CLAS: Center for Latin American Studies

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Graduate Student Luncheon at CLAS

March 23, 2011

On March 23rd, Dr. Armony and the Center for Latin American Studies hosted a luncheon with UM graduate students whose work relates to Latin America and the Caribbean to discuss the role of the Center in their studies and research. The lunch brought together students from a wide range of disciplines: from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and Engineering to the Schools of Communication, Education and Law.  At the lunch, Dr. Armony asked the students to think of ways to connect their interests with the Center and its resources, and to explore new ideas to make the most of CLAS as a Title VI National Resource Center for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The group stressed the need for increased communication to link students from such various fields and schools with other graduate students as well as faculty with similar research interests in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Dr. Armony sees the Center for Latin American Studies as a facilitator in this respect, linking students and faculty within the University of Miami and with other institutions throughout the region.  The group discussed options of creating a forum to share research in progress, hosting a multi-day Latin American and Caribbean Studies conference, and organizing social events that bring together faculty and students.

The group expressed great hope in future collaboration between fellow grad students and the Center for Latin American Studies, deepening coordination on future projects such as an Entrepreneurship Program in Latin America and research on Haiti.  Dr. Armony saw the gathering as a success and hopes to repeat these informal meetings in the future with graduate students at the University of Miami.