Since fall of 07, we have been admitting student writers of fiction and poetry into the creative writing track on the basis of a personal statement and writing sample. We are accepting applications on a rolling admissions basis ‌until June 1st. Our goal is a core group of 60 majors, each individually known and mentored by our permanent, publishing faculty of poets and writers working in a close-knit, supportive community. While some of our recent graduates have gone on to MFA programs at Cornell, Sarah Lawrence, University of Texas/Austin, The New School, and Columbia, others have turned toward careers in editing, publishing, advertising, journalism, education, counseling, medicine and law. We welcome double majors (currently we have two poet-engineers) and will work, through our creative writing advisors, to accommodate complex schedules.‌ 

English Minor with Creative Writing Concentration

Non-majors interested in acquiring an English Minor with a Creative Writing Concentration may declare the minor through their college.
Click here for requirements in the minor.