CSC481 Process

  1. The student and the instructor of the target course must agree that the student will work as a UG TA. This may be initiated by the student (who approaches the instructor), or the instructor (who recruits the student).
  2. The student can then enroll, for one credit per 3 hours to be worked per week, with permission of the instructor.
  3. The student must have an "A" grade in the target course.
  4. The instructor is responsible for training and guiding the student.
  5. The instructor must decide what work (3 hours per week per credit) the student will do. Options include ...
    • Working in a formal lab section assisting the TA. In this case the student is normally given the same treatment as the TA.
    • Having lab hours to help students. In this case the instructor must provide the necessary guidance and training.
    Options may not include ...
    • Grading
    • Independent responsibility for a lab section.
    • Teaching in the lab.