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Brazil: A Global Player?

March 24, 2011

The Miami Consortium for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, a partnership between the University of Miami’s Center for Latin American Studies and Florida International University’s Latin American and Caribbean Center, held the inaugural lecture of its Distinguished Speakers Series, “Brazil: A Global Player?” on March 24th at the University of Miami.

The event, led by Maria Hermínia Tavares de Almeida, President of Latin American Studies Association (LASA) and Professor of Political Science at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, addressed Brazil’s evolving global  status with a concentration on the country’s political and economic relations. Almeida made specific reference to Brazil’s desire to become a global player without becoming a military superpower like the United States, Russia or China.  She also spoke about the implications of Brazil as an emerging energy powerhouse and its development of a highly technical agricultural sector.  “The speaker did a great job emphasizing the difference between the relationship Brazil holds with Latin America, in comparison to the rest of the world,” says University of Miami Sophomore, Imri Yekutiel.

Following her presentation, Dr. Tavares de Almeida gave an interview with Univision, and then met with a smaller group of UM students to discuss violence in Brazil and the state’s role in addressing this serious problem. Following the seminar, Latin American Studies MA student Amanda Alvarez said: “Her personal comments of her own experiences that were interspersed into the presentation really gave a well-rounded explanation of how the Brazilian state has dealt with violence, but it also allowed us to better understand the perceptions of the Brazilian people." ​​