Jeffrey Concerto

Recipient of the 2008 University of Miami prize in fiction. 

What was/is your undergraduate creative writing experience at UM like?

Fun. I enjoyed reading other students' stories as it showed more about how they saw the world and themselves than most conversation could reveal. I also found it exciting to listen to and understand these same students' reactions to my stories. 

What are your plans after graduation?

To live at home for a month or two with my mommy, and then head out to LA to find work as a screenwriter, director, actor, waiter, or any combination of the previous four.

Having won the Fred Shaw Fiction Prize, are you going to attempt entering your fiction in other competitions, or submit it for publication?

Possibly. I could use any extra money I can get. And people tend to weigh your words more heavily if there are accolades to go along with it. It’s silly, but that’s how the world operates.