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ICESI interviews Ariel Armony on the state of Sino-Latin American Relations

January 25, 2012

After participating in a workshop organized by ICESI, one of Colombia's leading private, non-profit universities, Ariel Armony was approached to provide a short interview. The workshop was part of an international dialogue, which focused on how to approach the study of Latin American relations with China. Ariel Armony provided some insights on how the rising importance of China in Latin America is impacting the international landscape as well as academic programs throughout the region.

The workshop was held in Colombia and organized by CIES, a research center for interdisciplinary studies, which specializes on interdisciplinary judicial, social and humanist approaches. The perspectives presented advanced the study of Sino-Latin American relations with a focus on a sub-national approach, an emerging field of study. "It is necessary to develop professionals with in-depth knowledge of China, from the language to costumes, in order to have an in-depth analysis of China, crucial for Latin America today and in the foreseeable future," said Armony when asked what some of the challenges for academia are in Latin America in light of the growing Chinese influence in the region. Armony also discussed the increasing incidence of China in Latin America for the last ten years and how it has changed international politics for the region, in particular as American influence wanes.

The meeting and workshop at ICESI contributes to the ever growing academic linkages fostered by CLAS and the Miami Consortium with the academic community in Latin America.

Ariel Armony is Director of the University of Miami's Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS); he is also Professor of International Studies at UM's College of Arts and Sciences and Weeks Professor in Latin American Studies.

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