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CLAS welcomes its Distinguished Fellows class of 2012-2013

April 13, 2012

The Center for Latin American Studies is happy to announce the new class of Distinguished Fellows, a diverse group of PhD students whose research interests focus on Latin America and the Caribbean. The program, now on its second year, supports outstanding doctoral students from a range of disciplines in the College of Arts and Sciences. CLAS has been designated a National Resource Center for the study of Latin America and the Caribbean by the U.S. Department of Education. Engagement with the CenterĀ“s activities exposes fellows to a year of added value by participating in a wide range of initiatives that allows them to become familiar with current trends in Latin American studies scholarship.

Among the new group of scholars selected as Distinguished Fellows is Jennifer Garcon, who is pursuing a PhD in English and Caribbean Literature. Her work explores the politics of immigration and identity. Also with an interest in the Caribbean is Karie Peralta from Sociology: her interests include gender inequality, social justice and education development in the Dominican Republic. From the Department of Modern Languages Maria Gracia Prado also joins the Center; her work examines the interrelated representations of modernity and idealized childhood in canonical children's books from twentieth-century Brazil and Venezuela.

The Center is proud to continue this initiative, which attracts top students at the University of Miami to further research with a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean. The Center extends its congratulations on a successful year to the outgoing and first class of Distinguished Fellows including Ana Morgenstern from the Department of International Studies, Amelia Hintzen from the History Department, and Jonathan Rosen from International Studies.