CSC405 Syllabus

The course requires students to attend at 12 seminars hosted by the Department of Computer Science. The topics of the seminars vary, depending on the speakers. By attending these seminars students are exposed to, and learn about (at least the existence of) a broad range of topics in Computer Science research and application.


The Department of Computer Science hosts seminars, typically one per week at a regularly scheduled time, but sometimes more. Students are required to attend 12 seminars in the semester. Attendance at the seminars will be recorded. (In the very unlikely event that less than 12 seminars are presented, students are excused from the 12 seminar requirement.) For at least 5 of the seminars the students must write a reports as specified by the instructor, explaining what they learnt from the seminar, and commenting on the presentation and content of the seminar. Students may complete further reports, and the satisfactory completion of reports totalling at least 4000 words will earn a student a writing credit.

Seminar Reports

Each report must have:

  • An introduction, providing: information about the speaker; the title of the seminar; the place, date, and time of the seminar; and the general topic of the seminar.
  • A body of one or more paragraphs, explaining the content of the seminar. This cannot be simple regurgitation of the seminar content - it must demonstrate understanding of the seminar.
  • A conclusion, summarizing the seminar in terms of the overall message, possible future work, and how the material fits into the world of Computer Science.

Each seminar report must be submitted to the instructor. You will receive feedback and the opportunity to improve the report for a final submission.


  • Attendance at the seminars- 50%
  • The best five reports - 50%