undecidability

Johnson, Allison "Virtue's Friends": The Politics of Friendship in Early Modern English Women's Writing

Kellett, Brandi Haunting Witnesses: Diasporic Consciousness in African American and Caribbean Writing

Stone, Joshua American Ethni/Cities: Critical Geography, Subject Formation, and the Urban Representations of Abraham Cahan, Richard Wright, and James Baldwin



Caputo, Terra Love and Excess? Women’s Scandalous Fiction, and the Feminine Ideal of Moderation, 1680-1730.

DeVault, Christopher Amorous Joyce: Examining the Ethical and Political Implications of Joycean Love

He, Chu Postcolonial Performances in Brian Friel’s Plays

Jacobi, Kara Articulating Trauma: Creating Survival: Trauma and Narration in 20Th-Century Ethnic American Women’s Writing

Johnson, Nadia Modernizing Nationalism: Masculinity and the Performance of Anglophone Caribbean Identities



Gillota, David Belly Laughs: Body Humor in Contemporary American Literature and Film

Harrison, Sheri-Marie Nationalism and Self-Representation: Negotiating Sovereignty in Jamaican Cultural Landscapes

Pilhuj, Katherine A Mirror for the World: Gender, Geography, and Identity in Early Modern English Drama

Tucker, Amanda At Home in the World: Globalism in Modern Irish Writing



Baggett, Paul Modernization and Corporate Bodies from Reconstruction to the Harlem Renaissance

Fantina, Richard Charles Reade's Sensational Realism

Lolis, Thomas The Cartography of Interiority: Magic, Mapmaking, and the Search for Eden in the Renaissance

Sutton, Timothy The Roots That Clutch: English Catholicism, Nationalism, and Modernism



Arva, Eugene The Traumatic Imagination: Shock Chronotopes and Hyperreality in Magical Realist Writing

Damian, Jessica The Lucid Silver and the Glowing Ore: British Women Writers Mine South America, 1770-1860

Elhefnawy, Nader The Promise and the Peril: Science Fiction's Depiction of Technology

Frusciante, Denise In-Search of Psyche: the Multiplicity of Mythic Selves in Wallace Stevens

Gravano, Alan The Transfiguration of the Discarded: Consumption and Waste in Wallace Stevens, A.R. Ammons, Don Delillo, and Martin Scorsese


Giovannucci, Perri The Modernizing Mission: Literature and Development in North Africa

Sowell, Steven Elizabethan Formal Verse Satire and the Ideology of Dramatic Form, 1599-1608


Brooks-Jones, Marjorie Bahamian Womanspeak: the Caribbean Connection

Earle, David Recovering Modernism: Pulp Modernism and the Prejudice of Form

Erritouni, Ali Nation-States, Intellectuals, and Utopias in Postcolonial Fiction

Springer, Claudia Hearts Knit Together: Models of Friendship in the Novels of Charles Williams

Hyppolite, Joanne Everybody's Folk: Representations of Southern Black Culture in Nineteenth Century Ethnography and Literature

Layne, Prudence Towards an Erotics of Hybridity: Bodies at the Crossroads of a Nation

Shaw, Andrea The Fat Black Woman's Unruly Political Body

Shivel, Gail Opportunity Found in Contingency: the Innovations of Joseph Addison's Literary Journalism, 1709-1716


Britton, James Reforming America and Its Men: Radical Social Reform and the Ethics of Antebellum Manhood

Elders Dewaard, Jeanne The Crime of Womanhood: Ambivalent Intersections of Sentiment and Law in Nineteenth-Century American Culture

Montes, Rafael Making Places/Haciendo Lugares: Generational Traumas in Contemporary Cuban-American Literature

Turner-Piscitelli, June Virginia Woolf and the Hogarth Press: Too Much Room to Write?

O'Hara, John History, Monuments, and Canonicity After the Vietnam War

Pitts, Melanie Lyric Warriors, Lyric Women: Gendering Petrarchism in Early Modern England

Dismont Robinson, Kim Probing the Wound: Re-Membering the Traumatic Landscape of Caribbean Literary Histories


Morris, Kathryn Skirting History: Decolonizing Strategies in Caribbean Women's Literature

Page, Kezia "Kingston 21": Diaspora, Migrancy and Caribbean Literature


Clark, Cheryl The Woman Writer As Language-Maker: Authority, Textuality, and the Creative Process in the Works of Hildegard of Bingen

Gercken-Hawkins, Rebecca Authentic Reservations: the Rhetorical War for Native American Identity

Ink, Lynn Decolonizing the Tropics: Gender and American Imperialism in the Pacific and Caribbean

McGarrity, Maria Washed by the Gulfstream: the Historic and Geographic Relation of Irish and Caribbean Literature

McPeake, Margaret Embodying Ireland: Representing Woman As Nation and Community in Irish Literature

Monti, Stephen "I Circle Questions of Blood": the Politics and Poetics of Representing Aids by Writers of African Descent

Nester, Deborah "Gwine by": Colonial Women's Travel Literature and the West Indian Marketplace


Haggerty, Andrew Evil Literature, Irish Literature: Censorship and the Invention of the Irish Writer

Hobby, Blake Reading, Listening, and Understanding: Word Music in Narratives of Joyce and Mann

Rohman, Todd Fetishizing Pynchon: a Cultural Study of Commodity, Colony, and Female Representation


Chaudhry-Fryer, Mamta Modernism's Wilderness of Mirrors

McKenna, Bernard "Fire in the North, Sun in the South": Rupture, Representation, and the Refashioning of Identity in Northern Irish Drama, 1968-1994

Mesa-Pelly, Judith Fictive Domains: Nostalgic Constructions of Body and Landscape in the Eighteenth Century

Messinger, D. Scott Narrative and the Body in John Barth, William Gaddis, and Thomas Pynchon


Santos, Marlisa Sublime Petrification: the Medusa As Motif in the Male Romantic Poets

Schneider, Elizabeth Not Exactly Tales for Boys: Gender and Difference in the Writings of Joseph Conrad

Shipe, Andrew Refiguring the Modern Self Through Hamlet and Ulysses


Ghitis, Belinda James Joyce and the Other: Paradigms of the Jew As Scapegoat

Healy, Robert Homoerotic Desire and Narrative Dilation in Elizabethan England

Sinowitz, Michael Waking Into History: Forms of the Postmodern Historical Novel

St. John, Andrea Biology As Ideology: the Masking Discourse of Evolution in Hardy, Wells, and Conrad

Van Mierlo, Wim Joyce's Sources: Intertextuality and Pretextuality in Finnegan's Wake