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CLAS' Collaboration with the Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP) Grows as UM Gains Access to the AmericasBarometer

May 9, 2011

Over the past year CLAS and the Miami Consortium for Latin American and Caribbean Studies have been building their relationship with LAPOP.  As part of this relationship, the Miami Consortium is pleased to be hosting the academic symposium "Discrimination, Gender, and Marginality in the Americas: Perspectives from the AmericasBarometer,” which will be part of the 2012 AmericasBarometer Start-Up Conference.  The AmericasBarometer, under the direction of LAPOP, was established in 2004 and conducts surveys of democratic values and behaviors in the Americas.  The database has become a valuable source of primary data for the region and its influence continues to grow. 

In addition to hosting the upcoming LAPOP / AmericasBarometer symposium at UM, CLAS has secured access to the database for all UM faculty, students, and affiliates.  This acquisition represents a new wealth of information that will amplify UM’s strengths in studying Latin America and the Caribbean.  Keep an eye out for upcoming training and information sessions for the AmericasBarometer hosted by CLAS.