Alejandro Carvajal-Pardo, Department of International Studies
"Resistance, Non-Violence, and War: Peace Communities and Local Militias at Colombia, Guatemala, and Peru"

Rocío A. Rivera-Barradas, Department of International Studies
"Understanding the Drug-Related Violence at the Subnational Level in Mexico"

Andrea C. Westerband, Department of Biology
"Investigating Trait Plasticity and Adaptations to Light in a Costa Rican Rainforest"

Karie Jo Peralta, Department of Sociology
"Enhancing Volunteer Participation and Collaboration: A Pilot Multi-Site Case Study of a Summer Educational Camp in the Dominican Republic"

Yulia Vorobyeva, Department of International Studies
"State and Organized Crime: A Comparative Analysis of Russia and Mexico"


David Weinstein, Marine Geology and Geophysics, RSMAS
"Deep reef sedimentology: Impact of primary depositional component variability on the structural sustainability of mesophotic reefs in the U.S. Virgin Islands"

Alberto Lozano Vásquez, International Studies
"The Merida Initiative: Policy and Perceptions in Mexico-U.S. Bilateral Relations on Drug Control

Americo Mendoza-Mori, Department of Modern Languages
"Creative Subjects and Industries in Andean Cities: Lima and Cuzco"


Nicolas Velasquez, International Studies
"The Murky Transformation of the Colombian Paramilitary and the Impact of the Media in its (Mis) conception"
Latin American Studies Association Annual Conference
Latin American/Caribbean country under study: Colombia

Marsha Pacheco, International Studies
"Brazil's Quest for International Leadership: Balancing Global Aspirations and Regional Expectations"
Latin American Studies Association Annual Conference
Latin American/Caribbean country under study: Brazil

Amelia Hintzen, History
"Beyond Restavek: Kinship, labor and child domestic service in 1940's Marbial Valley, Haiti"
Caribbean Studies Association 37th Annual Conference
Latin American/Caribbean country under study: Haiti

Jacqueline Kent, History
"Well Dressed After the French Mode": Free People of Color in Public Performance in Nineteenth-Century Cuba"
The 27th Annual Symposium on African American Culture and Philosophy
Latin American/Caribbean country under study: Cuba

Alexandra Gonzenbach, Modern Languages and Literatures
"Intersections of Queer and Transgender Desire in Mayra Santos Febres's Sirena Selena vestida de pena"
Latin American Studies Association Annual Conference
Latin American/Caribbean country under study: Puerto Rico

Jessica Covell, International Studies
"Non-State Actor Influence on Human Rights… The Role of NGO's In Post-Quake Port-Au-Prince Haiti"
ISA- International Studies Association Meetings
Latin American/Caribbean country under study: Haiti

Kevin Mason, Musicology
"Musical Mobilization in Haiti: Jean-Michel Daudier's 'Lem Pa We Soley La' and the overthrow of Jean Claude Duvalier"
Haitian Studies Association: Haiti as the Crossroads of the Caribbean
Latin American/Caribbean country under study: Haiti

Rocio Rivera-Barradas, International Studies
'The Rise of State and Local Governments as New Actors in U.S. Foreign Policy: The Case of Arizona's SB1070 Law."
International Studies Association Annual Convention 2012
Latin American/Caribbean country under study: US and Latin American Relations in total


Teddy Allen, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
Understanding the Caribbean Mid-Summer Drought

Casta Guillaume, School of Education
Au Cap Project: Mental Health Capacity-Building Training Program

Amelia Hintzen, Deparment of History
Building Diaspora: Kinship and Gender in Dominican-Haitian Communities

Elizabeth Weintraub, Department of Latin American Studies
Community-based Development Initiatives in Ica, Peru: Reexamining the Role of Non-governmental Actors in Economic and Social Development.


Vicente Chavarria, School of Music
Mexico Unexplored: The Music of Morelia

Hilary Cook, Department of Sociology
Vulnerability of Haitian Workers in the Dominican Republic to HIV and other Diseases: A Holistic Approach to Understanding Disease

Drew Cooper, Department of Latin American Studies
Public Health and Water Resource Management in Rural Mexico

Gabriela de la Torre, Department of Latin American Studies
Is Microfinance in Cayambe, Ecuador Stimulating Development?

Kristen Holmes, Department of Latin American Studies
Anti-Haitianism, Citizenship, and Identity: The Haitian Other in the Dominican Republic

Jorge Rebolledos Flores, Department of International Studies
What Shapes Drug Policy in Mexico?

John Twitchell, Department of International Studies
The Political Economy of Hydrocarbon Sector Development Policy Reform: A Case Study of Brazil


John Gustavsen
Dissertation: Tension Under the Sun: Tourism and Identity in Cuba 1945-2007


Jacqueline Kent, Department of History
Public Performance: Free Blacks Negotiating Equality in Nineteenth-Century Cuba, 1884-1895

Mary E. Gibbs, School of Music
A Study of Cuban Choral Music through the Arrangements of Electo Silva

Ariel Gutierrez, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
Theater in the global city: Buenos Aires 1998-2008

Melva Persico, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
Writing from the Peripheries: Afro-Hispanic and Belizean Garifuna Women Writers

Michelle Ramlagan, Department of English
Public Spaces; Private Bodies: Policing Women and the Environment in Post-Independent Trinidad

Esneider Valencia, School of Music
An Instrument at the Crossroads: Contemporary Columbian Saxophone Music


Sheri Harrison
Dissertation:  “Nationalism and Self Representation: negotiating sovereignty in Jamaican cultured landscapes"

Myriam Mompoint
Dissertation:  “Symbolic Exchanges: Haiti, Brazi and the ethnopolitics of identity"


Ana Salazar Parra
Heat-shock and seed germination of woody savanna species: a new approach to understanding the effect of fire on plant communities of central Brazil

Edwin Murillo
Uncanny Periphery: Existential(ist) Latin American narrative of the 1930s and 1940s

Elizabeth Cerejido
Photography and Politics in Revolutionary Cuba

Lara Barrett Cahill
Islands: The Body as Text and Choreography as Cross-Cultural Poetics

John Twichell
How do Democratic Institutions and Economic Interests Impact the Risk for Resource Curse? The Cases of Latin America and the Caribbean

Kacey Link
Culturally Identifying the Performance Practice of Astor Piazzolla

Kellie Montoya
Modern Day Multinational: Friends of Foe? A case study of Chile

Paola Prado
ICT Adoption in Community Technology Centers in the Dominican Republic


Lina del Castilio
Dissertation:  “The Science of Nation Building: A history of geographic sciences in Columbia, 1821-1921" 


Douglas Kraft
Dissertation:  “Making West Indian Unwelcome: Bananas, Race and the Immigrant Question in Izabal, Guatemala, 1900-1929"