CLAS: Center for Latin American Studies

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December 13, 2011

Professor Joaquín Roy, Director of the EU Center at the University of Miami and a CLAS-affiliated faculty member, recently returned from his first lecture and research tour of Latin America after receiving the Jean Monnet Chair "ad personam" award, an honor bestowed by the European Union for his dedication to teaching and research. Professor Roy traveled to Uruguay and Argentina to speak on the current Euro crisis and the crucial issue of E.U. relations with Latin America, specifically the MERCOSUR region. Lectures were given at a number of universities across Uruguay and Argentina as well as at the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Buenos Aires.

He also conducted interviews and was assisted in his research by a number of scholars, think-tank directors, and MERCOSUR and EU leaders in the region, including Gonzalo Rodríguez Gigena, Permanent Representative of Uruguay to MERCOSUR, Rafael Estrella, the Spanish Ambassador to Argentina, and Alfonso Díaz Torres, Ambassador of the EU in Argentina.